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Oct 5, 2020

SHOCKtober: 817-785

Well, well, well. We meet again. And dare I say, I hope we meet again every day for the rest of the month as we count down SHOCKtober's greatest hits. I'm Casey Kasem. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Oh, and enjoy this next chunk o' list!

Each of the following films received one vote.

817. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan -- 1989, Rob Hedden
816. House of Usher -- 1960, Roger Corman
815. Fascination -- 1979, Jean Rollin
814. Fear -- 1990, Rockne S. O'Bannon
813. Final Destination 2 -- 2003, David R. Ellis
812. FleshEater -- 1988, S. William Hinzman
811. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man -- 1943, Roy William Neill
810. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed -- 1969, Terence Fisher
809. From Beyond the Grave -- 1974, Kevin Connor
808. Ganja and Hess -- 1973, Bill Gunn
807. Gerald's Game -- 2017, Mike Flanagan
806. Ghost Stories -- 2017, Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman
805. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed -- 2004, Brett Sullivan
804. Girl's Nite Out -- 1982, Robert Deubel
803. Godzilla vs. Hedorah -- 1971, Yoshimitsu Banno & IshirĂ´ Honda
802. Gojira (aka Godzilla) -- 1954, IshirĂ´ Honda
801. Gothika -- 2003, Mathieu Kassovitz
800. The Greasy Strangler -- 2016, Jim Hosking
799. Green Room -- 2015, Jeremy Saulnier
798. Gremlins 2: The New Batch -- 1990, Joe Dante & Chuck Jones
797. Gretel & Hansel -- 2020, Oz Perkins
796. Grindhouse -- 2007, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, & Rob Zombie
795. Guilty of Romance (aka Koi no tsumi) -- 2011, Sion Sono
794. Hagazussa -- 2017, Lukas Feigelfeld
793. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers -- 1995, Joe Chappelle
792. Halloweentown -- 1998, Duwayne Dunham
791. Hands of the Ripper -- 1971, Peter Sasdy
790. Hardware -- 1990, Richard Stanley
789. Hatchet -- 2006, Adam Green
788. Hatchet II -- 2010, Adam Green
787. Haunt -- 2019, Scott Beck & Bryan Woods
786. Haunted -- 1995, Lewis Gilbert
785. Haunted Honeymoon -- 1986, Gene Wilder

  • As a youth I saw plenty of the later Godzilla movies--the campy, color ones--thanks to Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons. It wasn't until a few months ago, right around the beginning of the pandemic, that I saw the one that started it all, Gojira. Excuse me for being obvious, perhaps, but I was absolutely blown away. It is dark, it is serious, it is an incredible sociopolitical allegory, and at times it was actually damn scary. It's intense and atmospheric and the effects are unbelievable. Big monsters don't really do anything for me, but Gojira...wowzee wow, I'm a fan.
  • Of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, a reader says: "Literally everything one could want in a Universal monster movie including a song and dance number."
  • Kinda shocked to only see one vote for Green Room, considering that I see it mentioned quite often in various lists and recommendations. 
  • Please note, that is not the Marky Mark Fear, it is a made for TV movie starring Ally SHeedy and Lauren Hutton, aka something I need to see ASAP.
  • One thing I've learned over the SHOCKtobers is that pretty much every Friday the 13th film is someone's favorite. I love that! Also, I would be remiss not to link to my Friday the 13th book, should anyone be interested.


Peter said...

If you liked Godzilla 1954, maybe try Shin Godzilla, where the real horror is the inability of the government to respond to an unexpected catastrophe. ... which might be too real right now, but....

John Klima said...

I will second the vote for Shin Godzilla. It felt like a nod back to the beginnings of Godzilla. I saw it in the theater and loved it.

matango said...

I almost picked Green Room. I had the hardest time for a long time thinking of it as horror, and I wasn't sure why. I finally realized it was because the motivations of the villain are like actual "normal" reasons for randomly murdering people.

Gojira is so good.

I am surprised there weren't more votes for Gremlins 2. That movie is experiencing renewed interest. Fun fact: I used to work in the Klamp Building, which is also the building that the Quinjet in the Avengers crashes in front of. And, I think, it is the buidling in Q: The Winged Serpent where the construction worker gets taken from.

Hardware is great.

Eric Riley said...

While Green Room is a great movie, arguably one of the best thrillers out there, it is for me a one-time watch. Living with the constant threat of neo-nazi violence here makes this one hit too close to home for it to be one I will probably ever return to.

I. said...

Only one vote for "Gojira" is embarrassing but also only one for "Ganja and Hess"... We have failed (and that includes me because that was not my vote).

Jez In Dallas said...

I really, really like Green Room - I actually rewatched it over the weekend (or tried to) but couldn't really get into it this time - mostly due to the fact that Anton Yelchin is no longer with us. I enjoyed him so much when I first saw this movie and now his performance just makes me incredibly sad.

Totally worth watching for both his and Patrick Stewart's performance though

AE said...

I liked Green Room a lot but I also wouldn't necessarily have filed it under Horror. Chacun a son gout! We have the of "Ganja and Hess" sitting here on the kitchen counter right this minute waiting to be watched.

Ghost Stories was such a blast to me. I scream-reacted so much that someone leaned over and asked if I was all right. But I've only seen it the once! Haunt was fun and Hagazussa was gorgeous. Movies, yay.

Vincent Price's blond hair in "House of Usher" is spectacular, also.

Richard said...

I can't add anything to the comments on Gojira and Shin Godzilla, but I'll give a thumbs up to Hedorah. It's very deliberately campy and arch but also genuinely creepy and one of the strongest message films in the original round of 'Zillas.