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Oct 11, 2020

SHOCKtober: 619-587

Doesn't it blow your mind that we have counted down hundreds of horror movies already and yet we are not even halfway to the end yet and we're also still livin' in each film received one vote town? Yeah man, it blows mine, it really makes u think.

619. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance -- 2002, Chan-wook Park
618. Tales from the Crypt -- 1972, Freddie Francis
617. Tales That Witness Madness -- 1973, Freddie Francis
616. Terrified -- 2017, Demián Rugna
615. Terrifier -- 2016, Damien Leone
614. Terror House (aka Terror at Red Wolf Inn) -- 1972, Bud Townsend
613. Terror Toons -- 2002, Joe Castro
612. Terror Train -- 1980, Roger Spottiswoode
611. TerrorVision -- 1986, Ted Nicolaou
610. Tetsuo: The Iron Man -- 1989, Shin'ya Tsukamoto
609. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- 2003, Marcus Nispel
608. The Addiction -- 1995, Abel Ferrara
607. The Alchemist Cookbook -- 2016, Joel Potrykus
606. The Attic -- 1980, George Edwards & Gary Graver
605. The Awakening -- 2011, Nick Murphy
604. The Bat -- 1959, Crane Wilbur
603. The Beast Within -- 1982, Philippe Mora
602. The Beguiled -- 2017, Sofia Coppola
601. The Believers -- 1987, John Schlesinger
600. Blair Witch -- 2016, Adam Wingard
599. The Blood Spattered Bride -- 1972, Vicente Aranda
598. The Body Snatcher -- 1945, Robert Wise
597. The Broken -- 2008, Sean Ellis
596. The Brotherhood of Satan -- 1971, Bernard McEveety
595. The 'Burbs -- 1989, Joe Dante
594. The Collector (aka The Butterfly Collector) -- 1965, William Wyler
593. The Caller -- 1987, Arthur Allan Seidelman
592. The Canal -- 2014, Ivan Kavanagh
591. The Car -- 1977, Elliot Silverstein
590. The Cat and the Canary -- 1927, Paul Leni
589. The Child -- 1977, Robert Voskanian
588. The Crazies -- 2010, Breck Eisner
587. The Crazies -- 1973, George A. Romero

  • Terror Train! It is pretty silly (all those masks, all that magic) but it's also pretty terrific, and the setting can't be beat. It's Murder on the Murder Express and I'm here for Kenny's Gene Shalit mask, I'm here for Vanity (yes, that Vanity), I'm here for Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield looking like an early 80s lesbian couple, I'm here for a cruel prank breaks someone's brain backstory...I'm here for all of it, from the opening chug-a-chug of the choo-choo to the closing splat of the killer. I have just about zero interest in slasher movies of the modern era, but the classic era? They are my horror root, and I will always always love them. They can be gross, they can be scary, they can be funny...they have a charm that is partially inherent and partially just my nostalgia eyes, sure, but I don't care. I want to go carve STACIE + SLASHERS 4EVER into a tree!
  • I have only heard good things about Terrified, how frightening it is, etc, and I admit: I tried to watch it once upon a time but man! The incessant loud music stings telling me when to be scared! They got on my nerves so much that I turned it off. I'm through with horror movie soundtracks blatantly telling me how to feel. I'm through with it I tells ya!
  • Okay, The Child rules. It is so weird! I dig it real hard. Rosalie and her zombie army will mess you up!
  • "Breck"
  • Can you go wrong with The Car? No, you cannot go wrong with The Car. It is about a driverless, evil car, and it stars James Brolin and Kim and Kyle Richards. I repeat: You cannot go wrong with The Car. Honnnk honkhonk honnnnnnnk!


Cappy said...

TERROR! TRAIN! I debated putting it on my list and didn't and am so happy to see someone give it love.

matango said...

You can tell that the Car is bad news because even Ronny Cox, player of Unflappable Men, good and bad, can't handle the Car.

Peter said...

I watched The addiction at a friend’s house, and he had a fancy new multi-speaker system, one speaker of which was right behind my chair. I got a senseoround experience of bloody slurping that is still etched into my memory today.

goblin said...

Fun fact: Your review got me to buy Terror Train on DVD way back when.

MorganAC said...


Thank you

Stacie Ponder said...

Okay wow, goblin, you have been around forever, then! Thank you, it is truly appreciated!!

Jillian82 said...

Terror Train didn’t end up on my list but is a weirdly formative movie for me. Back when the horror movie channel Scream still existed here in Canada, they seemed to play it a lot and if I came across it, I had to watch it to the end.