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Oct 4, 2020

SHOCKtober: 852-818

I have been thinking about little beyond Dark Angel: The Ascent since I posted yesterday's list. I will not rest until I have seen it! SHOCKtober has already proved worth it a hundredfold. Let's see if this chuck o' list adds to the blessings! 

Each of the following movies received one vote

852. Dead Ringers -- 1988, David Cronenberg
851. Dead Wood -- 2007, David Bryant, Sebastian Smith, & Richard Stiles
850. The Deadly Spawn -- 1983, Douglas McKeown
849. Dear Dead Delilah -- 1972, John Farris
848. Death Spa -- 1989, Michael Fischa
847. Deep Rising -- 1998, Stephen Sommers
846. Deliverance -- 1972, John Boorman
845. Demon -- 2015, Marcin Wrona
844. Demons 2 -- 1986, Lamberto Bava
843. Der Todesking (aka The Death King) -- 1990, Jürg Buttgereit
842. Detention -- 2011, Joseph Kahn
841. Diary of the Dead -- 2007, George A. Romero
840. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark -- 1973, John Newland
839. Don't Breathe -- 2016, Fede Alvarez
838. Don't Go in the House -- 1979, Joseph Ellison
837. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- 1931, Rouben Mamoulian
836. Dracula 2000 -- 2000, Patrick Lussier
835. Dracula: Dead and Loving It -- 1995, Mel Brooks
834. Dracula: Prince of Darkness -- 1966, Terence Fisher
833. Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary -- 2002, Guy Maddin
832. Dracula's Daughter -- 1936, Lambert Hillyer
831. Dread -- 2009, Anthony DiBlasi
830. Dust Devil: The Final Cut -- 1992, Richard Stanley
829. Eaten Alive -- 1976, Tobe Hooper
828. Ed Wood -- 1994, Tim Burton
827. Eden Lake -- 2008, James Watkins
826. Edge of the Axe -- 1988, José Ramón Larraz
825. Edward Scissorhands -- 1990, Tim Burton
824. Eight Legged Freaks -- 2002, Ellory Elkayem
823. Elizabeth Harvest -- 2018, Sebastien Guttierez
822. Equinox -- 1970, Jack Woods, Dennis Muren, & Mark Thomas McGee
821. Eve's Bayou -- 1997, Kasi Lemmons
820. Evilspeak -- 1981, Eric Weston
819. Extra Ordinary -- 2019, Mike Ahern & Edna Loughman
818. Eyes of Fire -- 1983, Avery Crounse

  • To my great shame I have never seen Dear Dead Delilah (Agnes Moorhead FTW) so I can't vouch to the film itself, but I absolutely can vouch for a poster that features eye nipples and a baller tagline.
  • So many Draculas! (Draculae?)
  • Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a reader said: "Fredric March's Hyde is unabashedly excessively cruel and his gradual departure from humanity with every transformation is legitimately frightening (and for 1931 their portrayal of sex workers is very progressive)."
  • Is this a good time to admit that I've never seen Dead Ringers? I think I will hold out for the remake starring Rachel Weisz as the sexy sex pervert twins (as is my understanding of Dead Ringers), if it ever actually happens. 
  • It's too bad we'll all be dead (presumably) before we get a Dracula 3000.


matango said...

Counts Dracula.

They made a couple of direct to video sequels of Dracula 2000.

Needs more "Don't!" movies.

Peter said...

Maybe a Double Feature of Dracula 2000 and Death Race 2000?

I have not seen Dead Ringers, either, despite having seen a lot of Cronenberg.

goblin said...

I'd recommend Dead Ringers. It's less gory and grotesque than David Cronenberg's earlier work like Videodrome or The Fly, but Jeremy Irons' turn as the codependent physician twins makes it well worth a watch alone.

In my opinion, Dead Ringers is comparable to Requiem for a Dream (which I'm sure will show up on this countdown too) in the sense that, while not horror movies by definition, the way they portray their respective protagonists' descent into addiction and misery is quite unsettling to behold.

Leah Richards said...

My first lone-vote appearance!😎 I thought it would happen one film alphabetically sooner.

At first I was surprised that I had no Draculae, but then I remembered that I'm a jerkface about Dracula adaptations. But then I remember The Satanic Rites of Dracula, and question all of my choices.

Jason Adams said...

Oh man only one vote apiece for the DEMONS pair??? I figured the first one at least would do better, but I'll admit my obsession with the second one might be a little over-invested. Still I love them both and can't ever watch one without the other

Love seeing a vote for EXTRA ORDINARY, which is so sweet and goofy and weird -- Maeve Higgins rules, I hope I get to see her in lots more

Stacie Ponder said...

@ Jason -- Demons 2 got one vote, but that other one vote is for Demon, a 2015 film. Bava's Demons definitely got more than one vote!

Patrick Russum said...

@ Jason I agree that Extra Ordinary was really good, very enjoyable!
Squee! So happy that I got Eight Legged Freaks on this list, so fun, so spidery, and I still get nervous going to my car in a gravel parking lot at night so...

AE said...

I was just thinking about The Deadly Spawn! It played in some horrorthon or other in like the 3 a.m. slot, when the audience had really settled down and was starting to think about napping, and it was the perfect jolt of gross monster-movie fun -- it got us all awake and squealing and giggling, not too loud or challenging! I'd like to watch it at home but I'm afraid of not being able to get that magic back!

Dracula's Daughter, man, I love that one too. And Eyes of Fire! Love love.

Steve K said...

I was wondering why Dead Ringers wasn't referenced in the Genevieve Bujold discussion in the Earthquake podcast!