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Oct 11, 2010

SHOCKtober: 482-458

Take my hand as we venture yet again into the mysterious world of the ONE VOTE movies!

482. Strait-Jacket -- 1964, William Castle
481. Gargoyles -- 1972, Bill L. Norton
480. The Blood Spattered Bride -- 1972, Vicente Aranda
479. Critters 2 -- 1988, Mick Garris
478. The Skeptic -- 2009, Tennyson Bardwell
477. Beetlejuice -- 1988, Tim Burton
476. Ghostbusters -- 1984, Ivan Reitman
475. Little Shop of Horrors -- 1986, Frank Oz
474. Gremlins 2: The New Batch -- 1990, Joe Dante
473. Cast a Deadly Spell -- 1991, Martin Campbell
472. The Cable Guy -- 1996, Ben Stiller
471. Nightmare -- 1964, Freddie Francis
470. Lisa and the Devil -- 1974, Mario Bava & Alfredo Leone
469. Gaslight -- 1944, George Cukor
468. Shadow of a Doubt -- 1943, Alfred Hitchcock
467. Quarantine -- 2008, John Erick Dowdle
466. Home Movie -- 2008, Christopher Denham
465. 10 to Midnight -- 1983, J. Lee Thompson
464. Silent Rage -- 1982, Michael Miller
463. Road Games -- 1981, Richard Franklin
462. Dead Calm -- 1989, Phillip Noyce
461. Razorback -- 1984, Russell Mulcahy
460. The White Buffalo -- 1977, J. Lee Thompson
459. The Wizard of Gore -- 1970, Herschell Gordon Lewis
458. Anthropophagus -- 1980, Joe D'Amato

  • Does it get better than an axe-wielding, homicidal Joan Crawford? Oh, Strait-Jacket, I heart you so.
  • Nice to see a surge of love for '80s-brand lite horror!
  • Before you go and get all "Cable Guy whaaaaaa?" up in my grill, allow me to say this: it is probably the most surprising entry out of all 700+ movies submitted. The person who loves it explained a bit: "As for The Cable Guy, I’m not making a joke or anything, I just love the movie and I see it as much of a stalker movie as Shaun of the Dead is a zombie movie." So there you go! Horror's in the eye of the beholder and all that.
  • This is by far the manliest chunk of list yet, what with the Charles Bronson and the Chuck Norris and the Steve Railsback and the Telly Savalas.


Cody said...

Oh, I forgot all about Home Movie. Good one!

Kev Weldon said...

YAY for one of my picks showing up at last! BOO for nobody else apparently sharing my love of Critters 2! ADDITIONAL YAY for Little Shop of Horrors! CORRESPONDENT BOO for it's one-vote status!

Mark Simmons said...

Cable Guy is a great choice! Made perfect sense to me as soon as I saw it on this list. And Strait-Jacket is great fun.

It's been weird watching this list unfold, seeing all these oddball movies that almost made it onto my top twenty. On the one hand, I feel less cool and special for not having voted for them; on the other hand, that would give them two votes and then neither of us would be cool and special. I just hope that, when my picks come up in the queue, it turns out I chose a few oddball singletons as well. :-)

None of them are going to be as idiosyncratic as Cable Guy, though!

Anonymous said...

too bad I'm the only person that included 'the wizard of gore'... such a lovely movie. and this amazing ending!

Thomas Duke said...

"there were no utensils during medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?"

Matt said...

I am overjoyed to check this list every day. It's a highlight!

"Quarantine" (as well as it's original incarnation, "[REC]") are amazing movies and whoever voted for them deserves Pez!

And "10 to Midnight" horrified my child mind when my parents fell asleep with HBO on and I stayed up to watch it. I hid behind the t.v. at one point because I was so scared.

I could've just changed the channel, now that I look back on it. But I never claimed to be the brightest kid.

iasa said...

Razorback!! Great choice.

Anonymous said...

I second the choice of Razorback. I was so happy when WB released it as part of their archives... anamorphic wide-screen no less!

Brett said...

I knew in my heart that my vote for Gargoyles would show up in the one-voters eventually, although I hoped there'd be some other of my brethren out there! (And speaking of scary made-for-TV-in-the-70s movies...)

dementia13 said...

Speaking of TV movies, wasn't "Gargoyles" one of the old ABC Movies of the Week? And "Duel", and "Trilogy of Terror". So, yeah. TV movies used to get made by people serious enough to cast Karen Black. Although, as modern TV movies go, Ms.13 is partial to the LMN movies, and I've got to admit that some of them are really not so bad, although they don't stand up so well to repeat viewings.

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh, I loves me some LMN, trust me! :D

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

THE CABLE GUY is absolutely a horror movie, in the same vein as SUNSET BLVD.

Glad J. Lee Thompson's getting some love here - has HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, the movie so scary that no one was seated for its final 10 minutes*, listed yet?

* = seriously, that's what the ads said when the thing was released. My ten-year-old self tried to fathom this upsetting and terrifying conclusion playing to empty theatres around the world and just boggled.

Stacie Ponder said...

No HBD to Me yet, but it'll be on the list.

Who would show up for just the last ten minutes of a movie? That's a great ad campaign, though.

michael said...

I like this section because of Goombardy's choices. Like I said with Jurassiac Park, the big-budgets (relatively) get no respect.

Also, I was delighted to find out that Joe Dante directed Critters 2 only to find out it was actually Mick Garris. Still, it's the best Easter-themed horror movie ever made. And Garris directed the second best The Shining ever made.

Stacie Ponder said...

Arrgh, that was a typo/brain fart, since my master list has Mick Garris on it. Changed it here on FG, thanks!

Sarah said...

Ah, Ghostbusters, my favoritest movie ever. Although it still kind of surprises me that it's considered horror now. And Beetlejuice is one of the few films in Hollywood where the characters share my last name.

The word verification word is mantsity.

Cody said...

YAY! Happy Birthday To Me! Well, not yay yet because it hasn't been listed yet... but yay for the mention! And Gargoyles I forgot all about that one. Stacie, this was such a good idea.

Mike P said...

Sweet! No one made fun of me for listing Cable Guy. I was even quoted by Ms. Ponder herslef!

Dale said...

I thought Beetlejuice would've been much improved if they'd taken out the titular character. I just found the Maitland's friendship with Lydia and struggles with her parents much more interesting than the wacky antics of Beetlejuice/Betelgeuse, who had a tendency to bring the rest of the film to a complete stop every time he showed up.