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Jun 28, 1992


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Jun 25, 1992

would you like to know more?

Oh, come on now Charles Nelson Reilly. Someone out there may be interested in learning more about me, even if it's only my mom. I'm simply providing a place where these people can click their way to knowledge!

Email: stacieponder at gmail dot com.

Other stuff (art, mostly): my personal website.

See #2 below for more about "electronic mail".

A few things:
  1. If you have no idea who I am (and I don't expect that you do, should, or would–I mean that in a "this is your first time on the site" kind of way), I am a writer and artist best known, perhaps, for my love of pizza. I've written for Rue Morgue Magazine, AMC TV,, Bloody-Disgusting, Real Simple, Pretty-Scary, Sirens of Cinema, and more. 
  2. I got your email, and I definitely appreciated it. That's not even a lie, I did. I thought it was really nice. Unless it was hate mail, in which case I thought it was NOT really nice and I'm not sure why you felt the need to send it, but still. I got it. I get quite a few emails, though, and I'm generally super bad at writing people back, even people I for sure know in real life- so this is a blanket apology if you don't hear back from me. This might help you understand, or at least it's an excuse.
  3. On link trading: that's nice and again, it's appreciated, but I just don't do "link swaps". If you want to draw attention to your site, sure, send me an email. If I like it and end up visiting it a lot, I'll link to you, should ever I remember to update my link list. But otherwise? I just don't do "link swaps". Sorry.
  4. Video games are great.

Here are a few select interviews I've done throughout the ages, with a little hint as to the general subject matter. Some are pretty old, but I've included them as Historical Curiosities. Hooray!

Jun 24, 1992


In April 2009 I wrote, shot, and edited a film titled Ludlow, starring Shannon Lark and Elissa Dowling.

Krista (Shannon Lark) leaves her boyfriend behind and drives to a rundown desert motel to await the arrival of her sister Maddy (Elissa Dowling). Broken and abused, Krista downs prescription pills and cheap vodka to forget her troubled past. As she sits alone in the motel room, her grip on reality lessens until neither Krista nor the viewer can tell what's real and what's not.

Click to visit Ludlow's IMDb page.

**Ludlow is currently out of print. But it is available for download on Gumroad! CLICK THIS LINK!




Jun 23, 1992

Ridiculous Faces of Death!

I'm sure as fine connoisseurs of horror you've all experienced this phenomena at one time or another: the Ridiculous Death Face. It occurs when the actor or actress portraying the hapless victim pulls...well, a mighty ridiculous face when they're being shown what for by the film's psycho.

Having never killed nor been killed in real life, I have no idea if people actually make faces like this when they're dying. Frankly, I don't want to know because that's a little morbid. Having never acted in a horror film, I don't know if the director tells these actors to...uh, emote this way or not. But when watching a movie, whether a good or bad one, whether I'm sucked into the action or not, these silly faces bring everything to a screeching halt, if only for a minute.

Jun 22, 1992

OMG! Name dropping!!

People I've talked to for one reason or another at one place or another. In a word:


- 2007 Scream Awards

- Aaron Paul (Last House on the Left)

- Alex Reid (The Descent)

- Derek Mears, Marcus Nispel, Damian Shannon, Mark Swift (Friday the 13th 2009)

- Elvira (needs no effing introduction)

- Guinevere Turner (American Psycho)

- Kristen Kerr (Flight of the Living Dead): part 1 / part 2

- Lena Headey (300, The Cave): part 1 / part 2

- Marilyn Burns (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

- Michelle Lee (Trailer Park of Terror)

- My Mom (me)

- Natassia Malthe (Skinwalkers, BloodRayne 2)

- Rob Zombie (Halloween, The Devil's Rejects): part 1 / part 2

- Scott Thomas (director, Flight of the Living Dead)

- Shauna MacDonald (The Descent, The Descent 2)

- Shawnee Smith (Saw I-MCMXVII)

- The cast of Bitch Slap: Erin Cummings, Julia Voth, America Olivo, and Zoe Bell

- Zane Grant (We Will Bury You)

Jun 19, 1992

Ghostella's Haunted Tomb

Check it out, y'all: I've got a webseries on LOGO's After Ellen!

Broadcasting from her garage, horror hostess-wannabe Ghostella (Heidi Martinuzzi) presents the very best in B-Grade lesbian fright flicks.

Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear (1968)

The premiere episode features Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear, the 1968 film widely considered to be a benchmark in lesbian vampire erotica. After a horrifying accident on a dark, deserted road, Laura and Eve find themselves under the spell of the mysterious Lady Mortidella. How long can they resist her seductive gaze?

The Devil's Bum Bag (1992)

In this week's horrifying tale, Bridget McManus stars as Bess, a woman who just wants to make her girlfriend's birthday the best it can be. But when she brings home a cursed fanny pack, Bess suddenly finds herself in a fight for her life against...The Devil's Bum Bag.

Who's Been in the Herb Garden? (1974)

Susan (Guinevere Turner) spends many hours lovingly tending to the plants in her garden. An unseen force, however, destroys them all and affects Susan's life in ways beyond the darkest depths of her imagination.

Noir D'Ivoire (1962)

Ghostella tries to decipher the hidden meaning in the surrealist French horror film Noir D’Ivoire (1962).

Trailer Park

Ghostella (sort of) presents a trio of terrifying trailers that span the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Thrill to previews from Werewolf in a Girl's Panties, Voodoo Party Revenge, and Don't Look in the Bureau...if you dare!

Ex (2006)

In this terrifying 2006 slasher film, Fran (Heidi Martinuzzi) is home alone and her ex-girlfriend Maggie (Elissa Dowling) keeps popping up throughout the evening. Is she really concerned for Fran, or are her motives far more sinister?


Who doesn’t love to watch the chaos that comes from shooting backyard Z-Grade horror movies in the wee hours of the morning? Given the amount of laughing on the set at all times, it’s unbelievable anything ever gets done.

The Tape (??)

This week’s episode finds Ghostella unsure whether or not to watch an unmarked videotape she received in the mail. Is the video real, is it just a movie, or is it something else entirely?

Included are previews for La Cosa Nei Boschi (an Italian creature feature from 1970), The Helling of Haunt House (1961, from the director of Werewolf in a Girl’s Panties) and Death Jam (2008), a frightening adaptation of a popular video game.

Rudy (Bridget McManus) desperately needs a roommate. Ambrosia (Lena Headey) answers her ad and gets a little too Hand That Rocks the Cradle, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Jun 17, 1992

awesome movie poster friday!

  1. The AMPF edition
  2. The ANOTHER AMPF edition
  3. The YET ANOTHER AMPF edition
  4. The OMG IT'S AMPF edition
  5. The TGIAMPF edition
  6. The SOME ZOMBIES edition
  7. The DOLLS edition
  8. The SOME VAMPIRES edition
  9. The CRONENBERG edition
  10. The UWE BOLL edition
  11. The BIGFOOT edition
  12. The BARBEAU edition
  13. The AMICUS edition
  14. The LAME edition
  15. The MICHAEL CAINE edition
  16. The CHILDREN HATE YOU edition: 1 / 2
  17. The CHRISTMAS edition
  18. THE DESCENT edition
  19. The FRIDAY THE 13th edition: 1 / 2 / 3
  20. The ARGENTO edition: 1 / 2
  21. The GOBLIN edition
  22. The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET edition: 1 / 2
  23. The GEORGE ROMERO edition
  24. The SOME OF MY FAVORITES edition
  25. The JOHN CARRADINE edition
  26. The WILLIAM GIRDLER edition
  27. The JAPANESE KICK ASS edition: 1 / 2
  28. The LET'S COMPARE edition
  29. The LARRY COHEN edition
  30. The POLTERGEIST edition
  31. The RANDOM edition
  32. The CHRISTOPHER LEE edition
  33. The CLIVE BARKER edition
  34. The HAL HOLBROOK edition
  35. The MARIO BAVA edition: 1 / 2
  36. The STAN WINSTON edition
  37. The CARS HATE YOU edition
  38. The 1975 edition
  39. The 1983 edition
  40. The SDCC 08 edition
  41. The VHS BOX ART edition: 1 / 2 / 3
  42. The RAY HARRYHAUSEN edition
  43. The EEEEVIL edition
  44. The AMITYVILLE edition
  45. The NOUVEAU CINEMA FRANCAIS edition: 1 / 2
  46. The SLASHER edition
  47. The POWER TO THE PEOPLE edition
  48. The FAMOUS MONSTERS edition
  49. The PHANTASM edition
  50. The FULCI edition: 1 / 2
  51. The POLANSKI edition
  53. The HAG HORROR edition
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  55. The WILLIAM CASTLE edition
  57. The SOMETHING OF SOMEONE edition
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  61. The SHOCKTOBER 2009 edition: 1 / 2 / 3
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  67. The FINAL GIRL FILM CLUB edition: 1 / 2
  68. The 1977 edition: 1 / 2
  69. The 2008 edition: 1 / 2 / 3
  70. The WOMEN MAKE MOVIES edition
  72. The GONZORIFFIC edition
  73. The WARNER HOME VIDEO edition
  74. The DEVIL'S edition
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  77. The MASSACRE edition
  79. The CELEBRATION edition
  80. The LINNEA QUIGLEY edition
  81. The STUART GORDON edition
  82. The WEREWOLF edition
  83. The ANTHOLOGICAL edition
  84. The HOUSE edition: 1 / 2
  85. The UNDERRATED edition
  86. The 100th edition
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  88. The EDWIGE FENECH edition
  89. The SHOCKtober 2010 edition: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
  90. The JAWS edition
  91. The TELEKINETIC edition
  92. The HAMMER edition: 1 / 2
  93. The CHANGELING edition
  94. The JEAN ROLLIN edition
  95. The GHANAIAN edition
  96. The RANDOM edition
  97. The 1976 edition
  98. The VIRAL edition
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  100. The SCREAM edition
  101. The TRIBUTE edition
  102. The SHOCKTOBER 2011 edition
  103. The WINTERTIME edition
  104. The SLASHER MISH-MASH edition
  105. The AUSSIE edition
  106. The IN SPACE edition
  107. The LINA ROMAY edition
  108. The PSYCHO edition
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  113. The BEYOND edition
  114. The ARGENTO'S DRACULA 3D edition
  115. The JAMIE LEE CURTIS edition
  116. The MAD MAX edition
  117. The 1980 edition
  118. The VHS WEEK edition
  119. The TELEKINETIC QUEENS edition
  120. The CHIRASHI edition 

Jun 16, 1992

AMC archive

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Jun 14, 1992


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