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Oct 14, 2020

SHOCKtober: 520-490

Listen, try as you might, you cannot stop the power of the force of nature called LIST. 

The following films each received one vote! Still! But hey, we broke that 500 barrier, y'all! 

520. The Sixth Sense -- 1999, M. Night Shyamalan
519. The Skin I Live In -- 2011, Pedro Almodóvar
518. The Slayer -- 1982, J.S. Cardone
517. The Spiral Staircase -- 1946, Robert Siodmak
516. The Strangers: Prey at Night -- 2018, Johannes Roberts
515. The Tenant -- 1976, Roman Polanski
514. The Thing from Another World -- 1951, Christian Nyby & Howard Hawks
513. The Thing That Couldn't Die -- 1958, Will Cowan
512. The Ugly -- 1997, Scott Reynolds
511. The Unknown -- 1927, Tod Browning
510. The Vampire Doll -- 1970, Michio Yamamoto
509. The Vampire Lovers -- 1970, Roy Ward Baker
508. The War of the Gargantuas -- 1966, Ishirô Honda
507. The Whip and the Body -- 1963, Mario Bava
506. The White Ribbon -- 2009, Michael Haneke
505. Wishing Stairs -- 2003, Jae-yeon Yun
504. The Witch in the Window -- 2018, Andy Mitton
503. The Wolf Man -- 1941, George Waggner
502. The X from Outer Space -- 1967, Kazui Nihonmatsu
501. Thesis -- 1996, Alejandro Amenábar
500. They Look Like People -- 2015, Perry Blackshear
499. Thirteen Ghosts -- 2001, Steve Beck
498. Three...Extremes -- 2004, Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, & Chan-wook Park
497. Tigers Are Not Afraid -- 2017, Issa López
496. Timecrimes -- 2007, Nacho Vigalondo
495. To Die For -- 1988, Deran Sarafian
494. The Tomb of Ligeia -- 1964, Roger Corman
493. Topper Returns -- 1941, Roy Del Ruth
492. Trilogy of Terror II -- 1996, Dan Curtis
491. Trollhunter -- 2010, André Øvredal
490. Tusk -- 2014, Kevin Smith

  • Yeah yeah yeah The Slayer! What a little gem. A creepy allegory about the creative process, and a bit of a sweet-ass predecessor to A Nightmare on Elm Street. More people should see The Slayer!
  • I admit, putting together these chunks o' list have given me a bit of a desire to watch 1960s Japanese monster movies. The monsters do not have to be oversized, necessarily. They all look like fun! Pastel-colored fun.
  • Of The Tomb of Ligeia, a reader said: "My favorite of Corman's Poe cycle of films benefits from location filming, stylish camerawork, and a great performance from Vincent Price, one of his best."
  • You'll be hearing a bit more about Wishing Stairs later in the month! *evil laugh*
  • The Skin I Live In, The Vampire Lovers, Trilogy of Terror II, and more good stuff on this chunk--it's true what they say, Final Girl has the best readers, only readers with discerning, superior taste!
  • I especially like that when they made Trilogy of Terror II, they basically said "Okay look, we know you guys just want the Zuni fetish doll, so here's some more Zuni fetish doll." Also, if you like Trilogy of Terror II, be sure to check out Dead of Night (1977) which features the original version of the story "Bobby" because man, in Dead of Night that story is les tits.


Peter said...

Timecrimes is one of the better time travel films of the last while, with a clever setup and gradual erosion of the main character from a mostly likable guy trying to do the right thing to... something else.

Susandoku said...

So many new-to-me treasures to explore here. To Die For sounds fucking incredible as does the Wishing Stairs.

Jason Adams said...

Is it pronounced "lay tits"? Because I read it as "lez tits" and I much prefer that.

I'll have to watch The War of the Gargantuas soon, I too have been on a 60 J-Horror kick -- just saw Goke Body Snatcher From Hell recently and DIED FROM THE AWESOMENESS

Stacie Ponder said...

It is LAY tits, 100% authentic French!

Nicholas Kaufmann said...

Great to see some love for THE UGLY (1997). It's a little-known gem! Also, I have never forgotten the sunglasses Vincent Price wears in TOMB OF LIGEIA!

we said...

Happy to see the vote for Thesis -- I don't think it's as well-known as it should be -- definitely worth tracking down.

Kevin Jones said...

This is a fun selection of oddballs! I'm surprised to see only one vote for The Sixth Sense given all the attention that film has received over the years. They Look Like People is a *great*, DIY body snatchers-adjacent film. I salute whoever included that one.

matango said...

The Thing From Another World needs more love. It's really quite good.

Steve said...

@matango, I got excited to see a "The Thing From Another World" on here but then remembered it was my submission :)

I put this and the Carptenter version on my list. I love how they take the same premise but go in different directions. In one it brings people together, in the other it tears the group apart.