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Oct 21, 2020

SHOCKtober: 304-272

Once again, here we are in the magical land where the films received three votes each!

304. Evil Dead -- 2013, Fede Alvarez
303. Eyes of Laura Mars -- 1978, Irvin Kershner
302. From Dusk Till Dawn -- 1996, Robert Rodriguez
301. Ghoulies -- 1984, Luca Bercovici
300. Halloween H20 -- 1998, Steve Miner
299. House of 1000 Corpses -- 2003, Rob Zombie
298. House on Haunted Hill -- 1999, William Malone
297. In Fabric -- 2018, Peter Strickland
296. Inferno -- 1980, Dario Argento
295. Insidious -- 2010, James Wan
294. Intruder -- 1989, Scott Spiegel
293. Jeepers Creepers -- 2001, xx
292. Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide) -- 1987, David A. Prior
291. Kwaidan -- 1964, Masaki Kobayashi
290. Let Us Prey -- 2014, Brian O'Malley
289. Lifeforce -- 1985, Tobe Hooper
288. Lost Highway -- 1997, David Lynch
287. Mandy -- 2018, Panos Cosmatos
286. Maniac -- 1980, William Lustig
285. Maniac Cop -- 1988, William Lustig
284. Opera -- 1987, Dario Argento
283. Ouija: Origin of Evil -- 2016, Mike Flanagan
282. Pan's Labyrinth -- 2006, Guillermo del Toro
281. Perfect Blue -- 1997, Satoshi Kon
280. Piranha -- 1978, Joe Dante
279. Piranha 3D -- 2010, Alexandre Aja
278. Pulse (aka Kairo) -- 2001, Kiyoshi Kurosawa
277. Pyewacket -- 2017, Adam MacDonald
276. Return of the Living Dead III -- 1993, Brian Yuzna
275. Seed of Chucky -- 2004, Don Mancini
274. Silent Scream -- 1979, Denny Harris
273. Sisters -- 1972, Brian De Palma
272. The Phantom of the Opera -- 1925, Rupert Julian

  • Why, as I just mentioned earlier today, Pulse (Kairo) nearly made my list of 20 faves. It perfectly encapsulates my 2020 pandemic mood.
  • I have never seen Ghoulies and let's face it, I probably never will. But! I am more inclined to since I just learned that Lisa "'Jennifer' in the movie Jennifer" Pelikan is in it?!
  • Of Piranha 3D, a reader said: "Watching Jerry O'Connell's dismembered penis being spit out by a fish in 3D was one of the bright spots to my existence."
  • Of House of 1000 Corpses, a reader said: "I am straight up ashamed that I love this stupid broken awful movie. Maybe it's because Chris Hardwick gets scalped in it."
  • Lifeforce is so goddamn bonkers, it is perfect 80s and perfectly cocaine.


Susandoku said...

Life mother fucking force. How did I leave that off my list?

Steve K said...

I didn't have any 2s, but I am one of 3 with Eyes of Laura Mars (waves to EoLM friends).

If I had seen Pulse just three weeks earlier, it would have made my list. I am SO glad I saw it before listening to the GoD episode.

In the past month I've gone backwards in the podcasts from 99 to 60, and all the love for Rhonda Johnson is still very fresh to me!

Cappy said...

Also kicking myself for leaving Lifeforce off my list. Gonna pop it on right now to atone for my sins.

Peter said...

Lifeforce! See the blood drained out of Patrick Stewart! Pyewacket... I wish I’d seen this.....

CashBailey said...

I demand they do a remake of LIFEFORCE with Alexandra Daddario in the Mathilda May role.

matango said...

Lifeforce! Lifeforce! Lifeforce!

I love Lifeforce. I've read reviews contemporary to it, and I do not get how they were confused by the movie.

I love how Tobe Hooper just let movies end pretty much where everyone is still in freakout mode. I don't believe that Spielberg directed Poltergeist, but I I think Spielberg was responsible for the ending at the hotel where they set the tv outside. Hooper's end was when they get in the car and drive off after picking up the freaking out teen daughter.

CashBailey said...

@matango - Yeah, the whole 'Spielberg v Hooper' debate will never truly die. Some folks have said that Hooper was so off his trolley on coke that Spielberg was forced to step in and guide the movie.

Spielberg himself, ever the mensch, publicly stated that it was Tobe Hooper's movie.

I like to think of it as a near-perfect melding of two sensibilities.

Amy Kasio said...

Somewhere out there is my Piranha 3D triad!

Catsparkles said...

I denied Piranha 3D its rightful place on my list and I have no good excuse for why.

Astroboymn said...

PULSE aka KAIRO is a goll-durned masterpiece, goll-durnit

Gummyfredo said...

I don't want to be a Neil Degrasse Tyson but Piranha 3D was made and directed by Alexandere Aja. Piranha 3DD was 2012. Also nobody went to the bathroom.
The world's premiere Piranha 3D fan

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks! Fixed.