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Oct 29, 2020

FAVE 20: Final Mom

If you've been around this old haunt then you know that I hail from a horror-loving family. Creature Double Feature, MonsterVision, Movie Macabre, Hammer horror, Fangoria, Famous Monsters, and of course countless trips to the drive-in and video store horror section were a way of life around Chez Ponder. I know mom's still watching horror movies like crazy, because whenever we talk she fills me in on whatever gonzo gorefest she's recently seen.

As for her list, she said "I totally agonized over this because I love so many movies, but I settled on these." Everyone who participated in this grand experiment knows that pain! It's true, what US Magazine says: Stars...they're just like us!

DRACULA (1958, Terence Fisher)

DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1966, Terence Fisher)

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968, George A. Romero)

DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978, George A. Romero)

THE DESCENT (2005, Neil Marshall)

DOG SOLDIERS (2002, Neil Marshall)

CANDYMAN (1992, Bernard Rose)

HALLOWEEN (1978, John Carpenter)

JU-ON: THE GRUDGE (2002, Takashi Shimizu)

RINGU (1998, Hideo Nakata)

ALIEN (1979, Ridley Scott)

PITCH BLACK (2000, David Twohy)

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999, Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sánchez)

JAWS (1975, Steven Spielberg)

SUSPIRIA (1977, Dario Argento)

DEMONS (1985, Lamberto Bava)

COLD PREY (2006, Roar Uthaug)


MAYHEM (2017, Joe Lynch)

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (2017, Shin'ichirô Ueda)


Nicholas Kaufmann said...

Oh my God, this is the best! I wish my mom we half as cool as yours!

Susandoku said...

OMG I love your mom.

Unknown said...

Them's some good genes!

Pat Hingle said...

Great list, Final Mom!!! You are so cool! Like mother, like daughter!

Kerry Pyne said...

Pitch Black! Excellent! I can't believe I didn't consider that one given that I used to watch it with some regularity. But you had me at Candyman! Thanks for the brilliant list!

Anthony Hudson said...

Maaaaan Final Mom has such good taste

Peter said...

Candy man USA winner on shoulder pads alone!

matango said...

Such a good list.

Mayhem was a lot of fun. Samara Weaving and Steven Yeun are great.

Eve said...

Aww, mother-and-daughter Suspirias! (Suspiriae?) Love this.

Steve said...

One Cut Of The Dead was such a gift.

rj said...

Mother Ponder's list is amazing.

Zombie Cupcake said...

All hail Final Mom!