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Oct 29, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the SHOCKtober edition, part four!

One last AMPF this month. Oh, how time flies when it's SHOCKtober. This edition features selections from #207-21. You can also check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three if you'd like.

Creature from the Black Lagoon, #165

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, #128

The Amityville Horror, #159

Twitch of the Death Nerve, #183

Eyes Without a Face, #122

Horror of Dracula, #73

The Birds, #55

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, #199

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), #203

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), #75

The Fly, #34

Possession, #123

The Legend of Hell House, #136

Peeping Tom, #124

The Omen, #45

Captain Kronos- Vampire Hunter, #171

The Strangers, #155

Scanners, #160


David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

That is a great fucking poster for THE STRANGERS - don't recall ever seeing it. It's like the designer pretended the movie was released in 1975 and made the poster to suit.

And as neat as the ptakiptakiPTAKI poster is, the more subtle one above it works as well.

-Lou said...

That Legend of Hell House poster is so damn classic it's ridiculous, but I really dig the Jekyll and Hyde piece. Lookin' pretty damn German (could be Polish or Algerian for all I know) and pretty damn cool.

Anonymous said...

oh, so cool to see polish posters in here... ^^

Anonymous said...

I 've always loved that second Body Snatchers poster, just great color. That Omen poster has a nice middle school art project look about it. Good use of magic marker.

Thomas Duke said...

That first Eyes Without a Face poster is amazing. I hadn't seen that before.

Que Paso Con Baby Jane? Ella se ha convertido muy loca in su cabesa! Ella viva la vida loca (con la ayuda de scotch)!

RJ Battles said...

This is one of the best Fridays, really cool posters. I was really surprised by the ones for "The Fly" with the cool lettering and design and one for "The Birds" with the feather.
Tim, you're exactly right, it does look just like someone's school project.

John Weddell said...

POSSESSION! Are you going to review it? I saw it for the first time the other night (brand new region 2 edition) and was absolutely blown away. May even have leapt into my all-time top ten...I was already a fan of Zulawski, but...

Jeffrey said...

I fucking LOVE that translation: Que Paso Con Baby Jane?!!!

Stacie Ponder said...

Possession is definitely on my list of stuff to review...just gotta get a hold of it!

Kimberly Lindbergs said...

The Birds & The Fly Posters for the win! Never seen that fist poster for The Birds or the second one for The Fly and I love them.

If you need a copy of POSSESSION ('81) let me know, Stacy (just send me an email). I own the DVD and it's a favorite but I guess it's out-of-print now.

And last but not least... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Anonymous said...

My two favorites have to be the Mexican one for "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" (Lovely Art Noveau style) and the Chapel Hill "The Fly". (I have no idea what's with the Polish poster...)

However, I really wish Universal would get going on "Monster High" (Not the '80s one), so we could see the further adventures of the Gillman's daughter Lagoona-

Bill Walsh said...

Ok, so, the non-literal translations are:

Twitch of the Death Nerve in Italian is Chain Reaction.

The Horror of Dracula in Italian is Dracula the Vampire. (Boy, they worked hard on that one…)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers in Italian is Invasion of the Trans-Corporeal or something like that.

Peeping Tom is The Eye That Kills. That's pretty surreal.

The Omen in Czech is Satan is Coming!.

Captain Kronos's occupation in French is Killer of Vampires. (Or more mundanely, Vampire Killer).