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Oct 20, 2020

SHOCKtober: 336-305

Can you believe that we've counted down more than 600 movies already? And there are still over 300 to go? Our SHOCKtober overfloweth! At a rate of one movie per day, it would take about 2.5 years to watch them all! I know this is just basic math, but still. So many movies, and yet it is but a drop in the cinematic ocean. There are so many horror movies that aren't on the list! Classic, timeless, important works--nowhere to be seen. 

For example, Amityville Dollhouse. Look, I don't want to give away the super secret plot or anything, but it's about a dollhouse shaped like the Amityville house. AND YET IT'S MISSING FROM THE LIST. Oh well, maybe in 2025. Something to look forward to!

Each of the following films received two votes.

336. They Live -- 1988, John Carpenter
335. Tragedy Girls -- 2017, Tyler MacIntyre
334. Twins of Evil -- 1971, John Hough
333. V/H/S -- 2012, there are nine male directors and I am not listing them all, who cares
332. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders -- 1970, Jaromil Jires
331. Vampyr -- 1932, Carl Theodor Dreyer
330. What Lies Beneath -- 2000, Robert Zemeckis
329. What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? -- 1969, Lee H. Katzin & Bernard Girard
328. WNUF Halloween Special -- 2013, Chris LaMartina
327. YellowBrickRoad -- 2010, Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton
326. You're Killing Me -- 2015, Jim Hansen
325. Zombie (aka Zombi 2) -- 1979, Lucio Fulci

Each of the following films received three votes!

324. A Dark Song -- 2016, Liam Gavin
323. Alien 3 -- 1992, David Fincher
322. As Above, So Below -- 2014, John Erick Dowdle
321. Beetlejuice -- 1988, Tim Burton
320. The Black Cat -- 1934, Edgar G. Ulmer
319. Black Sabbath -- 1963, Mario Bava
318. Blood and Black Lace -- 1964, Mario Bava
317. Blood Quantum -- 2019, Jeff Barnaby
316. Blue Sunshine -- 1977, Jeff Lieberman
315. Bubba Ho-Tep -- 2002, Don Coscarelli
314. Byzantium -- 2012, Neil Jordan
313. Cannibal Holocaust -- 1980, Ruggero Deodato
312. Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) -- 1994, Michele Soavi
311. Crimson Peak -- 2015, Guillermo del Toro
310. Cube -- 1997, Vincenzo Natali
309. Cujo -- 1983, Lewis Teague
308. Dog Soldiers -- 2002, Neil Marshall
307. Dolls -- 1987, Stuart Gordon
306. Don't Go to Sleep -- 1982, Richard Lang
305. Dracula -- 1931, Tod Browning & Karl Freund

  • DOLLS, bitch! It's so much fun, a total bonkers fairy tale with some of the best killer doll action horror has to offer. You can't go wrong with Stuart Gordon, can you? No, you cannot. It occurs to me that it would be great Halloween viewing, and in the future I solemnly swear to shout it out as such.
  • Is this a good time for me to admit that I've never seen Cemetery Man?
  • This is a good reminder to watch Don't Go to Sleep again (or for the first time, if you've never seen it!), one of made-for-TV horror's finest offerings. You can't go wrong with Valerie Harper, can you? No, you cannot.
  • Of Cube, a reader says: "Hands down best use of silence in a film EVER."
  • I'll be talking more about one of the films that is listed today when I post my 20 faves some time this week! *evil laugh*


Susandoku said...

My fellow Blue Sunshiners, who are you? I never imagined there would be three of us!

Astroboymn said...

Don't Go To Sleep is great, one of the best TV horrors ever. I recommend Cemetery Man. It really "took" upon my second viewing.

And Black Sabbath is the best, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Blue Sunshine JUST missed my list. I'm happy to see three people included it, I was expecting it as a maybe amongst the onesies.

Anonymous said...

Where's my fellow Valerie fan? I've been enthralled by that gorgeous little movie since I saw it on a whim in college, and it's one of my fave coming-of-age films full stop.

Catsparkles said...

My commitment to Don't Go to Sleep is so complete that I own it on VHS and I'm scared of pizza cutters. I never imagined TWO other people would rank it among their favorites!

Peter said...

Many good films here! Probably including some I haven’t seen yet!

Susandoku said...

I think I need to watch Don't Go to Sleep. I'm not sure I've seen it. Thanks for helping me fix that!

Eve said...

I think Valerie was one of the ones I crossed out really late in the game. Such a good, strange film. I've basically said this before, but it would make a great pair with The Fits from back in the one-vote lists.

matango said...

My first vote on here! Black Sabbath! I think most people's favorite from it is "The Drop of Water," but mine is "the Wurdalak."

I loved Byzantium.

1993 Cujo? I didn't know such a thing existed.

Stacie Ponder said... was the Cujo...remake...

(typo fixed, thank you!)

Glen said...

I had the best viewing experience of Cemetery Man. A friend and I were looking in the newspaper for a movie to watch and it had no description. When we got to the cinema, there was no poster and the sign at the screening room was just an index card, written in sharpie. We were the only ones watching it. We assumed that we had come to a really bad movie. For the first 5 minutes, as we were the only ones there, we cracked jokes (maybe we were 15). Then we shut up and were blown away. What a rare treat it is, especially now, to go into something that wonderfully weird totally cold!

CashBailey said...

CEMETARY MAN was screened a number of times in its original Italian version on Aussie TV in the 90s. It was one of the first 'cult' movies I remember watching that wasn't just a chop-socky movie.

It's a wacky flick, and perhaps not what you expect.

I. said...

@Unkown: I'm the other Valerie vote! I'm kind of happy there are only two of us because I was already thinking I had the most boring list on the planet as this is the first film off it to show up so far.

I. said...

Oh, wait, Dracula is also one of mine. I guess every other person aside from us three just decided that they'll add it to the list in their hearts. That must be it.

Maggie said...

I’m SO glad another person also voted for Tragedy Girls!