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Oct 10, 2020

SHOCKtober: 654-620

Still in the 600s, still mired in films that received one vote each

654. Scream 4 -- 2011, Wes Craven
653. Scream for Help -- 1984, Michael Winner
652. Sea Fever -- 2019, Neasa Hardiman
651. Seance on a Wet Afternoon -- 1964, Bryan Forbes
650. Serial Mom -- 1994, John Waters
649. Severance -- 2006, Christopher Smith
648. Shallow Grave -- 1994, Danny Boyle
647. Shark Night 3D -- 2011, David R. Ellis
646. Shock (aka Beyond the Door II) -- 1977, Mario Bava & Lamberto Bava
645. Shock Waves -- 1977, Ken Wiederhorn
644. Shocker -- 1989, Wes Craven
643. Shutter Island -- 2010, Martin Scorsese
642. Shutter -- 2004, Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom
641. Sick Nurses -- 2007, Piraphan Laoyont & Thodsapol Siriwiwat
640. Silent Night, Bloody Night -- 1972, Theodore Gershuny
639. Singapore Sling -- 1990, Nikos Nikolaidis
638. Slaughter High -- 1986, George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, & Peter Mackenzie Litten
637. Slice -- 2009, Kongkiat Khomsiri
636. Sole Survivor -- 1984, Thom Eberhardt
635. Sorority House Massacre 3 (aka Hard to Die) -- 1990, Jim Wynorski
634. Southbound -- 2015, Roxanne Benjamin, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, David Bruckner, Tyler Gillett, Patrick Horvath, Justin Martinez, Radio Silence, & Chad Villella
633. Spellbinder -- 1988, Janet Greek
632. Spookies -- 1986, Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran, & Brendan Faulkner
631. Squirm -- 1976, Jeff Lieberman
630. Stalker -- 1979, Andrei Tarkovsky
629. The Stendhal Syndrome -- 1996, Dario Argento
628. The Stepford Wives -- 2004, Frank Oz
627. Stigmata -- 1999, Rupert Wainwright
626. Strange Behavior -- 1981, Michael Laughlin
625. Summer of Fear -- 1978, Wes Craven
624. Sunshine -- 2007, Danny Boyle
623. Superstition -- 1982, James W. Roberson
622. Survive Style 5+ -- 2004, Gen Sekiguchi
621. Svengali -- 1931, Archie Mayo
620. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street -- 2007, Tim Burton

  • Yeah Squirm! It's as charming as a movie about worms can possibly be. We all da worm faces now!
  • I have not seen Sorority House Massacre 3, but sight unseen there is a big difference between calling a movie "Sorority House Massacre 3" and calling it "Hard to Die." The latter sounds like a Steven Seagal flick and the former sounds like...well, it sounds like "Sorority House Massacre 3." Steven Seagal in Sorority House Massacre 3? This could change everything.
  • The reader who submitted Singapore Sling mentioned that it is...a lot. While that sort of thing is not my usual (or...ever) horror go-to, I was curious so I looked up a review: "You can expect pretty much everything from "Singapore Sling", such as puking on faces, pissing on people, fruit masturbation, electro-shock torture, and mummy rape (?). That said, it's not a perfect film."
  • Lots of Asian horror on this chunk o'list, I love to see it.
  • How is it that Shock and I have never been in the same room at the same time given my love of Beyond the Door, the Bavas, and Daria Nicolodi? I must have some sort of problem.


goblin said...

Shutter would have deserved more love than one vote. Now I feel bad that I didn't include it in my list this year.

At first, I was confused how an absurd comedy like Survive Style 5+ ended up on a horror movie countdown, but then I remembered the bit about the man whose vengeful wife keeps coming back from the dead and it all made sense.

Anonymous said...

Yay Serial Mom! I feel like that lovely little movie gets overlooked, including by me when I made my list. It's become my go-to comedy to show people and it never fails to elicit laughs.

Fun (?) fact - my mom knows the brother of one of the actors in Slaughter High and a few years back lent her a copy of the movie on VHS. That theme song is everything.

Unknown said...

Singapore Sling is very gross, but also campy and beautiful in a feverish noir way. The reason it's my favorite is the two main performances by Meredyth Herold and Michele Valley (in one of her many roles called "Mother" (another being Dogtooth)). Despite everything I can't stop watching it.

Astroboymn said...

Wow, somebody put on Sole Survivor. I've always had a fondness for that little-seen gem. Agreeance that Squirm is fab. You should def see Shock! It's got a pretty ginchy prog-rock theme song.

L. Rob Hubb said...

Singapore Sling is not for the timid or the logical. It's also a twisted film-noir parody.

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

Oh, SCREAM FOR HELP, you delightfully deranged motion picture. I'm glad somebody loves you.

John Klima said...

When I looked it up, I remember Sorority House Massacre 3 from its video tape cover when it was released as Hard to Die. Your thoughts about Seagal are pretty spot on for what happens in the movie. It's one of those where the cover was better than the movie.

Peter said...

It must have been Xmas 2007, and I met two friends who were passing through town at the theater to watch Sweeny Todd, then we were going to get dinner and go back to my apartment, where they were spending the night before continuing their trip. Before the movie, I said that, if they liked, we could save the cost of dinner and just eat Xmas dinner leftovers. They agreed, but, after the movie I had to confess that I'd forgotten the main leftover was... a large meat pie. I assured them than no British people had been harmed during the pie making, but I don't think they really believed me....

Jillian82 said...

I just watched Scream for Help last week and it was the horniest Nancy Drew movie I never imagined existed.