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Oct 12, 2010

SHOCKtober: 457-433

This chunk o' list may be all ONE VOTErs, but it's decidedly retro-licious!

457. Espectro -- 1978, Manuel Esteba
456. The Boogeyman -- 1980, Ulli Lommel
455. Saw VI -- 2009, Kevin Greutert
454. Dracula's Daughter -- 1936, Lambert Hillyer
453. Rabid -- 1977, David Cronenberg
452. Curtains -- 1983, Richard Ciupka
451. Night of Dark Shadows -- 1971, Dan Curtis
450. House of Dark Shadows -- 1970, Dan Curtis
449. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -- 1994, Kenneth Branagh
448. The Stuff -- 1985, Larry Cohen
447. Piranha -- 1978, Joe Dante
446. Maniac Cop -- 1988, William Lustig
445. This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse -- 1967, Jose Mojica Marins
444. The Sadist -- 1963, James Landis
443. The Witch's Mirror -- 1962, Chano Urueta
442. I Was a Teenage Werewolf -- 1957, Gene Fowler, Jr.
441. La Noche de Walpurgis -- 1971, Leon Klimovsky
440. Bloody Pit of Horror -- 1965, Massimo Pupillo
439. Brotherhood of Satan -- 1971, Bernard McEveety
438. The Embalmer -- 1965, Dino Tavella
437. The Pit and the Pendulum -- 1961, Roger Corman
436. Son of Dracula -- 1943, Robert Siodmak
435. Island of Lost Souls -- 1932, Erie C. Kenton
434. Fall of the House of Usher -- 1928, Jean Epstein
433. Vampyr -- 1932, Carl Theodor Dreyer

  • I am woefully unschooled in the old stuff.


digitaldd said...

Now we are getting to some interesting picks. Maniac Cop, Coffin Joe and The Sadist.. Speaking of The Sadist, its a movie I discovered not via word of mouth but via the free movies section on

Ron said...

My list! My list! Something on here for everyone:

Old school Italian Gothics are represented by THE EMBALMER and BLOODY PIT OF HORROR, the Golden Age is represented by SON OF DRACULA, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS,VAMPYR and the silent FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER. Some choice Mexican/Spanish horror with THE WITCH'S MIRROR and LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS, the 50s/6os drive-in vibe represented by TEENAGE WEREWOLF, PIT AND THE PENDULUM, and THE SADIST (a reeeal nasty one). Lastly, there's BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN, my favorite Devil movie of the 70s. I think they're all pretty good choices for people unfamiliar with the older stuff, in that a good time is pretty much guaranteed!

Andreas said...

Yeah old stuff! Island of Lost Souls came THIS close to making my list! And Vampyr is one of those awesome art/horror crossovers. Arch Hall, Jr. makes such a demented Charles Starkweather in The Sadist.

Plus, any list where Saw VI can sit side by side with Dracula's Daughter is A-OK by me.

michael said...

I once had a movie night with The Stuff and the remake of The Blob. The theme was amorphous monsters. I hope that Blob makes the list.

StuartOhQueue said...

"Vampyr" is a good time for sure. It's more dreamy than scary but the atmosphere is amazing. I certainly hope the Criterion Collection will find time for a Blu-ray release, their DVD was very sharp indeed.

Carrie said...

Wow, three of my picks on on this list. I guess this is why no one ever wants to come over for movie night!

Joel said...

michael, I have concluded that The Blob will get at least two votes :)
Unless I'm misremembering my own list...

dementia13 said...

I should have named at least one of the Coffin Joe movies. They're mean and deep at the same time, and I think they were a big influence on David Lynch. The one that's in B&W except for a color sequence where Joe gets dragged to hell appears to have inspired parts of Mulholland Drive (check out the host in the nightclub, for example, and Diane's death scene). Also, seeing Rabid as the last feature of a dusk-to-dawn show and then getting released to the streets of Tampa at 4 in the morning all drunk and crazy was one of my most mind-bending movie experiences. I wish I'd worked that one in.

dementia13 said...

@Carrie: I'd want to be in on the movie night of anybody who had three selections on this list. You should have virtual movie nights where you tweet your selections, and anybody who has time/can get hold of the movies can join in wherever they're at and discuss them online. It wouldn't be as fun as a real movie night, but it would at least put you in touch with other people with similar peculiar tastes (read: weirdos).

michael said...

Joel, hopefully you two (at least) specified the 1986 version. The one with Steve McQueen is pretty dull.

The two votes section will be pretty interesting. I think a lot of platonic love connections will be made.

Matt Farkas said...

1928's FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER was directed by a Sweathog?

Ron said...

As I suspected would happen as I was making my list, I thought of another prime candidate which really should've been on it: Hammer's HANDS OF THE RIPPER, which I think is the one true masterpiece that studio made.

Carrie said...

@dementia13 well, I often tweet as I watch movies, but I've never had anyone tweet back. Would it ruin the magic of screaming into the void?

Before you get too excited:
my picks were numbers 446-448.

Either way, great idea!

Kmork said...

448. The Stuff -- 1985, Larry Cohen

Nice. The thing I'll always remember from that film is Garrett Morris as 'Chocolate Chip' Charlie.

Sarah said...

What I'll always remember from The Stuff is the line "Well, everyone has to eat shaving cream sometime."

dementia13 said...

Ahh, 446 & 447 would be new to me, but I have The Stuff on DVD. I don't think I voted for any Larry Cohen, but I'm very partial to his movies. I like the way that he works social commentary and satire into many of his films.