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Oct 10, 2010

SHOCKtober: 507-483

As we reach the 400 block of HorrorFavoritesTown, we are still dealing with films that received ONE VOTE each. Can you believe this shit?

Also, the denizens of HorrorFavoritesTown harbor a terrible secret! I suggest you turn back now before your curiosity and attraction to that pretty girl who seems more normal than everyone else drive you to do things like visit the barn after midnight (where the secret ceremonies are held, duh) and trawl through the archives at the town hall (when the crotchety old woman who works the desk isn't looking, duh). I don't care if your car has a flat tire and the filthy mechanics say it'll take another week to fix it- get out now! NOW! The pretty girl is totally in on it and she's going to lead you to your doom, which will involve you being strung up as a sacrifice to some vague demon or something. The High Priest (who is also the Mayor, duh) is a little sketchy on the details, but if the folks of HorrorFavoritesTown don't sacrifice a stranger every year on a solstice or snniversary or something, then the crops will die and HorrorFavoritesTown will collapse. PLEASE NOTE: If you, the stranger, happen to be female, then you won't be sacrificed, but you WILL be impregnated and the "pretty girl" encountered earlier won't be a "pretty girl", but will rather be a "vulnerable child that must be saved".

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, the list.

507. The Stendhal Syndrome -- 1996, Dario Argento
506. Amuck -- 1972, Silvio Amadio
505. The Bloodstained Shadow -- 1978, Antonio Bido
504. The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant -- 1971, Anthony M. Lanza
503. Mother's Day -- 1980, Charles Kaufman
502. Cold Prey 2 -- 2008, Mats Stenberg
501. Cold Prey -- 2006, Roar Uthaug
500. Jurassic Park -- 1993, Steven Spielberg
499. The House That Dripped Blood -- 1971, Peter Duffell
498. Watcher in the Woods -- 1980, John Hough
497. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter -- 2001, Lee Demarbre
496. Wendigo -- 2001, Larry Fessenden
495. Seconds -- 1966, John Frankenheimer
494. Horror Express -- 1972, Eugenio Martin
493. God Told Me To -- 1976, Larry Cohen
492. It's Alive 2: It Lives Again -- 1978, Larry Cohen
491. Images -- 1972, Robert Altman
490. Dead Silence -- 2007, James Wan
489. Deep Blue Sea -- 1999, Renny Harlin
488. August Underground's Mordum -- 2003, Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie Whiles
487. Predator -- 1987, John McTiernan
486. Apocalypse Now -- 1979, Francis Ford Coppola
485. Idle Hands -- 1999, Rodman Flender
484. The Uninvited -- 2009, Charles Guard & Thomas Guard
483. Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte -- 1964, Robert Aldrich

  • Hag horror represent!
  • You know, for a remake of a beloved Asian horror flick, The Uninvited wasn't too bad. Unless whoever sent this in wasn't referring to that The Uninvited. There are quite a few movies with that title, so what are you gonna do?
  • Cold Prey is a pretty terrific slasher movie, but I've yet to check out the sequel, even though it's sitting here waiting patiently for me.
  • Wow, that was a fascinating bit of trivia. Thanks so much, Stacie!


Anonymous said...

Cold Prey 2 is even better than the first one - while at the same time paying homage to Halloween 2...


Stacie Ponder said...

Nice! What the hell am I waiting for, then?

Sarah said...

Another one called The Uninvited is the one from the late 80s with a killer cat on a boat. It has Rob Estes in it. It is awesomely bad.

Seconds is an awesome choice.

Maynard Morrissey said...

I think CP2 is not as good as Part 1 - still it's highly entertaining and extremely suspenseful and, yeah, it feels like a European version of "Halloween 2"

Stacie Ponder said...

"Another one called The Uninvited is the one from the late 80s with a killer cat on a boat. It has Rob Estes in it. It is awesomely bad."

That's what sprang to my mind as well, but that movie is actually called Uninvited, with no article. Killer cat-within-a-cat vs. Clu Gulager and George Kennedy, though- it really doesn't get any better than that.

Mikey Sarago said...

I loooove the Cold Prey movies. They almost made my list. Big thumbs up to whoever voted for them. They're both pretty different in style, though, so I don't know which one I'd say is better, but the second one is definitely a big pile of awesome.

Ron said...

A happy surprise to see THE INCREDIBLE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT on the list. It didn't make my Top 20, might not even make my Top 50, but it's a long-time late night fave, and I'm glad someone thought highly enough of it to rate it. Always seems to get overshadowed by THE THING WITH TWO HEADS, but TRANSPLANT is the real goods. Bruce Dern, Casey Kasem, and Pat Priest should all take a bow!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Images. Haven't seen that in forever. Thanks, somebody.

Andreas said...

Seconds! Poor, doomed Rock Hudson. And Apocalypse Now! I love that movie's horror qualities. Swamp-covered Martin Sheen is creepy. And go, hag horror, GO! I hope Baby Jane is somewhere much lower down on this list. (Although it wasn't in my 20. But SHOULD'VE BEEN.)

And for what it's worth, there's also a 1944 Ray Milland-and-ghosts movie called The Uninvited. Monster are just party crashers!

Unknown said...

I can't believe Predator only got one vote! O_O Now I'm curious to see what movies got multiple votes!!

michael said...

To stop the string of Uninviteds how about the variation I Came With A Mutual Friend, I Hope That's Cool.

Oh, and blockbusters get the short stick for not being cool but Jurassic Park is great.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh...Seconds. Grim drama that suddenly turns into horror. And yay! Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte made the grade (whomever voted for that has impeccable taste).
And I'm still smiling (but not mockingly, instead genuinely happily) with the recent vote for The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. This countdown makes me happy!

dementia13 said...

I'll third Seconds. Mother's there's a wacky piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Seth Green FTMFW.

Ben said...

Great to see "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant" and "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter" got a vote each!

Both could easily have been on my list had I been feeling a bit more, uh, goofy at the time...

Hud said...

I was the ONLY person to vote for the Cold Prey films? *flees scene*

Mr Shrubber said...

Yay for The Bloodstained Shadow (a.k.a. Solamente Nero). Should get another vote for the grooviest horror soundtrack evah.

Jason said...

Holy movie lists, Batman! Although I've seen quite a few of these, there are a pile of movies on these lists that I haven't seen. I know this is a ton of work, but thanks for putting this together!

goblin said...

To the person who put 'Idle Hands' on his or her list: let me give you a big ol' internet hug! It's one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, but unfortunately, it didn't quite make it on my list. So thank you, Mr. or Ms. Idontknowyou for getting the job done for me!

Carrie said...

Oh man, God Told Me To is such a great movie until the reveal. Then it becomes, well, my comment verification word: dumsoo.

NIKOL said...

Apocalypse Now? Really?

I'm pleased to see someone mentioned Watcher in the Woods. That movie scared the shit out me as a kid. It's totally begign, ultimately - but the atmosphere is so creepy. least that's how I remember it. I think I watched it when I was 12.

michael said...


But describing the ending of God Told Me To allows one to use the words Alien, Jesus and Vagina in the same sentence.