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Oct 27, 2017

SHOCKtober: 82-62

The following movies each received SIX VOTES:

82. From Beyond -- 1986, Stuart Gordon
81. Happy Birthday to Me -- 1981, J. Lee Thompson
80. Inside -- 2007, Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury
79. Messiah of Evil -- 1973, Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz
78. Near Dark -- 1987, Kathryn Bigelow
77. [REC] -- 2007, Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza
76. Ringu -- 1998, Hideo Nakata
75. The Omen -- 1976, Richard Donner
74. The Others -- 2001, Alejandro Amenábar
73. Tourist Trap -- 1979, David Schmoeller

These films got SEVEN VOTES each:

72. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors -- 1987, Chuck Russell
71. April Fool's Day -- 1986, Fred Walton
70. Cat People -- 1942, Jacques Tourneur
69. Drag Me to Hell -- 2009, Sam Raimi
68. The Exorcist III -- 1990, William Peter Blatty
67. Get Out -- 2017, Jordan Peele
66. Let's Scare Jessica to Death -- 1971, John D. Hancock
65. Martin -- 1978, George A. Romero
64. Night of the Creeps -- 1986, Fred Dekker
63. Shaun of the Dead -- 2004, Edgar Wright
62. The Fly -- 1986, David Cronenberg

I checked out Messiah of Evil after reading its praises in the comment section on this very blog and I fell in love with it, ain't that somethin'. So if you haven't seen it yet, consider this my recommendation that you get it in your face anon.

Doesn't Tourist Trap seem more like a 1982 film than a 1979 film? It does to me. And now you know how I feel about that, so have a great weekend!


NintendoThumb said...

I recently watched "Tourist Trap" for the first time. It was the Rifftrax'd version and the only time that I wished to watch a movie without their commentary (or at least see it prior to their take on it). I too was surprised that the film was from the late seventies. Great, underappreciated movie. And it rated PG at the time of release...ah, those were the days.

Stacie Ponder said...

I know ratings were different back then but PG?? Wow. I wonder how many kids had nightmares from it!

matango said...

The fact that Chuck Connors is the killer in Tourist Trap still seems so incongruous to me, though he did a great job playing a real weirdo.

CashBailey said...

Check out Chuck Conners in THE MAD BOMBER. He's completely off the chain in that one.