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Oct 12, 2022

SHOCKtober Day 12

I don't know about you, but I live life such that I am well aware of my limitations, and in general I try not to regularly exceed them. I feel confident that I will never have to, say, cut one of my own arms off because I got it wedged between some rocks while I was out by myself traipsing through canyons, for that kind of endeavor is beyond my limitations. Of course, this is not to say that I will never be in a situation where I have to cut my own arm off--just that it's more likely to happen because I end up trapped beneath a toppled wig display at Spirit Halloween or something. 

The point is, I know my limitations as a writer, and I know that I am incapable of conveying in mere words what today's character is all about. Honestly, it's quite possible that no writer in human history could ever do it's best just to present today's favorite character in all its glory...


YES I mean the whole scene is today's character. YES I filmed that right off of my TV (it seems I haven't completely abandoned the old ways just yet). YES "The Final Sacrifice" is an outright lie, since the Corns are now like 80 movies strong. Hard to believe this wasn't the last one, though, considering it is obviously cinematic perfection.

You see why I cannot find adequate words to talk about it? All I can really do is wheeze out a "Barbara Bush" here and a "how does the remote work exactly" there and a "mah CHAY-yuh" over there and a "YEAH...YEAH! *CRASH*" over there. I am quite literally useless, even (or especially?) on my own blog.

So...umm...I guess I'll probably watch that clip on repeat for another hour or so and then head over to Spirit Halloween for some wig-browsin'. If I'm not back tomorrow, please send help and/or a hacksaw!


matango said...

I have never dipped into the Children of the Corn beyond the first one, which I saw sometime in my twenties after hearing so much about it as a kid. It sucked, so I didn't go any further (see also: The Amityville Horror). But I have been tempted by the fact that it has the goofiest subtitles (The Gathering? Urban Harvest?). I may have to track this one down though.

Stacie Ponder said...

Every time I watch the first film I want it to be akin to Who Can Kill a Child, but instead it gets all schmaltzy with those two moppets, etc. But still I watch! I do (hesitatingly) recommend Parts II and III -- both are fun, but III especially is bonkers. Part IV is kind of...well it's not terrible, or at least it's kind of interesting, if only for the fact that it's got Karen Black and Naomi Watts.

Lyra215 said...

This is lovecraft level incommunicability..

James Lewis said...

I tell you what...if CotC2:TFS doesn't topple Vertigo from the Sight & Sound 100 Greatest Films of All Time list for this scene alone...I dunno what I'm gonna do!