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Oct 21, 2010

SHOCKtober: 232-208

Things are about to heat up, people! Foursomes and moresomes on the horizon!

Each of the following films received THREE VOTES each:

232. Midnight Meat Train -- 2008, Ryuhei Kitamura
231. Sisters -- 1973, Brian DePalma
230. Daughters of Darkness -- 1971, Harry Kumel
229. The House That Screamed -- 1969, Narciso Ibanez Serrador
228. Brides of Dracula -- 1960, Terence Fisher
227. The Company of Wolves -- 1984, Neil Jordan
226. Killer Klowns from Outer Space -- 1988, Stephen Chido
225. Hostel 2 -- 2007, Eli Roth
224. Maniac -- 1980, William Lustig
223. I Walked with a Zombie -- 1943, Jacques Tourneur
222. The Night Stalker -- 1972, John Llewellyn Moxey
221. The Blob -- 1958, Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.
220. The Convent -- 2000, Mike Mendez
219. Pontypool -- 2008, Bruce McDonald
218. Teeth -- 2007, Mitchell Lichtenstein

The following films received FOUR VOTES each:

217. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me -- 1992, David Lynch
216. House -- 1986, Steve Miner
215. Blood Feast -- 1963, Herschell Gordon Lewis
214. The Faculty -- 1998, Robert Rodriguez
213. The Devil's Backbone -- 2001, Guillermo del Toro
212. The Bad Seed -- 1956, Mervyn LeRoy
211. Suicide Club -- 2001, Shion Sono
210. Tourist Trap -- 1979, David Schmoeller
209. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 -- 1987, Lee Harry
208. Just Before Dawn -- 1981, Jeff Lieberman

  • Oh, Eric Freeman. OH, ERIC FREEMAN. You four voters for Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 know what's what!
  • I did not know that Robert Rodriguez directed The Faculty. Huh. It is a day of learning.
  • Maniac is so good and sooooo sleazy. Fangoria had the big scalping scene all laid out in a pictorial- in glorious black & white!- back in the day. Like Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the film's mind-melting reputation preceded it.


OneButtonOff said...

I just realized that I forgot to include Pontypool in my list. Damn. It definitely deserves a fourth vote, at least. (Except that annoying doctor; he deserves nothing but a pistol-whipping for nearly ruining a great movie.)

Tracy said...

The Faculty! Finally one of mine shows up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suicide Club. One of the ones I voted for *finally* showed up. I could have a deeply confusing foursome with it.

jen said...

Oh Blood Feast how I love you so!!!

Tourist Trap and Just Before Dawn are both already on my planned viewing list for this weekend! That fact that they each got 4 votes fills me with confidence :D

Chadzilla said...


John Weddell said...

Nice to see that three others agreed with me about Twin Peaks. A movie that I'd like to see analysed further on this here site. It might make an interesting comparison with Nightmare On Elm Street.

John Weddell said...

Nice to see that three others agreed with me about Twin Peaks. A movie that I'd like to see analysed further on this here site. It might make an interesting comparison with Nightmare On Elm Street.

Stacie Ponder said...

I haven't seen all of Twin Peaks. Is the film something that a TP ignoramus can get into? Is it a stand-alone that enriched by knowledge of the show, or would I be lost? It's basically why I've never bothered with it.

Pokemon Postmon said...

I also voted for Twin Peaks. In answer to your question, since I was a big fan of the series, I guess I took a whole lot more away with me from the film but, that said, I think it would stand alone as pretty terrifying. Hell, maybe it's even more so if you didn't know who and why!!! You could excuse it all by just repeating to yourself, 'It's only a Lynch movie. It's only a Lynch movie....'

Tedums the Precious said...

Finally, two of mine show up! I'm actually kinda surprised to see only 3 votes for Midnight Meat Train, considering all the buzz it had a couple years back. Also, I have loved The Faculty since I first saw the part in Hartnett's basement...

The Mike said...

Those who joined me in voting for the original Blob can count on my eternal love and support. (Unless they need help moving, that never ends well.)

Anonymous said...

My friend's straight-laced mom once commented that she couldn't believe "The Faculty" was a more popular movie.

Her words: "I mean, what kid doesn't sometimes think that their teachers are aliens!?!?"

dementia13 said...

I seem to remember that they actually used that line about all kids thinking their teachers are aliens in the marketing for The Faculty. Wasn't that written by the same guy who wrote Scream? Anyway, when your movie has Salma Hayek stuck in a bit part, you've got a pretty amazing cast.

Banned In Queensland said...

Do you know how difficult it is to actually kick yourself?

I just tried to do it, as punishment for forgetting House. Apart from a mediocre blow to the back of my left calf, I wasn't really able to land an appropriately punitive kick.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

The Devil's Backbone is one of my picks ;) 18 more still to come :)

The Scream Queen said...

Ugh, I couldn't STAND the Midnight Meat Train. I think much of my hatred came from the fact that I'm a New Yorker and everything was SO INACCURATE in terms of NYC. It drove me nuts!

LOVE The Faculty.

Synonymous said...

I've never seen Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, but I should have voted for it based on the comedic value of "garbage day" alone.

I'm surprised at how well House did, having seen it again on a whim recently. I wish it didn't take that turn toward the outright goofy midway, as it does a great job in the first half of finding horror and the unknown appearing in a familiar space. The house itself - a big house, indeed a quite attractive house, but still just a house - is shot quite effectively.

StuartOhQueue said...

It's always good to see some old Val Lewton productions right in there with a Kitamura bloodbath.

My favorite Lewton picture has to be "Cat People" while for Kitamura it's a toss-up between "Versus" and his Godzilla flick.

Jeffrey said...

I didn't think Midnight Meat Train was specifically set in New York, I thought it was 'Anycity, North America' (which usually means Toronto).

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

So pleased to have a threesome in there (THE BRIDES OF DRACULA). Oddly it's the only Hammer film on my list, and Christopher Lee isn't in it.

The Scream Queen said...

@Jeffrey: Interesting. IMDB says "a New York photographer" and Wikipedia says they originally planned to shoot the whole thing in New York, but changed the "location" due to filming costs. I haven't seen it in a while, but I thought the Meatpacking District was somehow involved...?

Weird...I kind of just assumed it was New York.

John Weddell said...

I first saw Twin Peaks without any knowledge of the series. The most obvious thing to say about seeing it that way is that it gives away the identity of Laura Palmer's killer- but maybe that sort of thing is out in the open by now anyway. The film has some of the most striking dream imagery to be found anywhere- the end of the film, a near-wordless sequence following Laura's murder, when her killer returns to his surrealist alternate dimension- is some of the most haunting visual cinema I've ever seen.