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Oct 22, 2017

SHOCKtober: 191-170

Each of these movies received TWO VOTES!

191. The Legend of Boggy Creek -- 1972, Charles B. Pierce
190. The Loved Ones -- 2009, Sean Byrne
189. The Mad Magician -- 1954, John Brahm
188. The Midnight Hour -- 1985, Jack Bender
187. The Other -- 1972, Robert Mulligan
186. The Stepfather -- 1987, Joseph Ruben
185. The Strangers -- 2008, Bryan Bertino
184. The Wolf Man -- 1941, George Waggner
183. Train to Busan -- 2016, Sang-ho Yeon
182. Triangle -- 2009, Christopher Smith
181. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me -- 1992, David Lynch
180. Under the Skin -- 2013, Jonathan Glazer
179. Vamp -- 1986, Richard Wenk
178. We Are What We Are -- 2013, Jim Mickle
177. What We Do in the Shadows -- 2014, Jermaine Clement & Taika Waititi

What's this? A separate chunk o' list? Yes, because each of these movies got THREE VOTES!

176. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night -- 2014, Ana Lily Amirpour
175. Alice Sweet Alice -- 1976, Alfred Sole
174. Aliens -- 1986, James Cameron
173. Basket Case -- 1982, Frank Henenlotter
172. Black Sunday -- 1960, Mario Bava
171. Cold Prey -- 2006, Roar Uthaug
170. Curtains -- 1983, Richard Ciupka

Lawd amighty do I love We Are What We Are so much! And honestly, if I didn't force myself to watch it as part of the SHOCKtober 2015 Netflix-only movies I might have continued to avoid it because "cannibal family" makes it sound like a tired Texas Chain Saw Massacre rip-off and I avoid those as much as possible. But if my votes counted for this list, well, We Are What We Are would have had three votes. SHOCKtober: bringing people together since whenever the first time I did it was!


CashBailey said...

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE ha been on my radar for a while. I just haven't had the opportunity to see it yet.

isn't Mickle's film a remake?

Stacie Ponder said...

Yep it’s a gender-swapped remake and apparently very different from the original in other ways, too. I haven’t seen it but it also made it to this SHOCKtober list with one vote.

Poli said...

Legend of Boggy Creek finally makes an appearance. High five to the other person who voted for it!

matango said...

I have been meaning to see Train to Busan. I have had very good things about it At the very least, I want to get the"song" "Last Train to Busan," which is almost identical to "Last Train to Clarksdale" out of my head.

CashBailey said...

TRAIN TO BUSAN is great, epseically for a zombie mpvie.

I was lucky to see it at a festival in a cinema full of Korean people, who were just losing their shit over it.