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Oct 10, 2017

SHOCKtober: 448-428

Say it with me now...each of these films received ONE VOTE each!

448. Plan 9 from Outer Space -- 1959, Ed Wood
447. Poltergeist III -- 1988, Gary Sherman
446. Pontypool -- 2008, Bruce McDonald
445. Prometheus -- 2012, Ridley Scott
444. Psycho II -- 1983, Richard Franklin
443. Psycho Cop Returns -- 1993, Adam Rifkin
442. Puppet Master -- 1989, David Schmoeller
441. Quatermass and the Pit -- 1967, Roy Ward Baker
440. R-Point -- 2004, Su-chang Kong
439. Rabies -- 2010, Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado
438. The Rape of the Vampire -- 1968, Jean Rollin
437. Razorback -- 1984, Russell Mulcahy
436. Rear Window -- 1954, Alfred Hitchcock
435. The Reflecting Skin -- 1990, Philip Ridley
434. Resolution -- 2012, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
433. Return of the Living Dead III -- 1993, Brian Yuzna
432. Rituals -- 1977, Peter Carter
431. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare -- 1987, John Fasano
430. The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- 1975, Jim Sharman
429. Rose Red -- 2001, Craig R. Baxley
428. Satan's Cheerleaders -- 1977. Greydon Clark

Fun fact about my review, I posted a screenshot of Hal Holbrook sitting in the middle of the road, staring into the sunrise and made a joke about it being the cover of his 1978 lite-rock album "On the Road to Soft Gold." Well! Someone took that as a tidbit of truth and added it to the trivia section on the film's IMDb page. (It has since been scrubbed.) Well well! Apparently someone reading that trivia page also took it as a tidbit of truth and mentioned it in the commentary track of the movie's DVD release.

Look, obviously we all want to live in a world where Hal Holbrook releases soft rock albums, but we are not there yet. Man, the whole debacle is my one claim to fame and I didn't even get credit for it!

Also: fuck yeah Psycho II!


Chris Otto said...

Centuries from now a lone scholar will listen to the commentary track for "Rituals" and, thusly inspired, make it his or her life quest to track down information about "On the Road to Soft Gold," never knowing the real truth. Their own personal "Into the Mountains of (Soft) Madness."

Chris Otto said...

Friendly update:

626. Five Million Years to Earth -- 1967, Roy Ward Baker


441. Quatermass and the Pit -- 1967, Roy Ward Baker

are the same movie, meaning it should get Honorary Status (perhaps a ribbon?) as a TWO-VOTE movie. No worries, of course, because you cannot have possibly been expected to catch that. Just wanted to point it out, for the Historical Footnote Record.

Stacie Ponder said...

AHHH GOLDURNIT I knew something would slip through! Thanks for the heads up. I guess I don't know *everything* SIGH. I'll give it a shout out when we get to the twofers.

Chris Otto said...

No worries! You are rockin' it and tackling an overwhelming mountain of Horror Goodness with peak accuracy.

Valerie A. Higgs said...

Satan's Cheerleaders! One of the movies I cut my teeth on back in my Saturday afternoon Creature Double Feature days. That, Psychomania, and The Devil's Rain. Good times.

Stacie Ponder said...

I need to see Satan's Cheerleaders! YVONNE DECARLO for crying out loud

Valerie A. Higgs said...

It was something to behold!

Adam Ross said...

One of the hidden delights of Final Girl is falling down a rabbit hole of your reviews from lists like this, reading one that doesn't feel familiar and then underneath it seeing a comment I wrote back in 2008 when it was published. The Internet, man...

Stacie Ponder said...

I know that feeling. The comment sections are eerie windows into the past, man...people I don't talk to anymore, perverts who finally got tired of commenting and disappeared...cringey comments from's terrifying