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Oct 12, 2020

SHOCKtober: 586-554


You know the deal I am sure: each of the following films received one vote each!

586. The Dark -- 1979, John "Bud" Cardos & Tobe Hooper
585. Devil -- 2010, John Erick Dowdle
584. The Devil Commands -- 1941, Edward Dmytryk
583. The Devil's Candy -- 2015, Sean Byrne
582. The Devil's Carnival -- 2012, Darren Lynn Bousman
581. The Devil's Rain -- 1975, Robert Fuest
580. The Devils -- 1971, Ken Russell
579. The Dorm That Dripped Blood (aka Pranks) -- 1982, Stephen Carpenter & Jeffrey Obrow
578. The Dunwich Horror -- 1970, Daniel Haller
577. The Evil -- 1978, Gus Trikonis
576. The Eye 2 -- 2004, Danny Pang & Oxide Chun Pang
575. The Eyes of My Mother -- 2016, Nicolas Pesce
574. The Fifth Cord -- 1971, Luigi Bazzoni
573. The First Purge -- 2018, Gerard McMurray
572. The Fits -- 2015, Anna Rose Holmer
571. The Frighteners -- 1996, Peter Jackson
570. The Fury -- 1978, Brian De Palma
569. The Granny -- 1995, Luca Bercovici
568. The Grave -- 1996, Jonas Pate
567. The Green Butchers -- 2003, Anders Thomas Jensen
566. The Green Inferno -- 2013, Eli Roth
565. The Grudge -- 2004, Takashi Shimizu
564. The Gruesome Twosome -- 1967, Herschell Gordon Lewis
563. The Happiness of the Katakuris -- 2001, Takashi Miike
562. The Hitcher -- 1986, Robert Harmon
561. The Horrible Dr. Hichcock -- 1962, Riccardo Freda
560. The House of Seven Corpses -- 1974, Paul Harrison
559. The House That Dripped Blood -- 1971, Peter Duffell
558. The House That Screamed (aka La residencia) -- 1969, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
557. The Housemaid (aka Hanyo) -- 1960, Ki-young Kim
556. The Incredible Shrinking Man -- 1957, Jack Arnold
555. The Isle -- 2018, Matthew Butler-Hart
554. The Killing of a Sacred Deer -- 2017, Yorgos Lanthimos

  • Anyone who listens to Gaylords of Darkness or follows me on "social" "media" knows that I have had a quite a journey with The Green Inferno. To sum it up: I have seen The Green Inferno! What can I say, 2020 continues to be a wild ride.
  • I watched The Dorm That Dripped Blood for the first and only time very very early in Final Girl's life and I think it's way past high time for a rewatch. I bet I'd appreciate it a lot more now. 
  • Heck yeah, The House of Seven Corpses! Way underrated/underseen and a good, sorta creepy time.
  • Oh, The Granny. It could hail from no year other than 1995! It is a very dumb movie and I can't help but love it to absolute pieces.


goblin said...

I found The Green Inferno kind of frustrating, tone-wise. Were we supposed to take it seriously? Was it meant to be a satire? The movie didn't really work either way, in my opinion.

MorganAC said...

Whoever put Green Butchers on this list gets a handful of claps from me.

Stacie Ponder said...

@goblin -- oh yeah, tonally it is all over the place! It's a mess. And I was definitely expecting something much more "extreme."

Peter said...

Oh, The Devils! I'm not sure it's a horror film, but it is a Ken Russell film, which means it is an *experience*. Well worth a watch. I have the Grudge out from the Library, sitting on my DVD player, waiting for a rewatch.

matango said...

I love the Fury. It's got one of my favorite dude gets blowed up scenes.

I need to rewatch the Hitcher.

Susandoku said...

I also LOVE the Fury!! And I had forgotten all about the Dunwich Horror. So much fun.

Peter said...

I feel the Dunwich Horror is more fun to remember than watch again, but I won’t tuck your yum.

Stacie Ponder said...

This is an expressly NO GATEKEEPING, NO YUCKING A YUM zone, particularly during the countdown :)

Rachel Kapila said...