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Oct 21, 2013

SHOCKtober: 110-101

As we close in on the Top 100 we've got more two votes each movies on today's chunk o' list.

110. The Pact -- 2012, Nicholas McCarthy
109. The Exorcism of Emily Rose -- 2005, Scott Derrickson
108. Onibaba -- 1964, Kaneto Shindo
107. The Fly -- 1986, David Cronenberg
106. Hell Night -- 1981, Tom DeSimone
105. Planet of the Apes -- 1968, Franklin J. Schaffner
104. In the Mouth of Madness -- 1994, John Carpenter
103. Inland Empire -- 2006, David Lynch
102. Nosferatu -- 1922, F. W. Murnau
101. Children of the Corn -- 1984, Fritz Kiersch

Oh baby, any time Hell Night mentioned, my heart fills with glee. It could be featured in an article called "This Is the Biggest Piece of Shit Movie in the History of Ever" and I wouldn't care, I'd be all "aww, Hell Night" because I love it. TRUE STORY.

What's not to love in Hell Night? Nothin'. There's nothin' not to love. Disagree and Linda Blair will karate chop the fuck outta you!


Colleen said...

In the Mouth of Madness is one of my favorites of all time; scariest? No, but it still has some good scares and is more psychologically damaging as in, what would it mean to be the last sane person in a mad world? that happening to me right now?

Also, I love you Sam Neill.

Chris Otto said...

Nosferatu, The Fly, Onibaba, Planet of the Apes ... MAN, this segment of the list was not messing around. Things are getting serious now.

Also, hi Malachai.

Kensington said...

That one nightmarish shot in Island Empire still unsettles me. I'm talking about the long shot where Laura Dern runs toward the camera in slow motion from a great distance, and as she closes the distance and the shot speeds up, you notice the look on her face is super freaky.

Unknown said...

I watched Inland Empire late at night. It was very quiet, so I put on the headphones to not bother the neighbours... When THAT SHOT of Laura Dern happened I turned into Jamie Lee Curtis and screamed like a queen!