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Mar 24, 2010

a few of my favorite things

On things and the having of things, I am torn. I'm not materialistic and I try not to buy things I don't need or things that are not useful. I have a fuck ton of movies, but my excuse is that I write about movies. Still, I'm a trader-inner of video games, movies, and books as I'd rather have a few that I love rather than a bunch I never touch. But! I have some horror-related things around that I truly adore- things that may be replaceable, but I'd be a bit devastated if they disappeared from my life. I'm a little bit ashamed of feeling that way about stuff, but then again perhaps it's okay to enjoy things. Oh, how the battle rages within my soul! Anyway. Here are the horror-related things I love most in this workaday world, because I feel like making a list and being self-indulgent. Hooray!

1. My beloved Freddy Krueger candle

This thing is so ridiculous, but his beefy lips and Chiclet teeth make my day every time I see them. Given to me by a friend who would not (or could not) divulge where he got it.

2. Secrets in the Shadows: The Art & Life of Gene Colan

I saved up my pennies to nab a copy of this limited-edition hardcover (1000 copies)! The amazing Gene Colan took sketch requests for about 50 people, and I was one. The gorgeous Dracula above is inside the cover. Da-rool.

3. The Polaroid of me and Adrienne Barbeau

Met her at a signing for her autobiography There Are Worse Things I Could Do and she was so damn nice. It's a totally goofy picture and we had fun taking it- two people holding a giant Polaroid camera always makes for a lovely time. And yes, my face really is that yellow.

4. The tape of my interview with Marilyn Burns

Aside from the pure delight at sitting in a hotel room talking with Marilyn fucking Burns, this interview was a personal milestone in a few ways: first, I'm fairly sure this was the first face-to-face interview I'd done with anyone (save the one with my gramma for my 7th grade Social Studies class). Second, though it originally appeared in a Q & A format on Pretty/Scary, a revamped, rewritten, and longer version of the interview was published in Sirens of Cinema magazine, marking my first foray into the magical world of "print". I tape over interviews after I've transcribed them, but this one I'll keep. And yes, I use cassettes. I love showing up at roundtables and plunking down my big-ass Radio Shack tape recorder amidst the micro-sized, fancy mp3 recorders the kids use today.

5. My copy of Fangoria #10

I talked about this puppy way back when I first started talking about the awesomeness of 1981. I've got a bunch of genre mags around, new and old, but Fango #10 kind of sums up my childhood relationship with horror. Gross pictures, cartoons, Hammer movies, slasher movies, Count Fango...I tells ya, it's magic with staples running down the spine.

6. My Black Christmas DVD...

...signed by Margot Kidder. At conventions (and, I suppose, elsewhere) autographs are fairly pricy. Because I am not rich, I tend to be both picky AND choosy about the ones I get. Way back before the remake was even a fart in the brain of whoever farted up that fart of a remake and Black Christmas was still kind of on the down-low, I handed her my DVD amidst all the Superman fans handing her pictures of Lois Lane to sign, and she was surprised anyone even remembered the movie. Say what? Black Christmas is the shit. I'd actually like to get it signed by the rest of the cast members, even Mrs. MacHenry, even though Marian Waldman is dead.

7. My Exorcist mini-poster...

...signed by Linda Blair. Again, yes I'll pay- it's Linda GD Blair! But what I love most about it is...well, look what I made her write. She's aces in my book. Of course, she always was, so I guess she's...more aces now.

8. My horror village

Because my mom is the raddest, she buys me retarded horror stuff, like this horror village. You know, it's like one of those Christmas villages, but this time it's (you guessed it) horror. There's Nancy's Elm Street house, Stately Leatherface Manor, the Dawn of the Dead mall...all kinds of cool stuff with little mini Jasons and Michaels and Leatherfaces and Hari Krishna zombies. We have them all lined up next to each other on a shelf so it looks like Freddy and Jason are neighbors. It's awesome and I love it.

9. Curtains on VHS

I've talked about this, too- a VHS copy of a mediocre (with a few fucking GREAT scenes) out-of-print slasher movie is one thing. A VHS copy of a mediocre (with a few fucking GREAT scenes) out-of-print slasher movie that you bought at Tori Spelling's yard sale is quite another. I'm still not sure that all really happened.

10. Tomb of Dracula #1-70

It took me a few years to assemble a complete run of Marvel's Tomb of Dracula, but dammit I did it in true comic nerd style, scrounging through boxes at shops and cons. A few issues are in stellar condition, a few are in crappy condition, but I don't care. It's the first complete run of anything I've ever collected (beyond, you know, a 10-issue run or whatevs), and it'll likely be the last. Meeting writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan and asking them to sign my copy of #69, the first comic I ever bought, was a thrill.

Well, there you go. I like some stuff I sue me. Or tell me about things you have that you treasure so I don't feel so lame.


John Dedeke said...

I'm pretty sure you and I are distant siblings (at the very least, we have the same eyes, as evidence by your Polaroid with Adrienne).

Thus, when your mom buys you cheap Halloween villages with the probably (hope, HOPE) unlicensed likenesses of Freddy, Jason, and Co., I think it's only fair that she pick up a set for me, too.

I realize this may not be a realistic expectation -- it will be at least another three weeks before stores start stocking Halloween crap -- so as such I'll settle for simply knowing WHERE OH WHERE your mom found those!

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh my, no..these are GEN-U_INE items! They come with certificates of authenticity (to prove, I guess, that they exist? can't imagine why else they're needed) and they're NICE. They even light up like someone is home! It's one of those THE PIECES KEEP COMING mail order things- I don't think my mom knew what she was getting herself into!

deadlydolls said...

This post was just darn adorable. Although I really do hope you do something about that jaundice. It's nothing to be so smiley about.

My list would include a collection of Puppet Master figures, the complete $2.99 action figures of the Tales From the Crypt cartoon series, an autographed Jack Ketchum book, my original Whatever Happened to Baby Jane poster (yay ebay), the Chucky & Tiffany mini dolls that almost make me want to get married so as to one day put them on top of a wedding cake, and way too many Star Wars toys swiped from older siblings.

Verdant Earl said...

I'm not a big fan of signed things. Mostly because I hate waiting on line. But I do have two very cool (in my opinion) signed thingies.

A copy of Swamp Thing #7 (the one with the Batman crossover) signed by Bernie Wrightson. Hey...I couldn't find/afford a House of Secrets #92!!!

And a copy of Spawn #9 signed by both Todd McFarlane AND Neil Gaiman. Didn't wait at all for the Neil Gaiman siggy, but had to wait an eternity for McFarlane's. It was worth it though because when he saw that Gaiman had already signed it he wrote something snarky (I'd have to dig it out to remember what he wrote) and he drew a little cartoon of Angela real quick. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

My Mattel Godzilla With the flicking vinyl flame tounge and the spring loaded claw that, for some reason, would always shoot off in my sister's face. Also, the Starlog photo guidebook series Special Effects vol. 1 & 2 (published around '82.)

AllHallowSteve said...

An impressive list.
But I am MOST JEALOUS of your Horror Village. I've wanted those since seeing the full page ad for them on the back of a magazine.


The Groundskeeper said...

I feel that Freddy and Jason as neighbors would be the Steve McQueen/Keith Moon of the horror world.

Stacie Ponder said...

I like the idea of them arguing over a fence between their backyards over, like, whose tree is hanging into whose yard, and whose yard stinks more because of all the dead bodies. Then Leatherface comes over and they get a pizza and watch Acapulco H.E.A.T. on DVD.

Janice said...

All I can think about when I look at your Freddy Candle are these toys from when I was a Wee Girl. They were these squirt balls with faces on them and they came as Freddy faces and Jason faces. They were ugly as sin but they passed the time until we got Nintendo.
You've prolly seen this a million times but check out this commercial for the Freddy Krueger Hotline.
Sadly, the closest thing to horror memoribilia that I own is a copy of Teen Witch signed by Robyn Lively.

Anonymous said...

I don't have shit compared with this magnificent list but I do have an autographed VHS copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Tobe Hooper and an autographed Last Starfighter poster by Lance Guest. Both are hidden in a time capsule buried in the backyard.

Stacie Ponder said...

Ah, the days of the hotline. I never called Freddy or JJ Fad, but I DID call the Rick Springfield hotline (1-900-210-RICK: burned into my BRAIN!) from my gramma's a bunch of times. I did not ask permission first, and I totally got in trouble. Good times!

P. K. Nail said...

I'd seen that pic of your Freddy, but I didn't realize it was a candle! Rather perfect for the murderous burn victim.

CashBailey said...

Dear Stacey,

I'd totally jack you for that signed BLACK CHRISTMAS DVD.

Love and kisses,

- 'MaxTheSilent'

Midnight Fright said...

I see your interview of Marilyn Burns was conducted at Cinema Wasteland. Since you were there, the chances that our paths nearly crossed is VERY I'm ALWAYS sitting at the Ultra Violent magazine table (cause I write for them and stuff)...which is usually situated right next to Mike's table (Sirens of Cinema...but if you wrote for them, you knew that). How cool that we have been in the same place at the same time in this crazy world.

Also, when I met Margot, I had her sign my old poster of "Sisters"...and she just stared at me blankly, as if she had forgotten herself that she was in it.

Stacie Ponder said...

Ha! How funny. I probably would have met you if I actually talked to people at shows. I kind of just walk around, don't say anything, and leave. I never know what to say to people! I don't even know why I go.

And you know, she probably DID forget she was in it. Poor Margot. I'm glad she's still kickin' around.

Anonymous said...

I, alas, have never been interested in signature collecting so I'm odd man out. However, as for junk I can't never ever get rid off ever -

My Buffy comics. Yes, I know, those are new and not classics and yadda - but I'm a rebel and care not. Jo Chen makes me weak in the knees - her covers are AWESOMELY AWESOME.

I'm also ashamed to admit that I can no longer live without broadband internet service (can a service be 'stuff' - I think it can).

Losing the other crap I've bought would hurt, just 'cause I can't stand the thought of having wasted that money by losing the stuff I used it for - but I'd survive. Even the coolest of cool movies like Alien, Aliens, Dawn of the Dead (original), Jaws, Kill Baby Kill, or Ringu I could lose, but live. But NOBODY better be touching my Buffies.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm not a big signature collector either. After living in NYC and LA, I've seen a lot of famous people but I never ask for an autograph.

At cons, I get maybe one...and really it's more about the opportunity to meet someone. The ones I mentioned here are reminders of interacting with some damn cool people.

The Mule said...

I love that you use a Radio Shack tape recorder for interviews. So do I! Mine's a "Realistic" brand circa 1982, and it rules.

spazmo said...

While Max is jacking your Black Christmas DVD, I'll be fighting John Dedeke (to the death!) for your Horror Village. WANT. So bad.

For your sake, I hope your place has a decent alarm system.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those Halloween villages are cool...there's Universal Monsters and Simpsons versions in addition to the homespun macabre stuff Dept. 56 puts out.

Charlie said...

In terms of movie related collectibles, I really enjoy my:

- Gunnar Hansen autographed Coors Light bottle from his visit to Monster Mania

- Pair of boots worn by Christopher Lloyd in one of his Tremors: The Series episodes...random I know!

andrew said...

Man oh man! What a great list of stuff. Totally jealous of the Freddy/Jason/Michael houses. We have a whole village of Halloween stuff too, my wife's grandma buys new pieces for it every year. They are certainly not as cool as these though.

I have a VHS copy of They Live signed by Ray Nelson, and a special edition 2 tape copy of NOTLD signed by Romero. I heart them.

Mrs. Hall said...

Just an FYI-I gave a shout out to your site on my little site. Cause I love your blog here!

So inspiring!

In fact, I did a horror movie review. My first.

Thanks for the inspiration!!

deadrodentyping said...

Oh, to see "Black Christmas" for the first time...over and over. For me, the ultimate slasher, much better than the bizarrely overrated Halloween. And it's got Olivia Hussey, can't top that.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks so much, Mrs. H! Great review- and you posted a poster I missed in Awesome Movie Poster Friday...sweet!!

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

I like the idea of them arguing over a fence between their backyards over, like, whose tree is hanging into whose yard, and whose yard stinks more because of all the dead bodies. Then Leatherface comes over and they get a pizza and watch Acapulco H.E.A.T. on DVD.

Ronny Yu would totally direct the shit out of that movie.

JT said...

I must say, i'm super-duper jealous of that Halloween Village collection!!! Must...find...on...ebay!!!!

Mikey said...

I'm a pathetically nostalgic person, so I always feel really sad and guilty about throwing things away and have kept a lot of crap over the years. I still have a bunch of my childhood toys from the 80's that I can't bring myself to throw out. That shit is just waaay too rad to get rid of.

My most prized possessions, though, are probably my grandfather's old VHS tapes from the 80's. He used to record every damn horror movie he rented or saw on TV and created a big collection with about four movies on each tape. I spent the majority of my childhood watching those tapes and I heart them more than anything in the world. I could NEVER imagine parting with them.

I also have a weird obsession with collecting used horror books from the 70's and 80's that are now out-of-print and have been adapted into films. Stuff like Deadly Friend, Audrey Rose and Monkey Shines. And the weird part is that I don't even read them. And I also have a copy of Spaceballs: The Book, which I didn't even know existed till I bought it last year. It was the greatest discovery of my life!!!

Stacie Ponder said...

Mikey- me too on the books! I buy 'em so long as they're cheap. I loooove novelizations...the way-too-pricy holy grail for me is Friday the 13th Part II.

badgerdaddy said...

I've done a ton of interviews too, and only ever kept one, on tape - with Bruce Campbell. Hero!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Friday the 13th II book when it first came out. I was probably 7 or 8 years old and like a stupid kid I pretty much mangled it. Now when I see it on the shelf all masking taped together and missing the last 5 pages I wanna kick my own ass.

Unknown said...

I always wanted to see FAngo #10 so i could see the article on Mother's DAy...