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Oct 14, 2013

SHOCKtober: 200-171

Well, well. Sorry to worry you that SHOCKtober was SHOCKover- I was away from the computer for a few days. Hard to believe, but true. To make it up to you, how about a massive chunk of list? Each of these films totally scared a reader at one time or another and thus received one vote.

200. The Dark Crystal -- 1982, Jim Henson & Frank Oz
199. High Tension -- 2003, Alexandre Aja
198. Watcher in the Woods -- 1980, John Hough

Hell yeah, Watcher in the Woods! These wussy kids of today could really benefit from another Dark Disney period.

197. Apocalypse Now -- 1979, Francis Ford Coppola
196. Dead Calm -- 1989, Phillip Noyce
195. Kwaidan -- 1964, Masaki Kobayashi

I gotta see Kwaidan! It was also #186 on your list of favorite horror films during SHOCKtober 2010.

194. Serenity -- 2005, Joss Whedon
193. The People Under the Stairs -- 1991, Wes Craven

The line "No dessert. That's the rule!" (which is followed by someone getting stabbed with a corn cob), is from Sleepwalkers, but that doesn't stop me from thinking it's featured in The People Under the Stairs.

192. The Mist -- 2007, Frank Darabont
191. Beauty and the Beast -- 1962, Edward L. Cahn
190. Village of the Damned -- 1960, Wolf Rilla

"WolfRilla" is such a SyFy movie title.

189. Enter the Void -- 2009, Gaspar Noe
188. Mary Poppins -- 1964, Robert Stevenson


187. Twilight Zone: The Movie -- 1983, Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller, & Steven Spielberg

I second that emotion! I found much of the Twilight Zone movie downright terrifying when I was young, particularly this:

186. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde -- 1931, Rouben Mamoulian
185. Paranormal Activity 2 -- 2010, Tod Williams
184. Blacula -- 1972, William Crain
183. Raiders of the Lost Ark -- 1981, Steven Spielberg
182. Dead of Night -- 1945, Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, & Robert Hamer
181. Cropsey -- 2009, Barbara Brancaccio & Joshua Zeman
180. The Poughkeepsie Tapes -- 2007, John Erick Dowdle
179. The Awakening -- 2011, Nick Murphy
178. Kidnapped -- 2010, Miguel Angel Vivas
177. Cannibal Holocaust -- 1980, Ruggero Deodato
176. The Legend of Hell House -- 1973, John Hough

I've only seen The Legend of Hell House once (and I've read the book) and...I dunno, maybe I wasn't in the mood for it, because it didn't do much for me. That has to be a brain defect on my part, though, and I'm gonna give it another go one of these days.

175. Creepshow -- 1982, George Romero
174. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers -- 1956, Fred F. Sears
173. High Lane -- 2009, Abel Ferry
172. Night of the Creeps -- 1986, Fred Dekker
171. Dead and Buried -- 1981, Gary Sherman

Woo, Dead and Buried never gets enough love anywhere, so I'm glad to see it get a mention.


Mikey Sarago said...

I'm glad you agree with me about The Twilight Zone movie, Stacie. It definitely has plenty of freaky moments, but that one scene you mentioned is what really did it for me when I was a kid. I couldn’t even listen to that “Midnight Special” song for years without thinking of this scene and freaking out.

Unknown said...

Those giant stag beeetle Garthim things off 'The Dark Crystal'scared the ever-lovin' crap outta me when I was little (especially the bit where they poop the Podling party). Come to think of it, those Landstrider things were pretty freaky looking, and they were supposed to be the goodies; they look like Miles Davis raped a giraffe!

vampy said...

My favorite thing about the Twilight Zone was the way the gremlin flew away...

Colleen said...

You have to rewatch Legend of Hell House! Saw it last year for the first time and it is awesome sauce; it's faithful to the text (RIP Matheson) and Roddy McDowall! Stacie come on!! Or you could just watch Fright Night to get your Roddy on. Or, better yet, do a double feature.

"Welcome to Fright Night--for real!"