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Oct 20, 2010

SHOCKtober: 257-233

More threesomes for yousomes today: each movie on this list received THREE VOTEs. Rejoice!

257. Shutter -- 2004, Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom
256. Signs -- 2002, M. Night Shyamalan
255. Hatchet -- 2006, Adam Green
254. Frailty -- 2001, Bill Paxton
253. Grindhouse -- 2007, Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
252. The Night of the Hunter -- 1955 Charles Laughton
251. Final Destination 2 -- 2003, David R. Ellis
250. The Pit -- 1981, Lew Lehman
249. Night of the Living Dead -- 1990, Tom Savini
248. Burnt Offerings -- 1976, Dan Curtis
247. Alucarda -- 1978, Juan Lopez Moctezuma
246. The Sentinel -- 1977, Michael Winner
245. The Vampire Lovers -- 1970, Roy Ward Baker
244. The Fury -- 1978, Brian DePalma
243. Bad Taste -- 1987, Peter Jackson
242. The Blob -- 1988, Chuck Russell
241. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood -- 1988, John Carl Buechler
240. The Church -- 1989, Michele Soavi
239. Brain Damage -- 1988, Frank Henenlotter
238. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight -- 1995, Ernest R. Dickerson
237. Silent Hill -- 2006, Christophe Gans
236. PuppetMaster -- 1989, David Schmoeller
235. Black Sheep -- 2006, Jonathan King
234. Them! -- 1954, Gordon Douglas
233. Squirm -- 1976, Jeff Lieberman

  • With The Pit being mentioned here and in Amanda by Night's list, I think it's high time for a rewatch. For those of you unfamiliar with the gloriousosity of the film, those of you wondering exactly what's happening in that screencap above, I'll tell you: that's Jamie pushing an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman towards a pit full of hungry troglodyte/monster-things. Yep...time for a rewatch!
  • I must see this The Church that three of you have gone on about. Why, I'd never even heard of it before this list. This list rules!
  • Nice to see Alucarda getting some love. I've been thinking about it some lately...maybe my life has been missing the sweet, sweet sound of SO MUCH SCREAMING.
  • "You gonna be da worm face!" Oh Squirm, I love you so.
  • Check out The Sentinel if you're in the mood for a bowl full of creepy-crazy sauce. It features cats in party hats and Beverly D'Angelo masturbating through a leotard. What's not to love?


Andre Dumas said...

Finally one of my picks rears its head!! LONG LIVE THE SENTINEL!!!

Also the Church is on Instant Watch woohoo! woohoo!

dementia13 said...

Yeah, I just saw The Church on instant watch, and it was great. Alucarda, BTW, is one of those that is much better in the original language with subtitles. Dubbing is the devil! Besides, screaming is the universal language. Yay, Frailty! Yay, Brain Damage!

Judson Scott said...

One of those 3 Hatchet votes is mine :)

Save vs Poison said...

Agreed with the awesome awesomeness of The Church; where else will we see someone's head be used as a bell clapper?

Ed said...

A lot of great films on this one. Great to see three people (sadly I wasn't one of them) vote for both Demon Knight and F13: The New Blood. I remember Demon Knight having a bizarre ad campaign where I lived. The commercials said that the movie was so shocking and frightening, that it would never be released on video. Scared the hell out of me in theaters when I was 11.

Great to see two other people also vote for THEM!. Monstervision would usually air that movie twice a year back in the 90s, for its all-night giant-monster marathon.

spazmo said...

Yeah! TFtC: Demon Knight was so much better than it had a right to be. I'm still kicking myself for not listing it.

dementia13 said...

I saw Burnt Offerings and The Sentinel in the same theater at about the same time, so I've always remembered those two movies together, and it kind of feels like destiny that they'd be on this list so close together.

Banned In Queensland said...

I thought long and hard before allowing any sequels into my top 20... but, with films like Friday the 13th Part VII and Final Destination 2 receiving multple votes, I now realise I tortured myself for no real reason.

jen said...

OH MAN I almost had a heart attack seeing Night of the Living Dead on there - ONLY 3 VOTES?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?! - UNTIL I realized it was the remake *deep breaths*

I may be taking this too seriously...LOL

Tracy said...

Oh, you three people who picked Demon Knight, I love you all so very much. Such a fun movie.

The Mike said...

OK, I have to find and view my copy of The Pit immediately.

Also, loving the love of The Blob and The Sentinel.

TheKungFuProfessor said...

I can't believe I'd never heard of The Pit until a few days ago, that just might be the third best death involving a wheelchair after TCM & Don't go in the Woods... another one added to my 'must see while drinking paint stripper' list.

Kensington said...

The Sentinel is really creepy and disturbing, particularly once you learn that the actors in the climactic scene aren't wearing prosthetics.

digitaldd said...

The Night of the Hunter, while a great movie isn't a horror IMHO. Robert Mitchum is great as a creepy preacher though.

Cody said...

What the hell? Genie Francis isn't in any of these movies.

Maynard Morrissey said...

you really, really have to see "The Church". It's as brilliant as "Stage Fright, "The Sect" & "Dellamorte Dellamore", the 3 other horror films from Michele Soavi, Italy's most underrated horror director.