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Oct 6, 2020

SHOCKtober: 784-753

Time for another chunk, baby! As you may have guessed, each of the following films received one vote.

784. Haunter -- 2013, Vincenzo Natali
783. He Knows You're Alone -- 1980, Armand Mastroianni
782. Heavenly Creatures -- 1994, Peter Jackson
781. Here Comes the Devil -- 2012, Adrián García Bogliano
780. Hocus Pocus -- 1993, Kenny Ortega
779. Home for the Holidays -- 1972, John Llewellyn Moxey
778. Honeymoon -- 2014, Leigh Janiak
777. Horror High (aka Twisted Brain) -- 1973, Larry N. Stouffer
776. Horror Hotel (aka The City of the Dead) -- 1960, John Llewellyn Moxey
775. Hostel -- 2005, Eli Roth
774. House II: The Second Story -- 1987, Ethan Wiley
773. House of Wax -- 1953, André De Toth
772. The House That Dripped Blood -- 1971, Peter Duffell
771. Howling II:...Your Sister Is a Werewolf -- 1985, Philippe Mora
770. Humongous -- 1982, Paul Lynch
769. I Am Not a Serial Killer -- 2016, Billy O'Brien
768. I Am Not a Witch -- 2017, Rungano Nyoni
767. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House -- 2016, Oz Perkins
766. I Saw the Devil -- 2010, Jee-woon Kim
765. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer -- 1998, Danny Cannon
764. Images -- 1972, Robert Altman
763. Impetigore -- 2019, Joko Anwar
762. In Dreams -- 1999, Neil Jordan
761. In My Skin (aka Dans ma Peau) -- 2002, Marina de Van
760. Inland Empire -- 2006, David Lynch
759. Invaders from Mars -- 1986, Tobe Hooper
758. Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- 1956, Don Siegel
757. Irréversible -- 2002, Gaspar Noé
756. Island of Lost Souls -- 1932, Erle C. Kenton
755. Isle of the Dead -- 1945, Mark Robson
754. It's Alive -- 1974, Larry Cohen
753. Jaws: The Revenge -- 1987, Joseph Sargent

  • Impetigore! I really dug that one a lot except for the Clarissa Explains It All-esque narrative dump towards the end. But it's got some nailbitingly intense sequences (that opening!), I love the friendship between the two women endlessly, and as anyone who has listened to my blathering on Gaylords of Darkness knows, lawd I love a town with a secret.
  • Humongous! I will forever root for that terrific movie. I would lurve to see a nice restored Blu-ray from Arrow or Scream Factory or Severin or Vinegar Syndrome or ANYONE DAMMIT.
  • I know it was her first film and I know she's a beloved actress often considered one of the best, but Heavenly Creatures is the only Kate Winslet performance that has truly blown me away. There, I said it.
  • I am not this, I am that, I saw this, I still know that. Me me me.
  • I introduced a friend to In My Skin at the beginning of the year and let me tell you, it remains super gnarly. I love it. If you are into the New French Extremity but you've missed it somehow, you won't regret tracking it down. Or maybe you will? It's sometimes a tough watch!
  • The ellipses in Howling II:...Your Sister Is a Werewolf are what REALLY make that title for me.


Peter said...

Can I just say, Ms. Ponder, that I love the way the 1-vote list is alphabetical, except when it’s not.
My brain trips over the unexpected letter at the beginning, and I get a jolt, like a cat suddenly leaping from the linen closet. It’s like a tiny lexographical jump scare, and I am *here* for it!

Stacie Ponder said...

Haha yes! That is why I said "mostly alphabetical" at the outset but I'm sure everyone instantly forgot that and expects alphabetical. I love knocking everyone out of their complacency! *evil laugh*

AE said...

I've gotten dragged into several (well, like two) earnest discussions about the merits of Hocus Pocus. Every year I put it on thinking "this will be dumb background noise while I'm cooking dinner" and then I end up giggling, but then when I try sitting down with it, it's unbearable. You just have to not look directly at it, maybe?

OG House of Wax is so good! The ping-pong ball!

Richard said...

I had completely forgotten about Images! Isn't it part of that set of bizarre Altman movies like Brewster McCloud and Quintetzzzzzz- Sorry, I thought about Quintet for a second and fell asleep

Jason Adams said...

Oh so happy to hear you dug Impetigore too! That opening really kills it and agreed on the friendship at its core. Those girls rock. Just noticed that there's a movie written by Joko Anwar playing the Nightstream Fest this weekend and gonna try to knock that one off.

There aren't many movies on the list of movies I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch but IN MY SKIN is on that list. I am terrified of it. TERRIFIED. Every time I think I've steeled myself to do it my mind just trails off, for months, in order to rescue me.

Pokemon Postmon said...

I only got around to watching "Howling II" last night as part of my month of werewolf movies. I won't deny it was a bucket of furry fun. An 80's cheese-athon, maybe, but so enjoyable. :)

Peter said...

You are like a sly Mme Tanner it alphabetizing!