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Oct 16, 2022

SHOCKtober Day 16

If you thought I'd gotten all the cool characters out of the way when I posted earlier this month about R. J. MacReady and The Iron Lady well you thought wrong, friendo! Because you know who has more 100% pure cool pumping through her veins than a thousand R.J. MacReadies combined? Today's favorite character, that's who...


Yeah, that's a picture of her chilling in a cemetery in the rain, which may be de rigueur uncool emo shit in today's Hot Topic world, but Rosalie was dong that shit in the...40s? 30s? 70s? Look, I've seen The Child a bunch of times but no, I am still not sure exactly when it's set. And I don't care! It's timeless as far as I'm concerned, and Rosalie is a goth pioneer. She is Laura Ingalls Whydon'tyouleavemealone, okay. Before we get into some more details though, catch a glimpse of her in action in the trailer for the movie:

(Did you spot the official SHOCKtober pumpkin mascot in there? The more you know!)

The Child is one of my very favorite zero-budget flicks. Yeah, that zero-budget is reflected in the sound quality...and the acting...and the picture quality...and and and. But it's also weird, creepy, and cool as fuck, and a lot of that owes to Rosalie.

When she's not hanging out in the cemetery, she is laughing at her father's attempts to rein her in...because this bitch's "friends" are a bunch of zombies who do her bidding! She draws pictures of her enemies (cool. creative) and the zombies go kill them. If I was Rosalie (I WISH) I, too, wouldn't have to tell anyone anything and no one could tell me shit! So it's nice to see that she knows and claims her power. She is a #bossbabe on a level that inspirational wall art from Home Goods and Etsy mugs can't even conceive.

Tommy Jarvis had his masks, Mark Petrie had his models...and Rosalie has her rubber spiders and King Kongaphrenalia. She's the only female cinematic Monster Kid that comes to mind, and if I'd seen this movie when I was a child, I probably would have tried to develop some graveyard telepathy to become like THE child. Rosalie is an inspiration in so many ways! 

Except in regards to fashion. Her fashion sense is terrible. But hey, my fashion sense is also terrible but 1) I'm not 12 and 2) I can't control zombies with my mind, so who am I to judge?

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