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Oct 7, 2017

SHOCKtober: 511-491

Yep yep, you know the drill: each of these films received ONE VOTE each. But we're breaking that 500 barrier, woo.

511. House -- 1985, Steve Miner
510. House of Wax -- 1953, André De Toth
509. Housebound -- 2014, Gerard Johnstone
508. Humanoids from the Deep -- 1980, Barbara Peeters & Jimmy T. Murakami
507. Hush -- 2016, Mike Flanagan
506. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House -- 2016, Oz Perkins
505. I Know What You Did Last Summer -- 1997, Jim Gillespie
504. I Saw the Devil -- 2010, Jee-woon Kim
503. I, Madman -- 1989, Tibor Takács
502. Idle Hands -- 1999, Rodman Flender
501. In My Skin -- 2002, Marina de Van
500. Invasion of the Bee Girls -- 1973, Denis Sanders
499. Isle of the Dead -- 1945, Mark Robson
498. It -- 1990, Tommy Lee Wallace
497. It Comes at Night -- 2017, Trey Edward Shults
496. It's Alive -- 1974, Larry Cohen
495. Jason X -- 2001, James Isaac
494. Jaws 2 -- 1978, Jeannot Szwarc
493. Ju-on: The Grudge 2 -- 2003, Takashi Shimizu
492. Just Before Dawn -- 1981, Jeff Lieberman
491. Kill List -- 2011, Ben Wheatley

Why, there's some good stuff here, kids. Just Before Dawn is a terrific, often overlooked slasher flick. In My Skin is friggin' great if you're into body horror all new-French style (and you should be). I could go on: Housebound, Kill List...BUT I WON'T because I am the tired thing that lives in the apartment.


michael said...

Just Before Dawn was the one I was going to comment on too, I love it. The whistle the mountain men use is my family's find-each-other-in-a-crowd signal.

I also love House. I would constantly get really excited when I saw it listed on the TV Guide channel before realizing it was the Hugh Laurie show.

matango said...

I feel bad for Jaws 2. Obviously Jaws is way better, but Jaws 2 is actually pretty straightforwardly entertaining and much better than any of the Jaws knockoffs of the era (whether sharks, or bears, or whatever).

Viking71 said...

Speaking of French horror, I hope Eyes Without A Face (1960) is on the list somewhere. Excellent and disturbing....

Chris Otto said...

I mean, if your idea of "straightforwardly entertaining" is "replace Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss with a batch of teens straight out of casting central from Friday the 13th." .... I wish it had been truly effed up and had to do something fully camp, like replace Roy Scheider with Ted McGinley, or twist the plot so that Murray Hamilton's mayor character is the action hero.

Riccardo said...

I remember a friend (who was not a horror fan) showing me "Idle Hands" at the time and it being truly funny. But I haven't seen it since.

My favorite shark attack scene in any shark movie has to be the shark biting the helicopter's pontoon and pulling it under water in "Jaws 2," and it could only have looked that awesome in "Jaws 2." It's too outrageous an idea for the serious first entry and would have looked terrible with the sketchy shark effects of the third and fourth sequels.

I'm kind of surprised that "It" has only a single vote considering the visibility of the remake.

(None of these are my votes.)

Stacie Ponder said...

With the new film in our faces everywhere, I wonder how many people filled with fond memories of the 1990 IT gave it a re-watch and were man, that's not as good as I remember

Chris Otto said...

I saw the new "It" movie, Stacie. It was solid, but I was slightly underwhelmed. Planning to rewatch the miniseries sometime this fall, just for giggles. I think I remember its strengths and weaknesses correctly, so I'm hoping I'm not TOO disappointed.

Stacie Ponder said...

Yeah, I saw the new IT (and spoilers, it'll be on this list at a later date)...I had a good time whilst watching it but I don't see why everyone was losing their minds over it.

Poli said...

I thought the new IT was fairly solid (it actually inspired my first review of a movie in God-knows-how-many years), but I think whether or not it carries weight in the following years will depend on how good Chapter 2 is.

I enjoy Jaws 2 quite a bit, myself. I think it is a respectable sequel, given what it was following.