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Oct 1, 2010

SHOCKtober: is totally here!

I am a moron.

Okay, allow me to clarify the capacity in which I'm a moron because trust me, it's several. I mean, take last night for example- I walked up and down a parking garage for over half an hour looking for my car before I realized/remembered/convinced myself that it wasn't a matter of not being on the right floor, it was a matter of not being in the right garage. Pretty moronic, yes? (NOTE TO SELF: Just try, for once, to note where you park. Not only will you be able to find your car easily, when someone asks "Where did you park?" you won't sound like an idiot when you're forced to reply "Umm...somewhere over...there...")

When I asked you all to submit lists of your 20 favorite horror movies, this is what I was thinking and planning: I'll end up with a master list of, say, 50 films. Then I can take the Top 31 and write about a film each day for the duration of SHOCKtober. Hooray, I thought, it will be a delight.

In hind sight, I can only assume that this was my reasoning that led me to that conclusion/outlook:
  1. Very few people would respond
  2. Everyone would pretty much list the same movies
  3. There are only, like, 62 horror movies altogether so no sweat
I can only conclude that I was drunk and/or high on life and/or under a gypsy curse when my brain told me these...these...falsehoods. Oh yes, my friends, they are falsehoods indeed. Big, fat ones.

The master list, you see, comprises 732 movies. 732 MOVIES. I'll just let that sit there a moment.

Oh yeah, and please stop sending me lists as the deadline was a few days ago.

The overwhelming quantity made me A) want to kill myself at times and B) rethink my strategy and plans for the month. Basically, I'm going to "crunch" some "numbers" (a prospect I admittedly find thrilling) and "post up" a "shit ton" of lists. I'll countdown from Film #732 to Film #1 over the course of the month as well as feature other specialized lists. I've got some special guests providing their personal lists, lists, lists, fucking LISTS! Around Final Girl this SHOCKtober, it's ListMania. Everyone loves lists, though, so we should all have a super time.

Tired of the word "lists" yet?

A few notes:
  • There's a chance- a verrrrrrrry slim one, I hope- that some of the titles will be dupicates. I mean, I know that Bay of Blood is also readily known as Twitch of the Death Nerve, but maybe there'll be some instance where my ignorance leads to a movie getting listed twice. Pretty sure it'll be fine, but I am just saying.
  • If no director or year was given for a particular film, I gave credit to the original version.
  • I counted 20 movies for each person who submitted. If you gave me a list consisting of 20 titles and for, say, #5 you put "The Saw series", that counts as Saw, sorry. Same with #5) The Fog (both versions)- they're not the same movie, so they count as two separate films.
  • Don't worry, no one put The Fog (2005) on their list of favorite horror movies. PHEW.
  • Everything's ranked...sorta. Yes, I'll be counting down to a winner and I'll indicate how many votes each film got. But when multiple movies get the same number of votes, the final "ranking" will be arbitrary. Does that make sense? Like, if Numbers 732-650 each had one vote apiece, then #730 isn't much different from #683.
  • I'll link to my review of whatever titles I've reviewed.
  • I'll be posting everyday, frequently more than once so keep your eyes and wigs peeled.
  • I don't know what "keep your wigs peeled" means, exactly, but I'd love to find out.
That's it! Let's get this shit going. Yeah, SHOCKtober! Yeah, lists! Yeah, you guys for submitting! Yeah, everything!


Stacie Ponder said...

Well, it won't be SO bad because I'll really just be listing them with maybe a note here and there. I'd originally intended to REALLY write about all the movies, but it's just impossible now with this many- especially since there are soooooooo many I haven't seen.

There won't be much of me left when the month is over, though. Just tears and a t-shirt.

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

1. Very few people would respond

You are loved, dahlink.

2. Everyone would pretty much list the same movies

I imagine there are a mess of movies that made it on many lists. But I don't doubt that there are, in fact, over a hundred movies with a single vote each - that list, in a way, is going to be more interesting than the top 20 vote-getters.

3. There are only, like, 62 horror movies altogether so no sweat

Oh, you.

Word verification: hypers. No, really!

timothy grant said...

I'm sorry but we need more of you than a t-shirt and tears ... if only just your fingers so that you can continue to type in some magical disembodied way.

Maybe you could set a threshold of 5 votes for movies you plan to list?

And then maybe you can provide links to the lists of others on their own blogs ... you know ... for certain pains in the ass who listed "Safe," "Damien: Omen II," and "Requiem for a Dream" and other such nonsense.... for example...

Thomas Duke said...

I once lost track of which garage my car was in. Problem was, it was an outdoor mall with four garages, one at each corner equidistant from one another, all exactly the same! I must of wandered from garage to garage for an hour. Point being, it's nice they that do the color coding and numbering for the different levels, but they also need to differentiate between garages. It would also help if they used words that would stick out in your mind, like "monkey face garage" and "foolish giraffe level". There would be zero chance that you would forget where you parked.

Verdant Earl said...

We, the readers, rock oh so much.

Right? ;)

deadlydolls said...

WOW. That is shocking, and kind of awesome. Now I can't wait to just browse the list and see what I haven't seen on there! Here's to Shocktober!

dementia13 said...

1. Oh, by the way, I forgot to include The Devil's Advocate and The Witch Who Came From the Sea. I'll have to bump a couple off my list to make room for those, and that will reorder all your other stuff. Sorry.

2. Dibs on the t-shirt.