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Oct 7, 2010

SHOCKtober: 582-558

Yes, it's true. Each of these movies received ONE VOTE and one vote only. For a moment, it looked as if this chunk o' list was going to be a battle royal between 1972 and 1997.

582. The Night Flier -- 1997, Mark Pavia
581. The First Power -- 1990, Robert Resnikoff
580. Blue Sunshine -- 1976, Jeff Lieberman
579. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken -- 1966, Alan Rafkin
578. The Ruling Class -- 1972, Peter Medak
577. Deliverance -- 1972, John Boorman
576. Mad Monster Party -- 1967, Jules Bass
575. Frankenstein: The True Story -- 1973, Jack Smight
574. The Other -- 1972, Robert Mulligan
573. Vampire Circus -- 1972, Robert Young
572. I Know What You Did Last Summer -- 1997, Jim Gillespie
571. The Relic -- 1997, Peter Hyams
570. Arachnophobia -- 1990, Frank Marshall
569. Dead End -- 2003, Jean-Baptiste Andrea & Fabrice Canepa
568. Mausoleum -- 1983, Michael Dugan
567. Jaws 2 -- 1978, Jeannot Szwarc
566. Society -- 1989, Brian Yuzna
565. The Sect -- 1991, Michele Soavi
564. Fade to Black -- 1980, Vernon Zimmerman
563. Vampyros Lesbos -- 1971, Jess Franco
562. The Undertaker and His Pals -- 1966, T.L.P. Swicegood
561. Slumber Party Massacre -- 1982, Amy Holden Jones
560. Terrorvision -- 1986, Ted Nicolau
559. Bloodsucking Freaks -- 1976, Joel M. Reed
558. Subspecies -- 1991, Ted Nicolau

  • Yes, Mausoleum, yes! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Corn teeth forever!
  • Though I've seen I Know What You Did Last Summer several times, I could not have told you who directed it for the life of me until I made this list. Hmm. Having to tell you who directed I Know What You Did Last Summer in order to save my own life is very Scream.


kevin said...

Slumber Party Massacre only received one vote?!? This makes me very sad. Especially considering that one vote was from me. :(

CashBailey said...

Nice to see THE NIGHT FLIER get some love.

That's a neat little flick.

Andreas said...

I too love Slumber Party Massacre. In fact, that movie calls for a rewatching ASAP.

I also love The Ruling Class, though its horror cred is ambiguous. (As musical satire, though, YES.) And wow, I'm surprised to see The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, but after all, no list is complete without the presence of Don Knotts.

Kev said...

very surprised that Arachnophobia only got one vote. If we were voting for top 30 it would have made my list for sure.

John Weddell said...

I am very, very confused by some human being's choice of The Night Flier.

Joel said...

Dead End! Love this movie. Never see it get any loving on horror blogs or elsewhere, does this mean that no one's seen it or no ones loves it as I do? Ray Wise and Lin Shaye are wonderful in it.

The allure for me in I Know What You Did Last Summer is totally Ryan Phillippes abs and the sequence where Sarah Michelle Gellar is stalked and meets her untimely death. Gets me every time.

The Relic is so much fun, and has Linda Hunt in it. Jaws 2 is possibly my most watched movie.

Good to see Society in there too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you someone for getting the peerless Don Knotts and Vic Mizzy on this list. "And they used Bon Ami!"

Anonymous said...

wow two of my favorite horror films only got one vote. my favorites from that list are i know what you did last summer and the relic.

such a shame. those were my favorite films. most especially i know what you did last summer.

digitaldd said...

Wow Subspecies, I gets that gets instant cred for Angus Scrimm. I wonder if Charles Band's much better flick from the year prior Meridian is somewhere on this list. Meridian at least has Sherilyn Fenn and my favorite stuck up bitch from these cheesy horrors Charlie Spradling [of Mirror Mirror, Puppet Master 2 fame].

Anonymous said...

Whoever put The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - I am in love with you.

Unknown said...

I was pleased to see Terrorvision get some love. Just because I didn't vote for you Terrorvision doesn't mean I don't love you!

Cody said...

Oh my God. I decided to check out 'Mortuary' and I cannot stop laughing. This is seriously the best movie ever.

Sarah said...

I don't know what The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is, but I feel compelled to see it.

I am also sad that Slumber Party Massacre only got one vote.

michael said...

Society went out of print before I could buy it. From what I read it may be worth it for the finale. I remember the pictures from Fangoria. Particularly the face coming out of a butt.

Slumber Party Massacre just came out on DVD (again) with the trilogy. Maybe it will get more love soon.

Sad man said...

Nice to see Arachnophobia there. While not a perfect film by any means it always scares the living dead out of me. The house invasion with the spiders coming out of the sink...brrrr...

Stacie Ponder said...

"Particularly the face coming out of a butt"

If that doesn't get someone wanting to see a film, then what possibly could?

TheKungFuProfessor said...

I thought I had voted for Dead End but it didn't make the cut, top marks for whoever picked it.

So far I've seen 59/175 of these flicks, like Meatloaf almost said "1 of out 3 ain't bad".

Sarah said...

Netflix had Society for awhile, but it's sadly been placed and has remained on my dreaded "save" list for at least 2 years now.

mr gordo said...

Wow...I'm the lone vote for Fade to Black? That surprises me. Is it not on DVD or something? Oh well, maybe its presence on the list will get people to watch it. Oh, and I loves some IKWYDLS, especially that SMG scene at the beginning- her delivery of her lines is priceless, and who could forget the abrupt mike grab? Lastly, thank you to whoever voted for Society. I totally forgot that existed, but now want to see it again asap.

Robert H. said...

Nice to see BLUE SUNSHINE on the list, and THE OTHER.

Anonymous said...

how many films got one vote only? I see that I'm really trivial. none of the ones I voted for was included yet : (

Stacie Ponder said...

"how many films got one vote only?"

A few hundred.

Folks, we have a lonnnnng way to go.

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

DELIVERANCE really is one of the scariest non-horror horror movies. The penultimate shot (no spoilers) always gets a quarter-scream out of me.


Word verification: sucki

dementia13 said...

I thought about Dead End when I made my list. I love the Ghost and Mr. Chicken choice.

Sooo...Vampyros Lesbos and Bloodsucking Freaks...a couple of similarly outrageous movies, and close together on the list. Were these picked by the same person?