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Oct 22, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the SHOCKtober edition, part three!

Aww yeah- more awesome movie posters from your SHOCKtober picks! This week covers selected movies from #382-208. Check out Part One and Part Two if you haven't already.

Diabolique, #377

The Bad Seed, #212

Blood and Black Lace, #320

Brides of Dracula, #228

Horror Hotel #336

Burnt Offerings, #248

Isle of the Dead, #281

The House that Screamed, #229

Onibaba, #357

Nosferatu (1979), #323

The Night of the Hunter, #252

Damien: Omen II, #370

Day of the Triffids, #379

Tombs of the Blind Dead, #303

Sisters, #231

Shiver of the Vampires, #347

Picnic at Hanging Rock, #315

  • According to my science calculator, a skull with a beard is 77% more manly yet 65% less scary than a skull without.
  • Giant looming Bette Davis FTW!
  • That Horror Hotel poster looks to me like the work of Jack Davis. Anyone know for sure?
  • - obligatory comment about how the old days were better -


Audrey said...

As I was slowly (and slyly) scrolling past these movie posters at work, I noticed a phallus in the poster for Les Maitresses de Dracula. Obvious or not? Who's to say.

danielrsilveira said...

The Onibabinsky poster is gorgeous!

Mark Simmons said...

My wife, looking over my shoulder, wants to know what's up with "Mattresses of Dracula."

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the artwork for Horror Hotel is indeed by Jack Davis. I remember a Vault of Horror story he did. It took place from the POV of someone lying in an open casket with grinning mental patients leering over him. It looked a LOT like that poster!

That was the first thing I thought too. "Is that by Jack Davis?!" That poster is cool as hell and I want it!

Bill Walsh said...

Ok, in Italian, "I Diabolici" means "the diabolical ones" or "the evil ones."

6 Femmes pour l'assassin is pretty obviously Six Women for the Killer. (Or …murderer or …assassin or whatever floats your boat.)

In what may be a typical Gallic touch, the English Brides become the French Mistresses of Dracula.

I wanna say that Slovak on the Onibaba, saying “The Japanese film Onibaba: the story of two women who lost a human face. Directed by Kaneto Sindo."

The Night of the Hunter is Death Runs on the River in Italian.

The last two are basically literal translations.

Andreas said...

That Triffids poster is all manner of misleading. 1) They do not "TALK" and 2) they don't look like that. At all!

Also, they don't have Janette Scott's name on there, when everybody knows SHE was the one who fought Triffids that spit poison and kill.

On a positive note, that's a ridiculously awesome Polish Picnic at Hanging Rock poster. And my Captcha word is "ailingor," which looks like a sick, mumbling alligator.

AE said...

Bill, I had the same thought about Mistresses. Those French!

Agreed re. the Polish poster for Picnic. Wow.

spazmo said...

Last night, by sheer oddball coincidence, I caught Horror Hotel with interstitial commentary provided by The Misfits' "Fiend Club".

They confirm the poster art is by Jack Davis.

Anonymous said...

Vampires + Alphonse Mucha style artwork is probably one of the best combinations ever. :)