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Mar 26, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the GONZORIFFIC edition!

If John Waters and Russ Meyer had a baby, and that baby became a bunch of people and those people made horror movies, they would be Gonzoriffic. If you'll recall (and I know you will), we had Gonzo's Andrew Shearer, Monica Puller, and Rachael Deacon on the completely manic first episode of The Scare-ening.

From their headquarters in Athens, GA, the Gonzo crew makes microbudget films that are funny, gory, and best of all, girl-positive. They make movies without pretension simply because they love making movies- an attitude that's increasingly hard to come by in the indie horror scene, where everyone wants to be famous. None of the Gonzo women call themselves Scream Queens- even though some of them have appeared in more than ten films. I like the way these kids think! Thing is, no matter how I feel about their philosophies or their films, I wouldn't feature Gonzorrific for Awesome Movie Poster Friday unless their productions had...well, awesome posters. Lucky for us they do, proving that microbudget doesn't mean megacrap- also proving that indie horror posters can completely wipe the floor with unimaginative, over-Photoshopped studio output.


Verdant Earl said...

I think I need to see all of those movies. Yeah.

spazmo said...

Cool. I was just checking out Gonzoriffic's website Wednesday night. Mr. Shearer seems very bright and articulate.

Definitely someone to have back on the show in the future.

Stacie Ponder said...

My thoughts exactly- in fact, that was my reaction as soon as our show was over. They need to be our ONLY guests...we hardly got to talk to anyone on that episode.

gOnZoRiFFiC said...

SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCK! Look at this! I just hit the lotto. Thank you, Stacie :)

Ryan Clark said...

Wow! I actually thought some of these were REAL 1970s posters until I read about Gonzoriffic. These are really well designed. I always love the use of quotes around movie titles. I need to see these movies!

Ryan Clark said...

Because of your post, and the funny trailers and clips they've posted on Youtube, I ended up ordering copies of The Erotic Couch and Fake Blood. If I like those, I'll probably spring for Blood Witch and some others. :)

Bill Walsh said...

Awesome. But all in English. So here are my fake-foreign translation of those:

¡El Sangre esta Inautentico! (Spain)

Die erotische Davenport. (Germany)

Saiko Bikusenusu (Japan)

They Are Married But Her Dowry is Lethal (China)

Je suis dans la cave à vin (France)

Сам силовао твоју чарапе. (I Have Raped Your Socks) (Serbia)

Boneka memiliki wajah yang berbahaya (The Doll Has a Dangerous Face) Malaysia

Máu phù thuỷ (Vietnam)

Verification: otios. HEY! I may be otiose, but you can't spell!

Stacie Ponder said...

Okay, "They Are Married But Her Dowry is Lethal" is just the knees.

Anonymous said...

I love that Dollface poster. Seriously. It is so simple, yet dead on perfect.