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Oct 17, 2017

SHOCKtober: 297-276

Oooh we're still in the land of ONE VOTE EACH...hey over there, I think that's the way out! Wait, didn't we pass that tree already? Oh no, we're back at the beginning...WHY WON'T IT LET US LEAVE

297. Vampyres -- 1974, José Ramón Larraz
296. Visiting Hours -- 1982, Jean-Claude Lord
295. Wait Until Dark -- 1967, Terence Young
294. War of the Gargantuas -- 1966, Ishirô Honda
293. War of the Worlds -- 2005, Steven Spielberg
292. Warlock Moon -- 1973, Bill Herbert
291. The Watcher in the Woods -- 1980, John Hough & Vincent McEveety
290. We Are Still Here -- 2015, Ted Geoghegan
289. We Are What We Are -- 2010, Jorge Michel Grau
288. Werewolf of London -- 1935, Stuart Walker
287. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? -- 1962, Robert Aldrich
286. When a Stranger Calls Back -- 1993, Fred Walton
285. White Zombie -- 1932, Victor Halperin
284. Willow Creek -- 2013, Bobcat Goldthwait
283. Winterbeast -- 1992, Christopher Thies
282. Without Warning -- 1980, Greydon Clark
281. Wolf Creek -- 2005, Greg McLean
280. Would You Rather -- 2012, David Guy Levy
279. Wrong Turn -- 2003, Rob Schmidt
278. Xtro -- 1982, Harry Bromley Davenport
277. Zodiac -- 2007, David Fincher
276. Zombi 3 -- 1988, Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragrasso

Apparently Wrong Turn 7 is in the works...? Wrong Turn 7. SEVEN. SEVENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

I love the first film in the series so much, it's a great time. And then I am done! Seven Wrong Turns, what a world.

Oh, and When a Stranger Calls Back is actually pretty great, that is all.


Unknown said...

When a Stranger Calls back used to terrify me. Him being on the wall in the end, good god......

Dmc said...

"Why won't it let us leave?" Maybe don't use that Blair Witch map next time....just throw it in the creek.

Poli said...

I'm a little shocked that only 2 of my 20 have appeared so far (The Bay and Krampus) although I have seen several that I consider to be gems (Attack the Block, Feast, Grabbers, Willow Creek). Pretty great seeing what some people consider horror (Baby Jane? and War of the Worlds would not go in the horror section on my video store!) Glad you did this again Ms. Ponder!

Anonymous said...

"When a Stranger Calls" and "When a Stranger Calls Back" are so good. Both creepy and a bit tasteless (in a good way).

My sister made a face-in-the-wall artpiece inspired by that movie and she hung it in her bedroom for years.

Marc said...

WOOO first appearance of a movie from my list and it's the awesomeness that is Wrong Turn! Bit surprised it only got one vote, but I love it to much too. I tried watching the first sequel but didn't like it so haven't bothered with any of the others. 7?? Eesh.

Pokemon Postmon said...

Seven?! Buy a map, ya cheapskates! Sheesh!!

Unknown said...

Hey, the first movie from my list shows up! I love Willow Creek.