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Oct 16, 2010

SHOCKtober: 357-333

Here we go with another edition of The Final Girl Matchmaking Service! That's right, each film on this chunk o' list received TWO VOTES. Can't some of you people get married or something? Maybe I can squeeze a reality show out of this blog yet!

357. Onibaba -- 1964, Kaneto Shindo
356. Frightmare -- 1974, Pete Walker
355. Coma -- 1978, Michael Crichton
354. Sunshine -- 2007, Danny Boyle
353. Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers -- 1988, Michael A. Simpson
352. Perfect Blue -- 1998, Satoshi Kon
351. Phantom of the Opera -- 1925, Rupert Julian
350. Kill, Baby...Kill! -- 1966, Mario Bava
349. Ghost Story -- 1981, John Irvin
348. Lemora, a Child's Tale of the Supernatural -- 1973, Richard Blackburn
347. Shiver of the Vampires -- 1971, Jean Rollin
346. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain -- 1981, Romano Scavolini
345. The Woman in Black -- 1989, Herbert Wise
344. Ils -- 2006, David Moreau & Xavier Palud
343. Calvaire -- 2004, Fabrice Du Welz
342. The Ugly -- 1997, Scott Reynolds
341. A Bucket of Blood -- 1959, Roger Corman
340. Identity -- 2003, James Mangold
339. Vacancy -- 2007, Nimrod Antal
338. Triangle -- 2009, Christopher Smith
337. The Legend of Boggy Creek -- 1972, Charles B. Pierce
336. Horror Hotel -- 1960, John Llewellyn Moxey
335. Curse of Frankenstein -- 1957, Terence Fisher
334. It's Alive -- 1974, Larry Cohen
333. Saw II -- 2005, Darren Lynn Bousman

  • I wish I'd seen Sunshine in theatres- what a beauty of a film. I wasn't too wild about the turn it took in its last quarter or so, but overall I'm not sure why it doesn't get more attention.
  • I need to see Lemora again; it didn't do much for me the first time around, but it deserves a second chance.
  • Triangle was such a pleasant surprise- really taut mindfuck of a movie. Don't let the direct-to-DVD-osity and lenticular cover fool you! There's good stuff in there, and Melissa George is the best modern horror actress no one talks about.
  • Perfect Blue may be the only animated film on the list- not that I've memorized all 732 titles, but still. Highly recommended.
  • Only two votes for Sleepaway Camp II? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Angela does not approve!
  • I wonder about the forthcoming remake of The Woman in Black. As far as I know they've ditched the 3D idea- I mean, can you imagine??- but still. I can't help but think it's going to be all flashy and CGI-y and completely counter to everything that makes the original so damn good. Or, it could be great! Stranger things have happened, like that dude I saw on Discovery channel who's kind of turning into a tree.


iasa said...

Horror movie themed weddings, how delightful!

amanda said...

I'm actually really surprised Sunshine only got two votes. That is one gorgeous film.

Thomas Duke said...

The 3D was probably a bad idea, but the "bed scare" in Woman in Black would actually have been awesome if recreated in 3D.

Also, the dude that is "kind of turning into a tree" sounds a little noncommittal. I reckon that if you're gonna turn into a tree, you really shouldn't half ass it. You might end up as some sort of half tree/half human pile of slop, which will attract all kinds of derisive insults from your forest critter peers. The harsh truth is, people/squirrels can be awfully cruel.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah! Boggy Creek is here to skulk around the trailer homes and reach through the bathroom windows of all you fancy moving picture watching folk. Whoever the other voter is, we should start an appreciation society. I'd do the leg work myself, but you see...I limp because I shot part of my foot off in a boating accident.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I almost -- ALMOST -- put Sleepaway Camp II and Saw II on mine (I dig sequels, I guess). At least I still have a choice between yesterday's Haunted Palace fan and today's Phantom of the Opera fan. Or, dare I say it...polygamy??

On the subject of horror-themed weddings: I had a friend whose cousin was married on Halloween, in a cemetery, dressed as the Bride with the groom dressed as Frankenstein's Monster. And all the guests showed up in costume, with my friend as Medusa. Bad. Ass.

Thomas Duke said...

Also, since you mentioned it, I would like to propose marriage to whomever else picked Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, the movie where the kid chops his mother's head off while she's having sex, and grows up to collapse from rabies in a nudie booth. That is, assuming they're a super hot chick.

I can't afford a ring, so you'll have to make due with a Jason Voorhees bobblehead doll I dug out of my closet (he's missing an arm, but hey). Thank you Stacie for this safe and brilliant plan for eternal love and happiness :P

MAR said...

Only two votes for Calvaire? This is a travesty!

Unknown said...

@Stacie I must absolutely agree with your comment about Melissa George....she really is one of the latest great modern horror actresses no one talks about! I always enjoy the work she does (been a fan since seeing her on 'Alias')...I'll have to check out 'Triangle'. Oh and I think another great modern horror actress is Laurie Holden...I've been a fan of hers since 'The X-Files'.

Synonymous said...

I love whoever else voted for Vacancy and Identity, regardless of whether or not that love is requited. I will take a moment to admire Identity's impressively layered, lived-in set design.

Wasn't Demon City Shinjuku on one of the lonelyhearts lists? That's animated, unless there's a companion live-action film of which I haven't heard, which happens a good deal in Japan.

Stacie Ponder said...

"That's animated..."

Ah! I did not know.

Art Almquist said...

Oh, man - I had totally forgotten about 'Triangle'! When I read this post, I had completely forgotten about seeing it, so I looked it up on Netflix to add to the ol' queue ... and seeing the cover art brought it all back. What a little gem of a movie.

jdigriz said...

I'm (carbon) dating myself here, but my older brother and I saw "Boggy Creek' in the theater in its original release. I also managed to catch "Sunshine" during the one weekend run at my local multiplex.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have only seen Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues (To be not heard of by anyone else.) It was worth it for the poo scene.

Anonymous said...

I didn't include it in my list, but I agree, Triangle is a terrific little film.

Banned In Queensland said...

I wonder if another person really voted for Identity or whether I have a split personality and voted for it twice.

Andreas said...

I've finally found my horror movie soulmate! I.e., the other person who voted for Onibaba.

The good folks who voted for Perfect Blue, Phantom '25, Bucket of Blood, Legend of Boggy Creek, and It's Alive are my not-quite-soulmates but the kind of people I'd have lunch with. So still awesome.

I think I've seen Boggy Creek and Boggy Creek 2 (the second #2, that is), but the latter only because it was on MST3K.

Smogo said...

Additional love here for Calvaire and Triangle.

Cody said...

I didn't vote for 'Triangle' but I wish I had. I am willing to have a 'Big Love' relationship with the other two who did.

Poli said...

*raises hand* I was the other vote for Boggy Creek. I did not vote for Return to Boggy Creek because it was terrible, lol. Honestly, I was epecting it to join my other one-vote getters (The Unborn and Feast 2, but glad to see someone else remembers it.

MAR said...

Hey, I also voted for Feast 2! Recount!

Stacie Ponder said...

Can't explain that. I checked spam and did my best. There's a chance that one or two votes got lost in the shuffle of tallying THOUSANDS by hand. Apologies!

deadlydolls said...

Sunshine was the first film I watched on my big TV that taught me what Blu Ray could do. Absolutely gorgeous (and the ending is okay if you think of what they say earlier, how the sun sort of seduces man into worshipping a higher god or something something)

dementia13 said...

Dude's turning into a tree? That worked out terribly for the guy in Brides of Blood.

Lemora is kind of an oddball, one of the artsiest zero-budget exploitation films you'll ever see. I get the feeling that Teeth drew a lot it, as different as those two films are. Also, Cheryl Smith was great.