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Oct 24, 2017

The Death Count Continues...

Hey gang, just an update for those of you who have ordered Death Count directly from me: I had to wait until enough orders were in to buy copies in bulk. They've been ordered and they're on their way to me now. Signed copies will go out first as they're quicker! Sketch editions will go out in waves most likely (I walk to the post office and I can only carry so many), but I'm already working on sketches as they're on bookplates. Thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy, whether through me or through Amazon! I'm so happy you guys are digging it.

(Side note! Only seven sketch editions remain, grab one if you want one! For details on how to order a signed copy–check out this post.) [SKETCH EDITION IS SOLD OUT! SIGNED COPIES STILL AVAILABLE]

1 comment:

J. Skel LaTour said...

I curse my lack of foresight. Were I more clever, I would already have a copy in hand to strategically leave at The PEM this weekend masquerading as part of Hammett's horror memorabilia collection.

Who knows, maybe it's already a part of the exhibition. ;)