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Oct 5, 2013

SHOCKtober: 270-261

That's right, the SHOCKtober train don't make no stops even on the weekend! It keeps on, like, you know. Rolling.

Today's chunk of the list of scariest movies is a chunk I call "Only one vote for these movies? These movies? These? MOVIES? Hmm. Okay, then."

270. My Bloody Valentine -- 1981, George Mihalka
269. The Tenant -- 1976, Roman Polanski
268. The Hitcher -- 1986, Robert Harmon
267. The Children (aka The Children of Ravensback) -- 1980, Max Kalmanowicz
266. Saturn 3 -- 1980, Stanley Donen
265. The Birds -- 1963, Alfred Hitchcock
264. American Gothic -- 1988, John Hough
263. The Wicker Man -- 1973, Robin Hardy
262. Tourist Trap -- 1979, David Schmoeller
261. Buried -- 2010, Rodrigo Cortes



Kensington said...

The only one I could have supported from this batch is The Birds. That one shot of the woman with her eyes pecked out scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

And I know I've seen Tourist Trap, but I just don't remember it...

Verdant Earl said...

I was THIS close to voting for The Wicker Man myself. The ending was truly terrifying.

vampy said...

Here's an early scene:

Serves him right!

R said...

Tourist Trap is a masterpiece.

Chris Otto said...

The Children. It messed with the Young Myself.

Unknown said...

'The Wicker Man' is a solid gold, bona fide classic with a genuine sense of disquieting eeriness but I dunno if it actually really ever scared me. The folk music and nekkidness made quite an impression on me, though.

P. K. Nail said...

I was the lone Tourist Trap vote. Saw it for the first time a couple of years ago, and six minutes in - SIX MINUTES - I was broken.

Heh. Looks like I was also the lone Wicker Man vote. :P The ending still gets me.

Chris Otto said...

A 1970s movie with a Wicker Man type ending that I considered but ultimately left off my list was "Race the Devil." ... When Hot Lips' RV got surrounded at the end, I was pretty freaked out.

Wings1295 said...

Why is that lady holding Jessica Fletcher's severed head???