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Oct 3, 2022

SHOCKtober Day 3

While it will undoubtedly be one of the great trials of my life, I hereby promise that I will resist the urge to post about characters and/or """"characters"""" from the Friday the 13th film series daily for the remainder of SHOCKtober. As I said, it will be difficult to resist because is it truly a franchise rich in fuckery...but moreover, ever since I submerged myself in its depths while researching my book Death Count, I think about this series all the time. It has become a constant refrain! It might be driving me mad!

So to satisfy the relentless gnawing at the edges of my brain, I must post about someone from the series at least once this month, and today is that day! The day where I post about...


Gaze upon her, if you dare! The scowl. The cool-ass hair. The tank top's not Miss Piggy, but it seems to be some kind of Mae West pig? The cocked hip. The flash of red-tipped fingernails on said hip. She hates her job and she hates every single one of us and I don't blame her one bit!

Jason Voorhees wouldn't dare try to take her down (before he could get within 20 feet of her the power of her side-eye would have him running right back into Crystal Lake to drown a second time), but if he did try--please note I said "try" because he would most definitely fail--this queen wouldn't be scared, she'd be irritated. The only character who might--might!--be angrier than her is Rhonda Johnson of Killer Workout. (Now, I'm not saying that I'll be talking about Rhonda at some point this month, but...I'll be talking about Rhonda at some point this month.)

Look, I am not going to sit here and ignore the cranky, racist elephant in the room. Gone-too-soon angel/light of my life Vera Sanchez takes a millisecond too long to find her wallet, sullen shopgirl pounces with "We don't accept no food stamps," and Vera gives a "this bitch..." for the ages.

But man, look at that (incredible) contrapposto shoulder line! Is her casual racism a surprise? No! Do I endorse it? Of course not! Is it one of the verrry few passing moments in the franchise that speaks to anything approaching some kind of substance? You could argue that!

Back in SHOCKtober 2020 (which somehow feels like it was a good 15 years ago?) I couldn't choose between Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part III in my Top 20 Faves list. Those two films are like the Grady Girls of my heart: definitely not twins but also sort of the same. I still can't choose! But given today's spotlight character...hmm, you know...maybe I can declare a winner once and for all. Just don't tell Part 2!


agent_of_the_8 said...

Holy Crow, what a pick for a Random Character! Anne Gaybis has had quite a career and definitely retained her surly/sultry good look. I definitely agree that even Jason would be taken aback by her (and maybe even develop a secret little crush...?) if their paths ever crossed.

Looking forward to the rest of your inspired list this month, Miss Ponder! =) Long live SHOCKtober!

P.S. I've been meaning to ask ya if there might be some way of purchasing a signed copy of Ludlow from y'all for a looonnnggg while now. I passed by the little town a couple weeks ago (it's maybe about two hours from where I currently reside) and couldn't help but think "dude, you've got to email Stacie!" Even have a photo of my custom action figures close to the Cafe... ^_^

Stacie Ponder said...

Ohhhh heck! Wow, thank you so much for asking but Ludlow is long gone I'm afraid. I'm not even sure that *I* still have a copy :D I'm glad the town (does it qualify as a town? haha) and cafe are still kickin' though, long may they wave!

agent_of_the_8 said...

Well, darn. That's a bummer that even you don't have a disc! =0 Would there be a digital backup somewhere? The only things that pop up while searching The Web for downloads are the documentary with the same title, the horror movie named The Demons of Ludlow, and the IMDB page's video of the trailer. Gumroad doesn't even have it available anymore... >_<'

Hmm... if I ever bump into Lena Headey I might have to ask her if she's got a DVD copy to borrow. Haha! ;)

The residents of Ludlow claim it as more of a "community" than a town. With such a low count of peeps living there, I can understand why...

Thanks for the response, Stacie. Keep on rockin', yo! ^_^