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Oct 19, 2013

SHOCKtober: 130-121

Last day of the one vote each movies. What's that you can feel in the air? It's excitement!

130. Let the Right One In -- 2008, Tomas Alfredson
129. The Woman in Black -- 2012, James Watkins
128. Phenomena -- 1985, Dario Argento
127. Hour of the Wolf -- 1968, Ingmar Bergman
126. Ju-on: Shiroi rojo (aka Ju-on: White Ghost)  -- 2009, Ryuta Miyake
125. You're Next -- 2011, Adam Wingard
124. Puppetmaster -- 1989, David Schmoeller
123. Fantasia -- 1940, directed by a shit ton of guys
122. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -- 1984, Steven Spielberg
121. Burnt Offerings -- 1976, Dan Curtis

I don't like Burnt Offerings as much as I want to. There, I said it.

Don't you give me that look, Karen Black! I mean, I enjoy it, sure, but I'm not totally goo-goo over it and that mystifies me, for it is exactly the type of film for which I am Such is life, I suppose.

Oh, and I thought the Woman in Black remake was surprisingly solid, in case you were wondering.


Chris Otto said...

Really, people? ONE VOTE for Burnt Offerings. I'm with you, Stacie, it's not great or as enjoyable as it should be, as a horror film. Very uneven, compared to the rest of the movies on my list. But this is about movies that scared us and messed with us. And very few things in the 1970s messed with me as badly as that bleeping smiling chauffeur in Burnt Offerings. The flashbacks and the nightmare scene in which he appears are utterly terrifying. And the ending is unsettling, to say the least. Here you go, kid, I'm tossing your dead dad onto the roof of your car and then I'm going to kill your young ass, too. No exemptions for kids in this one.

Tom said...

I liked Hour of the Wolf. There's no wolf though.
I mean, SPOILER!

vampy said...

I don't really have a comment but this scene from Phenomena:

Good old fashioned nightmare fuel.

Mike McFarland said...

If I had submitted a list, Burnt Offerings would have more than a single vote. My dad was stationed on a ship, and they used to screen actual prints in the mess hall sometimes. I have no Idea why, but I watched that one on the ship with him while they were in port. That driver guy totally gave little seven-year-old me nightmares!