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Oct 24, 2010

SHOCKtober: 157-133

Gather 'round,'s time for today's chunk of list! Now we're getting down to both the nitty and the gritty.

Each of the following films received SIX VOTES.

157. Gremlins -- 1984, Joe Dante
156. Child's Play -- 1988, Tom Holland
155. The Strangers -- 2008, Bryan Bertino
154. Wrong Turn -- 2003, Rob Schmidt
153. The Vanishing -- 1988, George Sluizer
152. Happy Birthday to Me -- 1981, J. Lee Thompson
151. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie -- 1974, Jorge Grau
150. Basket Case -- 1982, Frank Henenlotter
149. Night of the Demons -- 1988, Kevin Tenney
148. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives -- 1986, Tom McLoughlin
147. Zombieland -- 2009, Ruben Fleischer
146. Lord of Illusions -- 1995, Clive Barker
145. Alice, Sweet Alice -- 1976, Alfred Sole
144. Night of the Comet -- 1984, Thom Eberhardt
143. Night of the Demon -- 1957, Jacques Tourneur
142. Shivers -- 1975, David Cronenberg
141. Funny Games -- 1997, Michael Haneke
140. Black Sabbath -- 1963, Mario Bava

The following films received SEVEN VOTES:

139. Pieces -- 1982, Juan Piquer Simon
138. The Monster Squad -- 1987, Fred Dekker
137. City of the Living Dead -- 1980, Lucio Fulci
136. Legend of Hell House -- 1973, John Hough
135. Wes Craven's New Nightmare -- 1994, Wes Craven
134. Inferno -- 1980, Dario Argento
133. Pet Sematary -- 1989, Mary Lambert

  • Check out my review of Let Sleeping Corpses Lie for a list of all the film's aliases- then read the comments as we all try to clear up the confusion over Zombi 2, 3, 4, 38726, etc.
  • I reviewed the remake of Funny Games (I've yet to see the original) - shit got contentious!
  • Does it get any better than Pieces? Probably not. Watch it today with someone you love!


The Mike said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: A fusion of the three "Bastards" from Pieces and the three screams from JCVD in Bloodsport would probably cure all that is wrong in the world.

A little surprised to see so many votes for Lord of Illusions. Been a long time since I saw it, and I liked it, but I didn't remember it being so well received.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line from the entire discussion in the Funny Games thread:
Anonymous comments are always the best comments!

I noticed that all but one were condescending and arrogant. Plus, most of them seemed to confuse "I cannot appreciate this" with "It must suck" :)

Thomas Duke said...

Crap, I forgot The Vanishing. Oh well.

Lynda Day George seems awfully upset that I didn't pick Pieces for my list. I haven't been yelled at like that since I set fire to my sister's Barbie doll.

gord said...

I was watching that clip and during her penultimate bastard I thought 'the only thing that would make this clip/movie even more awesome would be if she said she bastard one more time', she did and it became so. I must see this movie.

Save vs Poison said...

How great is "Pieces"? In addition to the wholesome mayhem, it also has the most flagrant marijuana cigarette smoking outside of a college office scene in moviedom. That's how great it is.


Poli said...

Sent that email to ya, Stacie!

Also, nice to see The Strangers make it. When I initially did my list, I put it on there, but dropped it in favor of Scream 2.

All these movies I haven't even heard of! Gonna have to take a weekend and have a horror marathon.

Synonymous said...

The mention of Funny Games brings to mind that io9 article on the remake My New Plaid Pants linked a few days back. The misunderstandings the movie engenders seem to be more massive than the usual controversial fare.

Pokemon Postmon said...

I am one of the dissenters that think 'City of the Living Dead' is a finer Fulci flick than 'The Beyond'! Teleporting zombies just give me the willies, I guess. Also, on a zombie tip (oo-er!), I recently revisited 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie' and was blown away. Years ago (and I'm talking 20+) I saw a butchered version and wasn't impressed as I was a young whipper snapper who just wanted to see more 'Dawn of the Dead' type action...oh, the follies of youth!

spazmo said...

Everybody piles on "Night of the Demon" for showing the titular demon at the end, but I dunno... I thought it was a pretty cool creature design.

"It's in the trees! It's coming!"

dementia13 said...

Oh, yeah, and Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (I had to go back to the review and make sure it was the same one, I think it "officially" goes by Living Dead at Manchester Morgue) was Dawn of the Dead before Dawn of the Dead was. It's the earliest film I can think of that had zombie gutmunching in full color. And, the zombies are kind of fast: when you see them, they're shuffling slowly, but all of a sudden, they're right there.

I'm dying to watch Pieces with a loved one, but I have a copy from one of those "tenfer" boxes, and I'm afraid to watch it. Too many of the other movies in that box are PG-cuts, with all the sex, violence, and storyline edited out. Not to mention, too dark to see anything. My first experience with Pieces needs to be special, and I can't settle for a version that I'll regret later on.

Stacie Ponder said...

"I think it "officially" goes by Living Dead at Manchester Morgue..."

Dunno. My DVD is Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, so I've been using that title.

I've yet to see the fabulous special edition DVD release that Pieces got last year (or the year before...?), so who knows what I'M missing!

dementia13 said...

I think "Manchester Morgue" is the UK title, and I guess because the movie is set in the UK it stuck in some part of my brain that it was a British film, even though I know in some other part of my brain that it wasn't, which would have made the UK title the "correct" one. So, who knows? I'm just glad you posted a list of all 41 alternate titles.

michael said...

Oh yeah, the monster at the end of Night of the Demon is great. I didn't vote for it though and there's a chance I voted for the 1980 Night of the Demon bigfoot movie and it got counted here. I really should have saved that e-mail.

Kmork said...

If you ask me, Stan Winston's redesign of the Gill-man (from The Monster Squad) still holds up after twenty-three years or so.

Stacie Ponder said...

"there's a chance I voted for the 1980 Night of the Demon bigfoot movie and it got counted here."

Ha, I love that scuzzy movie. If no year was indicated on the lists, though, by default I counted the vote for the original version. :)

AcademicLurker said...

Nice to see Lord of Illusions getting some love.

I thought for sure I'd be the only one to list it.

iasa said...

@ AcademicLurker that's what I thought too.

Judson Scott said...

Does it get any better than Pieces? No, no it does not.

TheKungFuProfessor said...

The Grindhouse release of Pieces is great, the print is sharp, anamorphic and widescreen, a lot better than the prints found on those bargain dvds (usually a double feature with 'Axe').

Saying that, watching a crappy pan&scan vhs-transfer kinda adds to its charm, along with a group of like minded people and lots of liquor.

If you enjoy actresses over-acting and shouting Bastard at full tilt check out the scene in Hellraiser 1 when Kirsty finds out the bad news about her dad, it so reminded of Pieces.