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Oct 8, 2020

SHOCKtober: 719-688

I am sure I don't need to tell you at this point: each of the following films received one vote!

719. Mortuary -- 1983, Howard Avedis
718. Mother's Day -- 1980, Charles Kaufman
717. Mr. Boogedy -- 1986, Oz Scott
716. Mr. Vampire -- 1985, Ricky Lau
715. My Soul is Slashed -- 1991, Shûsuke Kaneko
714. Nailbiter -- 2013, Patrick Rea
713. Nekromantik -- 1987, Jörg Buttgereit
712. Next of Kin -- 1982, Tony Williams
711. Night Fare -- 2015, Julien Seri
710. Night of the Demons 2 -- 1994, Brian Trenchard-Smith
709. Night School -- 1981, Ken Hughes
708. Nightmare City -- 1980, Umberto Lenzi
707. Nightmare Man -- 2006, Rolfe Kanefsky
706. November -- 2017, Rainer Sarnet
705. Obsession: A Taste of Fear -- 1988, Piccio Raffanini
704. Oculus -- 2013, Mike Flanagan
703. Offerings -- 1989, Christopher Reynolds
702. Office Killer -- 1997, Cindy Sherman
701. Oldboy -- 2003, Chan-wook Park
700. Otis -- 2008, Tony Krantz
699. Our Paradise -- 2011, Gaël Morel
698. Pandemonium (aka Demons / aka Shura) -- 1971, Toshio Matsumoto
697. Pandorum -- 2009, Christian Alvart
696. Paperhouse -- 1988, Bernard Rose
695. Paranormal Activity 3 -- 2011, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman
694. Pathology -- 2008, Marc Schölermann
693. Persona -- 1966, Ingmar Bergman
692. Phantasm II -- 1988, Don Coscarelli
691. The Phantom of the Opera -- 1989, Dwight H. Little
690. Phantom of the Paradise -- 1974, Brian De Palma
689. Phantoms -- 1998, Joe Chappelle
688. Picnic at Hanging Rock -- 1975, Peter Weir

  • Only one vote for Picnic at Hanging Rock!! I am stunned, I am shocked, I am stupefied! I also want to live in that movie--falling into a hazy, beautiful dream, finding a big crevice in the rock and disappearing forever sounds so appealing in the face of...everything 2020. 
  • I suppose I don't have room to be stunned, shocked, or stupefied about anything, because I have seen woefully few films on this chunk o' list. I have seen 9 of 32! And here you thought I was cool because I have a blog. Sorry!
  • I have only seen Office Killer once, shortly after it came out on VHS. I really need to see it again because for some reason it didn't really work for me back then, but every time I think about it I think "It's Carol Kane and Cindy Sherman and Todd Haynes, how could you not like it???" Not digging Office Killer seems like not digging, I don't know, air or something.


Peter said...

Not sure I’d call Oldboy and Mr. Vsmpire Horror, but, if it will get people to watch them, I am on board! I watched Oculus with some trepidation, because found footage is so often bad, but Flannigan did a good job of establishing space, and, while the end was telegraphed pretty heavily, it made it more of a tragedy. Sad it only got one vote, but I didn’t help, so who am I to point fingers?

Susandoku said...

Paperhouse is another one I regret not including on my list. LOVE that film.

frompariswithfilm said...

god I love Picnic at Hanging Rock so MUCH, one of my favorites! I would've put that on my list but I guess I don't really consider that one horror tbh, I actually don't really know what genre I'd put it in, it's so otherworldly it doesn't even have a genre! hahaha

Leah Richards said...

Oldboy was me, and my list in draft form acknowledged that I was playing fast and loose with genre, but ultimately, I decided it was pretty damn (urban) gothic, and so I left it. (Its also probably my favorite movie, so maybe I just put it on all lists. Best meet-cute rom-coms! Best family films!)

Kerry Pyne said...

The genre slipped into aforementioned crevasse wearing a below the knee white chemise and a look of pained regret. Blurry genre films are so lovely.

Catsparkles said...

Oooh, Phantom of the Paradise. Sacrilege, I know, but it is definitely my favorite Jessica Harper movie. (I didn't include it on my list, but am thrilled to see someone else did!)

p said...

I've only watched 11 (12? not sure about one) of these and Picnic at Hanging Rock is *not* one of them, shamefully. I remember liking Office Killer at the time (liking it well enough, but not that much) but maybe I was trying to be a contrarian, since everybody hated it when it was released, if I remember correctly

Peter said...

Oldboy is good, but I confess I think I like Lady Vengeance better.

Leah Richards said...

It's a close call for me. I see that Sympathy for Mr Vengeance also got a single vote...