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Oct 19, 2010

Don't be a Halloweenie!

"But Stacie," you ask, "How can I prevent myself from becoming a Halloweenie? I feel hopeless."

Don't feel hopeless, friends! All you have to do is head over to AMC's website. Seriously, that's it. Remember when I used to write for them? Well, they're resurrecting my crusty old corpse for a few pieces this month- it's Fearfest time and all- and the first has appeared. It involves voting, and I know how much you love that sort of thing.

Voting for what? To decide who's better: Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. No matter what, we're ALL winners!


Jeffrey said...

I finally realized what that particular goofy Michael Myers mask resembles - DATA from STTNG.

Now I want to imagine Data stalking people with a knife.

stonerphonic said...

Who's better? better at what?

Being an overused marketing campaign for production houses that have run out of original concepts?

Being rehashed to the point that the original spirit of the movie character is all but forgotten?

Being morphed into some inpossible creation so far removed from the human element the character originally inhabited?

I guess it's kind of a tie in them stakes. both characters have been raped & stripped of their dignity and reduced to a cardboard cut-out of themselves, with the dollar return becoming the bottom line & driving force behind the next installment of each movie.

altho i do feel Jason has been sold out more.


Cody said...

Is that an Invader Zim reference?

Stacie Ponder said...

Yes, stonerphonic, who is better at all of those things?

Cody, I am ashamed to say no, it's not.

simoncolumb said...

that is one hell of a messed up face ... almost like the fella in the goonies.


Rory said...

I have nothing to add here, but reading Jeffrey's comment, I kind of had to go find this: