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Oct 18, 2017

A reminder!

I've gotten quite a warm reception and some very kind words about Death Count. I'm delighted that folks are delighted! Some people have even gone so far as to post pictures of the book or of themselves with the book and I love it so much...not to be greedy, I'm definitely hoping for some pets-with-Death Count shots in the future.

This is courtesy of our forever pal Jason at My New Plaid Pants!
If you've yet to get in on the hot, hot Death Count action, it's available at Amazon–they even discounted the price to $19.07, what a deal! I'm still working on the Kindle edition, hopefully I'll have that soon and I'll update.

Signed copies are still available directly from me for $19.95 , and there are also a few sketch editions left for $45. If you'd like a signed or sketched version, Paypal me at stacieponder (at) gmail dot com. If it's a sketch edition, be sure to tell me which character (from Part One–Jason X) you'd like! And be sure to include a mailing address. Sorry my dudes, sketch edition and signed copies are available in the US only. [SKETCH EDITION SOLD OUT! SIGNED COPIES STILL AVAILABLE]

I just really want to post pictures of people with my book forever. IT'S THE BEST THING. Tag me on "social" "media" or email the pics my way or something. Just keep 'em coming, man, I'm jonesin' for it!

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Unknown said...

Sent my $19.95. Looking forward to the book!