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Oct 6, 2010

SHOCKtober: 607-583

More ONE VOTErs today, folks, and I gotta say- this is possibly the most craptacular list yet! Believe me, I mean that in the best way possible.

607. Splatter: Naked Blood -- 1995, Hisayasu Sato
606. The Fearless Vampire Killers -- 1967, Roman Polanski
605. The Fourth Man -- 1983, Paul Verhoeven
604. Body Snatchers -- 1993, Abel Ferrara
603. Straw Dogs -- 1971, Sam Peckinpah
602. Malevolence -- 2004, Stevan Mena
601. Saw III -- 2006, Darren Lynn Bousman
600. Tokyo Zombie -- 2005, Sakichi Sato
599. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End -- 2007, Joe Lynch
598. Student Bodies -- 1981, Mickey Rose
597. Orphan -- 2009, Jaume Collet-Sera
596. The Ninth Gate -- 1999, Roman Polanski
595. Village of the Damned -- 1960, Wolf Rilla
594. House II: The Second Story -- 1987, Ethan Wiley
593. Phantom of the Paradise -- 1974, Brian DePalma
592. Night Train to Terror -- 1985, John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan, Jay Schlossberg-Cohen, Gregg C. Tallas
591. Evil Laugh -- 1988, Dominick Brascia
590. Elves -- 1989, Jeffrey Mandel
589. Boardinghouse -- 1982, John Wintergate
588. Winterbeast -- 1991, Christopher Thies
587. Street Trash -- 1987, J. Michael Muro
586. The Dark -- 1979, John "Bud" Cardos
585. Anaconda -- 1997, Luis Llosa
584. Troll -- 1986, John Carl Buechler
583. Frogs -- 1972, George McGowan
  • I loves me some Orphan.
  • I kind of can't believe that someone listed Night Train to Terror, although I will admit that the mention of its name has me wanting to watch it again. It'll only bring pain and suffering, really, but then I think about the model train choo-chooing into space and I can't help myself.
  • Boardinghouse is the first horror movie shot on video. It's also one of the first S.O.V. films of any genre to be released theatrically.
  • Whoever listed The Dark didn't indicate the year, so I can only assume they were referring to the 1979 film. I mean, it features Cathy Lee Crosby, Keenan Wynn, and Casey Kasem- what's the point of the existence of something else named The Dark when you've got all that?
  • I'm glad someone mentioned Frogs, because it gives me a chance to post this screencap from it, which features the fakest hand ever committed to celluloid:
  • ...well, the fakest except maybe this one from Night Train to Terror:

Good times!


AE said...

Aw, no more love for Village of the Damned? Sad!

michael said...

This makes me wish I kept the e-mail I sent because I don't remember what I put. But I think Night Train to Terror was mine since I'm pretty sure the next five are mine too. Enjoyably bad movies are currently my favorite so I went with the best I've seen.

Plus I was drinking when I sent it. I stand by NTtT though!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with whoever voted for The Fourth Man. It's one of my favorite movies, but it never occurred to me to classify it as a horror movie. However, now that you mention it, the movie does have a strong horror element--gore, suspense, insanity, maybe a witch/ serial killer.

Now I hope that more Paul Verhoeven movies will show up on the list, especially Starship Troopers--another one with a strong element of horror.

deadlydolls said...

Man, Night Train to Terror and Frogs would make such an amazing double bill of amazing amazingness.

Anonymous said...

The hand from Taxi Driver was pretty fake, too. You know, the one that got blowed up by that bullet towards the end.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that kept me from throwing 'The Dark' a vote was William Devane and his line mumbling, shit-eating grin, stupid face. However, When those laser beams shoot out of the monster's eyes(pew! pew!) the world is just a better place.

Maynard Morrissey said...

omg: Troll? Elves??? Night Train To Terror?????

stonerphonic said...

o fuck, now i wanna do a "Fake Movie Hands" post.

u bitch.... MUAH!!!!!!!

kevin said...

I just bought Frogs from my local used dvd store for $2. Seeing that picture makes me want to watch it. RIGHT NOW!

John Weddell said...

Well, there's three of mine, all together near the top of the list, including...The Fourth Man. One of my favourite films, I think. It's got a bit of everything, including plenty of horror. But it's funny, too.
Anyway, I regret not having Wolfen on my list, having re-watched it the other night. I probably like it better than Abel Ferrara's Body Snatchers, which I do consider to be underrated in any case. s

digitaldd said...

Straw Dogs is another movie that while its a great movie is not horror. I love Sam Peckinpah.

Evil Laugh is interesting, I found a VHS tape of it in the attic when clearing out the house after my mom died a few years ago. I really enjoyed the flick apparently I bought the VHS tape but didn't recall ever seeing the movie.

ooh and to Tim Butler, William Devane and shit-eating grin go together in everything he's ever been in. Knots Landing, as President Hayes in Stargate or Dr. Dix in the Jesse Stone movies.

Anonymous said...

"Fearless Vampire Killers" and POTP...two films that were promised redos...seriously, if I ran Hollywood, I'd get these into production and have Edgar Wright direct the latter. :) And get the talents of Josh Groban and Adam Lambert in the former. :)

andrew said...

Holy shit those are some awful hands. Reminds me of Brutal Massacre, when the effects guy unveils his "masterpiece" for the final shot.

And to the person who had Serpent and the Rainbow on their list: awesome. That's a childhood favorite right there. Definitely in my top 25.

michael said...

Elves is great. In fact it's entered my top five best Christmas movies ever:

1. Die Hard
2. Gremlins
3. Go
4. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
5. Elves

Erin said...

Agreed. "Elves" has actually become a Christmas tradition at my house.

Sarah said...

While I'm sad that Student Bodies only got one vote, most of this list is a giant WTF? to me. Craptacular, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Straw Dogs is another movie that while its a great movie is not horror. I love Sam Peckinpah."

just watched a horror documentary that included Straw Dogs. The argument being that it fell into "real life violence that people are scared could really happen."

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

thomwade: plus the darkness revealed in the most timid soul is very much horror territory, so STRAW DOGS def. counts as non-horror horror.