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Oct 24, 2013

Bitchin' news!

Once upon a time, I co-hosted a podcast called The Scare-ening. On the show, Heidi Honeycutt (of Pretty-Scary, Planet Fury, Fangoria, and a shit ton more) and I talked about whatever horror topics we wanted to talk about. It was a pretty funny show, if I do say so myself (and I do say so myself). We fielded phone calls from normal people and the occasional wackadoo, we featured guests like Joe Bob Briggs and Heather Langenkamp and a bunch of other people I'm totally forgetting because it's been like two years since our last episode.

So why am I talking about it and what's this so-called "bitchin'" "news"? Well, The Scare-ening is back for one night only, a super Halloween special, aw yeah. The Re-Scare-ening will air a-LIVE a-LIVE a-LIVE (I love The Funhouse) this Saturday, October 26th, 8pm EST. If you can't listen in live, don't worry...the show will be available afterwards for streaming or downloaded. But! If you don't listen, you can't call in. And that would be a shame.

Here is a link to the upcoming episode, and here is a link to the Scare-ening archive if you've never tuned in and you're in the market for a bunch of crap to listen to. Hooray!


CashBailey said...


I loved The Scare-ening and was really bummed when it stopped.

I especially loved the increasingly insane callers you guys would get. Whether it was that creepy chuckling guy Heidi went to college with, or the chick who would just unload a torrent of abuse.

Fun times.

Cinema & Television said...

Holy Cow, this is awesomely rad! I've missed listening to you two deal with akward call-ins and people trying to shamelessly plug their stuff.

Truly bitchin' news!

CashBailey said...

Yeah, the shameless pluggers were a hoot, showing they knew nothing about Heidi since she has so often railed against crass, classless indie film-makers and publicists who think that the entire internet is there for them to extract publicity from.

I used to work a lonely night shift and for a while there I would just play Scare-ening episodes on a loop on my iPod for the laughs (especially the 'Gross Movie Reviews') and to help pass the monotony of my job.

It certainly beat the other horror podcasts, which all seemed to consist of half a dozen dweebs skyped in and talking over each other for two hours.

CashBailey said...

Also, I just listened to that 'Wolf Pack' podcast.

What a well-constructed and enjoyable podcast that is. In NO WAY is it the drunken, half-formed ramblings of a couple of complete half-wits.