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Oct 22, 2010

Did you know...?

...that Jovanka Vuckovic was going to provide one of my SHOCKtober Special Guest Top 20 lists, but then she went and hogged it all to herself for her own blog at the website for her short film The Captured Bird? It's true. She hogged it and expanded the list to a countdown of 31 films and whatever, it's a good list. Check out the four parts and see for yourself:
What's weird is that she sent me her list before she posted it on her site, and her original list of faves was heavy on the I Know What You Did Last Summer series and- this threw me for a loop- she apparently loves the remakes of Black Christmas Xmas, The Fog and One Missed Call. Now suddenly those movies aren't on her "official" list. Peer pressure? Dunno. But I say, if you love these movies, why hide it? Who cares what people think?

...that Lars von Trier's The Kingdom, which came in at #284, is now available on frickin'! Which means you can watch the whole thing for frickin' free! I'm gonna bust out my DVDs and get on it. This I swear! Here's the new trailer for the Hulu launch:

...that as part of their October madness, AMC has the Fearfest Awards happening on their website? These are awards for which you can vote! Vote with the power of mouse-clicking! I had a hand in choosing the nominees, but not in creating the category names- the Palme d'Gore? I never would have come up with that. I'm no damn good at horror puns.

...that Ludlow will be screening at the Somerville Theatre on Tuesday the 26th? It will! They promise, this time.

...that the wings of a honeybee flap about 11,000 times per minute? I bet Michael Caine knew that.


Anonymous said...

You're full of shit, Ponder, but that's why I love you!

Thomas Duke said...

Thanks for the heads up on The Kingdom! I've never seen it. I have seen The Swarm, and it's a big piece of shit. Hopefully the Ludlow screening goes well. That would be sad if they screwed up and showed Demons of Ludlow instead. The crowd'll go berzerk and burn the screen down. ;)

Stacie Ponder said...

Don't listen to her, everybody! I speak the truth!

Melissa said...

The Kingdom is available on Netflix instant play :)

Stacie Ponder said...

I didn't know that, either. But Hulu is free! FREEEEEEEE!

Nick Mullins said...

I first saw the first season of The Kingdom in Seattle as a four hour movie. Holy crappin' crap! One of my all time best cinematic experiences.

Andreas said...

Not many people know that, but... wow, I need to see The Swarm now. That, and vote in these awards you speak of.