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Oct 17, 2010

SHOCKtober: 332-308

More matches made in heaven (aka the horror blogosphere) today, kids- each of these films received TWO VOTES.

332. When a Stranger Calls Back -- 1993, Fred Walton
331. The Devils -- 1971, Ken Russell
330. The Ruins -- 2008, Carter Smith
329. The Grudge -- 2004, Takashi Shimizu
328. 2000 Maniacs -- 1964, Herschell Gordon Lewis
327. Call of Cthulhu -- 2005, Andrew Leman
326. Troll 2 -- 1990, Claudio Fragrasso
325. Scream 2 -- 1997, Wes Craven
324. Thir13en Ghosts -- 2001, Steve Beck
323. Nosferatu -- 1979, Werner Herzog
322. Cloverfield -- 2008, Matt Reeves
321. Terror Train -- 1980, Roger Spottiswoode
320. Blood and Black Lace -- 1964, Mario Bava
319. Blue Velvet -- 1986, David Lynch
318. The Dentist -- 1996, Brian Yuzna
317. Amityville II: The Possession -- 1982, Damiano Damiani
316. Race with the Devil -- 1975, Jack Starrett
315. Picnic at Hanging Rock -- 1975, Peter Weir
314. House on Sorority Row -- 1983, Mark Rosman
313. Blood and Roses -- 1960, Roger Vadim
312. Phantasm II -- 1988, Don Coscarelli
311. Cube -- 1997, Vincenzo Natali
310. The Body Snatcher -- 1945, Robert Wise
309. Mad Love -- 1935, Karl Freund
308. Cape Fear -- 1991, Martin Scorsese

  • Hooray, lesbian vampires!
  • Hooray, slasher movies! Terror Train...Gene Shalit represent!
  • You know, When a Stranger Calls Back is way, way better than it has any right to be.
  • It pained me to write "Thir13en Ghosts", for we all know that it spells "Thirthirteenen Ghosts" and that sort of thing drives me I hope you're happy, two people who voted for it!
  • 1975 was a great year for horror, in case you didn't know.
  • We simply can't talk about Troll 2 without talking about this:


Devil's Forest said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Thirthirteenen Ghosts. Same goes for "Se7en," no matter how great it is.

Check out my horror film...

Maynard Morrissey said...

ah, totally forgot about the breathtakingly amazing "Picnic At Hanging Rock". at least 2 other people voted for it, yeah!

Pokemon Postmon said...

Must we talk about Troll? Well, I haven't seen the 2nd movie (unless my fragile mind is having some sorta psychosematic blackout of the event) but I remember in my youth watching it with a couple of friends and we made our own lyrics to go with the theme music that went something like this...
'Murmer murmer this
Murmer murmer that
Listening to it now (, it doesn't quite scan as well as I remember but I thought I'd share anyway.

michael said...

I don't think 1986 gets enough love. That would be a fun number cruncher at the end of all this. Which year got the most votes.

Andrew Bemis said...

Surprised Nosferatu only got two votes. At the same time, it's the first movie from my list to show up and I'm a bit jealous of the one-voters for their uniqueness.

Blue Velvet is my all-time favorite movie and I guess it arguably is a horror movie, but I went the staunch traditionalist route with my list.

StuartOhQueue said...

"Troll 2" just recently made my list of favorite bad movies. It's a shame "Phantasm II" didn't get more votes.

Smogo said...

Ooh, Cape Fear is the first appearance on this chart for one of my votes! So who's my Cape Fear-voting friend? Could you be they-re? Could you be they-re? Counsellor???

Poli said...

I'm continually surprised. Feast 2 got 1 vote, but the other 2 (which I also listed) both apparently got more. And now Scream 2 falls into the two-vote-getters when I figured it was one of my more mainstream picks.

Anonymous said...

To Bemis: You should feel pity for the one-voters, not jealousy. I am still heartbroken that I'm the only person who voted for My Little Eye. To think there's this awesome little movie out there that nobody has seen! What if it falls into total obscurity, as opposed to its current near obscurity? It would be a loss for humanity.

RJ Battles said...

317. Amityville II: The Possesion. That was a FG Film Club movie but you didn't have time to watch it. Do you think it'll get another chance? It really is a good movie.

Stacie Ponder said...

I want to! I should just make it a priority. Ill be sure to write something and update when I finally catch it.

dementia13 said...

To me, the coolest thing about this whole deal is seeing some of the choices, the fact that in a list of favorite horror movies, titles like Blue Velvet, Sunset Boulevard, and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken come up. It's fascinating to see what variety of films are considered horror, even favorite horror, by somebody.

The Scream Queen said...

I also think that When A Stranger Calls Back is way better than you would think. That little shirt hanging in the closet always got me. But then again, I am the only person who voted for When a Stranger Calls ;o) I did not vote for Calls Back, btw.

Andrew Bemis said...

To anonymous: I feel for you, as I have my own favorites that I worry will be consigned to the dustbin of history. If it makes you feel better, My Little Eye is going on my Netflix queue.

Stacie Ponder said...

That, to me, is the beauty of this list- not to find out what's "popular", necessarily, but to find out about horror movies I've never heard of. SO much stuff to see now!!