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Oct 18, 2010

SHOCKtober: 307-283

Here we go: another round of soul-melding bliss with movies that received TWO VOTES each. I want wedding pictures!

307. The Mummy -- 1959, Terence Fisher
306. Dead of Night -- 1945, Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer
305. Friday the 13th Part III -- 1982, Steve Miner
304. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge -- 1985, Jack Sholder
303. Tombs of the Blind Dead -- 1971, Armando de Ossorio
302. The Lair of the White Worm -- 1988, Ken Russell
301. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 -- 2000, Joe Berlinger
300. The Stepford Wives -- 1975, Bryan Forbes
299. The Prophecy -- 1995, Gregory Widen
298. Mothman Prophecies -- 2002, Mark Pellington
297. Duel -- 1971, Steven Spielberg
296. Something Wicked This Way Comes -- 1983, Jack Clayton
295. Undead -- 2003, Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig
294. Severance -- 2006, Christopher Smith
293. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane -- 1976, Nicolas Gessner
292. Godzilla -- 1954, Ishiro Honda
291. Silver Bullet -- 1985, Daniel Attias
290. Dolls -- 1987, Stuart Gordon
289. Jeepers Creepers -- 2001, Victor Salva
288. Trilogy of Terror -- 1975, Dan Curtis
287. Zodiac -- 2007, David Fincher
286. The Exorcism of Emily Rose -- 2005, Scott Derrickson
285. Lost Highway -- 1997, David Lynch
284. The Kingdom -- 1994, Lars von Trier, Morten Arnfred
283. The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- 1975, Jim Sharman

  • Man, Friday the 13th Part III is such an enjoyable piece of dook. A couple of years ago I saw it in all three glorious dimensions in a theater and it was so much fun- definitely a movie to watch with a group.
  • I don't know why Mothman Prophecies left me all ten kinds of "meh" when I saw it, for people seem to really like it- and at least two people really really like it. Maybe it wasn't what I was expecting? I hate when that happens. It's never the movie's fault, after all. I think that's why so many people hate on The Exorcism of Emily Rose- while it was creepy at times, it wasn't the straight-up horror flick people wanted it to be. I knew that going in, and I dug it- it's totally the best episode of Law & Order ever!
  • Freddy's Revenge: the "Gaypex of Horror Cinema"!
  • I've never seen any of the Blind Dead films. I should rectify that.
  • I like Blair Witch 2! There, I said it. I've only seen it once, but I appreciated what they were trying to do with it.
  • I have The Kingdom sitting on my shelf, waiting for the perfect rainy day marathon viewing session. I should move somewhere it rains regularly. Or semi-regularly. Or more than eight times a year.


The Scream Queen said...

I will also proudly admit that I freakin' liked Blair Witch 2. I don't care who knows it :op

Joel said...

Severance voter here! Where is my darling soulmate?

Oh The Kingdom. Oh, OH, The Kingdom. I consider it more a series than a movie, otherwise I totally would have voted for it since it's the greatest thing ever. The Kingdom II is pretty much just as awesome. I'd love to hear your take on it, Stacey, so you should watch it, like, right this second.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to describe the effect the The Mummy had on me as a kid. It's still one of Cushing and Lee's best joint efforts-all the more so because they never talk to each other. And lee made the mummy the superhuman engine of destruction he should have always been. Plus, Fisher piles on that trademark Hammer color and atmosphere. A heartfelt thanks to my one fellow mummy fan.

Colleen said...

Where is my Something Wicked This Way Comes soulmate? Seriously, where are you? Where have you been all my life, and isn't Mr. Dark the sexiest thing this side of...Darkness (Tim Curry)?

Brett said...

Oh, man, Silver Bullet! I love that movie, from my formative years, as many of my actual top 20 are...the under-appreciated Busey-Haim classic.

spazmo said...

Eh, you've seen one Blind Dead movie, you've pretty much seen 'em all...

Kev Weldon said...

As I type, the Blind Dead box set stares accusingly at me through sightless sockets from atop a stack of graphic novels, unwatched and uncommented on. Race ya!

Andreas said...

Awesome! One other person loves Dead of Night as much as I do! That has to be the best Ealing Studios horror anthology film EVER. Besides, Michael Redgrave + ventriloquist dummy = horror GOLD.

In retrospect, Stepford Wives and Rocky Horror deserved my votes, and Duel and Godzilla are similarly amazing, but you can't vote for 'em all.

spazmo said...

You and me against the world, Andreas!

Anonymous said...

Gaypex: ha ha ha! But Jeepers Creepers II is at least as gay, if not more so. That's why I enjoyed it enough to vote for it.

The Mike said...

A lot of movies I almost picked are listed here, I had to go check my email account to see if I'd listed them. Big kudos to those who voted for Something Wicked This Way Comes and Dead of Night!!!

Sad man said...

Whoever picked Duel and/or The Mothman Prophecies I want a summer wedding at the beach! If you are a man I'm open to the idea of wearing a dress. But I won't be a stay-at-home mom!

Ed said...

Silver Bullet is not only the second best werewolf movie of the 80s,(we all know An American Werewolf in London is the greatest), but it's also, as Brett from up top stated, a freakin "Busey-Haim classic."

And a big hug, wink, thumbs up, smile, high-five or whatever floats your boat to the other Godzilla voter.

michael said...

I don't think there's been a better movie than Zodiac since Zodiac came out.

Smogo said...

*raises hand* Elm Street 2 was one of mine. Who's my partner in crime?

I wish The Lair of the White Worm would get reissued on DVD....

Anonymous said...

I had just watched "Something Wicked This Way Comes" after reading an article on Jim Hill Media about how it was in development hell for years at Disney, and when they made it, it didn't quite live up to what it could have been... I say with all the technology today, they COULD redo this with the abandoned 'setting up the carnival' sequence and not having to look for an actor with an arm and a leg missing. Maybe have Jonathan Pryce as the dad this time and Michael Sheen (Who's been doing numerous Disney projects as of late) as that creepy ringmaster...

I find myself wanting to dive into "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" as I'm interested in the episode of "Glee" about it...which is unusual, because I was never really into either...

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

The two voters for LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM shall enjoy many, many happy days together. Mazel tov.

Carrie said...

Soooo happy Severance made anybody’s list - let alone 2 people’s!! It is the BEST horror/comedy film ever (sorry Shaun of the Dead). And I think anyone who has seen it and remembers the bear trap scene would have to agree!

Mark Simmons said...

Hey, I'm one of those "Lair of the White Worm" voters! Thanks for your blessing, Robson. :-)