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May 14, 2013

Art vs Cancer

Hello everyone! So check it out: cancer is an asshole, right? Yes, we all know this. Also asshole: all the bills and financial debt that come along with fighting cancer. Friend of Final Girl and actress Michelle Tomlinson (The Cellar Door) is gonna give cancer what for...and to help her give the costs what for, she's set up a GoFundMe page where you can donate as much or as little as you please.

I've also put a bunch of sketch cards on eBay, and I'll be donating all monies raised in the auctions (minus fees) to the cause. There's some horror goodness in there, check it out!

There are also cards from other movies (Escape from New York, Silence of the Lambs, whaaaaat!), comics (Batfolk, yeah!) and video games (Halo, boss!), so give a consideration to bidding, won't you? You get some art, Michelle gets some help paying for treatment. It's a win-win if I ever heard a one!

If you can't bid, holy moley, I get it. You can still help by spreading the word and the link to my auction page. That don't cost nothin' but 10 seconds. Everybody got time for that! Thanks, gang.