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Mar 12, 2010

awesome movie poster friday - the WOMEN MAKE MOVIES edition!

Did you know that when they're not shopping, women sometimes direct horror films? It's true, they do! Here are a few notable titles for you to...note. Near Dark was featured in AMPF a few weeks ago, as I'm sure you remember.


Lee Russell said...

Ravenous and Pet Sematary are great.

Bobby "the Blue" said...

The movie posters for Jennifer's Body motivated me to get it on DVD.

Try reading the book for American Psycho. It's even more disturbing than the movie.

Missy Y. (formerly A Case of You) said...

I do not like American Psycho, but those are some pretty, pretty posters. Another fun round, Ponder. Thanks for brightening up my work afternoon.

Cousin Barnabas said...

Ah, my two favorite Horror Marys ... Lambert and Harron. I think Pet Semetary 2 is unfairly maligned (it's actually kinda hilarious) and Harron gets a lifetime pass for convincing Gretchen Moll to dress up as Betty Page and then having her undress as Betty Page. I totally forgot where I was going with this.

Anyway, The Horror Marys would be a great band name.

math said...

I always thought that business card design for American Psycho was a great idea with zero execution. Much prefer this billboard for its TV premiere.

Anonymous said...

Those Jennifer's Body posters make me feel dirty.

Chris Otto said...

I don't suppose there are any movie posters for pioneer female director Alice Guy-Blaché, who directed The Pit and The Pendulum (1913), Vampire (1920), a version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame called "La Esmerelda" (1905) and The Cabbage Fairy (1896), a 60-second film that SOME historians believe is the very first fiction film ever made. Go Alice!

Bill Walsh said...

Elle méchante? Non juste diabolique!

Her, bad? Not just evil!

The Russian title Telo Dzchenifer is a literal translation. “Body [of] Jennifer.”

У неё есть вкус на плохих парней

“She’s got a taste for bad boys…”

In the next one, the чёрт побери on the blackboard is a curse like, “dammit!” Literally, it means “the devil take…”

Vorace means “voracious” or, well, “ravenous.”

The tagline is a pun on a famous aphorism of the gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. It reads “Tell me whom you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

Simetierre just means “cemetary.” Tagline: Sometimes death is preferable.

The Korean and Japanese American Psycho titles, 아메리칸 사이코 and アメリカン・サイコ, are transliterations, both reading “Amerikan saiko.”

The Russian one is a translation: Amerikanskiy psikopat, “American Psychopath.”

The German tag line is: “He is perfect. He is seductive. He is death.”

Bill Walsh said...

Oops. Missed the German Jennifer’s Body. “Jungs zu ihrem Geschmack” means “boys to her liking,” but literally “boys to her taste.” Wocka.

xxxxxxxx said...

Got to love Megan Fox !

Anonymous said...

Stacie, will you ever review Ravenous? I heart the hell out of it ansd would love to hear what you think of it.

Stacie Ponder said...

I may! I've seen it a few times...those are the hardest movies for me to write about, really.

Midnight Fright said...

I think the "gel mask" American Psycho is my fave. That would be great hung up in a bathroom.

I say this, cause I love pop culture art...especially when it is appropriately coordinated to a room's theme.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Ravenous certainly takes the cake this week, love the posters for all though and Blood Diner is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures!