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Oct 29, 2020


So! You might remember me giving Mats Strandberg's Blood Cruise the ol' (HIGHLY COVETED, TRUST ME) Final Girl stomp (typo that stays) of approval the other day when I posted the list of his 20 favorite horror movies.

Well guess what? To celebrate the book's US release and SHOCKtober, I've got three copies to give away! If you're a US resident who wants to get your mitts and eyeballs on this very bloody vampires infest a booze cruise saga, all you have to do is drop a comment on my Instagram post about this before Monday. I'll pick three winners! I mean, you're all's just that three of you will win a copy of this terrific book. Good luck!


Peter said...

You are very cruel, making me remember my Instagram password!

Unknown said...

Finally reading Final Girl after having a blast working my way through the Gaylords of Darkness archives! Popping in to say that I initially read the title of this post as "fancy a blood curse?" and that for better or for worse, I trust you so much that I clicked on it anyway.