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Oct 14, 2017

SHOCKtober: 362-342

Yes, another day
highlighting movies with one
fan, with ONE VOTE EACH

362. The Incubus -- 1982, John Hough
361. The Invisible Man -- 1933, James Whale
360. The Iron Rose -- 1973, Jean Rollin
359. The Last Exorcism -- 2010, Daniel Stamm
358. The Last Winter -- 2006, Larry Fessenden
357. The Legend of Hillbilly John -- 1972, John Newland
356. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane -- 1976, Nicolas Gessner
355. The Love Witch -- 2016, Anna Biller
354. The Lure -- 2015, Agnieszka Smoczynska
353. The Mangler -- 1995, Tobe Hooper
352. The Meateater -- 1979, David Burton Morris
351. The Most Dangerous Game -- 1932, Irving Pichel & Ernest B. Schoedsack
350. The Moth Diaries -- 2011, Mary Harron
349. The Mummy -- 1959, Terence Fisher
348. The Neon Demon -- 2016, Nicolas Winding Refn
347. The Night Child -- 1975, Massimo Dallamano
346. The Nightmare Before Christmas -- 1993, Henry Selick
345. The Ninth Gate -- 1999, Roman Polanski
344. Damien: Omen 2 -- 1978. Don Taylor & Mike Hodges
343. The People Under the Stairs -- 1991, Wes Craven
342. The Phantom of the Opera -- 1925, Rupert Julian, Lon Chaney, Ernest Laemmle, Edward Sedgwick

Hmm, I think this is the first SHOCKtober installment where I haven't reviewed any of the films for Final Girl. I reviewed The Last Exorcism for Rue Morgue and shortly after that I received a lovely email from a gentleman who cited that review and said it was writers like me who were bringing down the quality of the magazine. Ah, The Internet...bringing people together!


michael said...

Yeah, this was a weird grouping. I've seen, approximately, a trillion horror movies and I've seen four of these. Maybe I'm put off by movies titles starting with a definite article.

CashBailey said...

I have a weird affection for THE NINTH GATE, as goofy as it so often is.

crazycanuck said...

Who hasn't seen "The Legend of Hillbilly John"?? Right? Jk, anyways I've managed to catch most of these, the one's I've missed- I haven't even heard of.

Poli said...

The fact that The Legend of Boggy Creek isn't here (I expected it to be one of my one-voters) gives me hope that I do have a soulmate out there.