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Nov 29, 2011

It's the final COUNTDOWN

Do do do dooo

Do do do do dooo

Do do do dooo

Do do do do do do dooo

Et cetera.

The final countdown for what, you're asking? Why, for the RPG Kickstarter, of course! It is less than a week until it's all over (December 4). My, how time flies when you're something something.

But! It's still going strong, and the stronger it goes, the more RPG goodness I can make. As of this writing, there are still amazing incentive rewards to be had, like:

  • RPG page 41- original art- signed by moi and Felicia Day

  • The original art for the alternate cover to Pocket Hams and Troll Fats: RPG Collected, Volume 1 by the amazing Chrissie Zullo

  • A sketch of an RPG character by Fiona effing Staples (why, even I don't know who she's going to draw- ooh, mystery)

  • A page of original art from the forthcoming Dragon Age digital comic drawn by the mighty Chad Hardin (comic published by BioWare and Dark Horse)

  • The opportunity for you to be made into a super hero by actress/writer Brea Grant- she'll sketch ya and give you super powers and all sorts of cool stuff

  • RPG prints by me, Renae De Liz, and Meng Zhang

  • AND a super secret gonna-be-revealed soon reward that might have something to do with pocket ham. That's right.

So become a backer! Tell your friends and your "social" "networking" cyber comrades! It's good for your charisma AND your speechcraft, I swear.

Nov 15, 2011


YOU GUYS, what the heck? Why is Final Girl just sitting here like that one friend you have who insists on coming to every group event but never wants to do anything? You know the one. The one who stays behind when you all walk out to the end of the pier (or whatever it is you people do), or who decides to take a nap when you want to go out to eat, or who insists on a chain restaurant when she decides to come along. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Nothing is going on, that's what! I haven't watched a movie- horror or otherwise- since I watched The Ward. What's happening in the world of horror? I couldn't tell you, except something about a new Resident Evil movie? I think? Oh, and Argento's Dracula 3D, kind of, which I talked a bit about the last time I posted. The truth is, things have been very abnormal in The House That Dripped Final Girl (that sounds gross) since May or so, and I expect they will continue to be abnormal for the next month or so as I settle into a new abode. Sorry about that, but, you know. It's pretty weird for me, too. I feel like both Rumpy and the baby!

Dang it, now I want to watch Rumpelstiltskin.

Anyway, conditions aren't allowing me to watch a shit ton of movies and the such right now so I've been focusing on comics- my webcomic RPG in particular. If you and I are fake cyber friends (and if we're not, why aren't we?) then perhaps you know that I'm currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finance publication of a print edition of my comic and much, much more. It's going super well, but it runs until December 4th, so spread the word like You Can't Believe It's Not Butter! It's good karma, and also +5 charisma.

So that's that. I hope to get mah shiz together and be watching all the movies I have on the shelf just staring at me accusingly (Yes, I SEE YOU The Case of the Bloody Iris, and you too, all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies) in my off-hours from the comics-making. Life is weird, but life is good. I hope you can say the same. AWW.

Nov 4, 2011

awesome movie poster friday - the ARGENTO edition PART 2!

That's right, this is the Argento Edition Part Two. Part One is hanging out here. Why more Argento? WELL. I find myself oddly intrigued by his forthcoming Dracula 3D. It just seems like it'll be a big clusterfuck, doesn't it? But I mean that in a decidedly boss way- it'll be a decadent clusterfuck in three whole dimensions! Like a cake made by an eight-year-old. Instead of simply having a cake and some frosting, it will have sprinkles, various syrups, gummy eyeballs, Hershey's kisses, and a Star Wars figure (Luke Skywalker in X-Wing pilot gear) on top. In other words, it'll be gross and horrible, but you can't look away and you can't help but admire the lack of restraint.

Now I can't wait for it!